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@Apollo am I good if @Deleted User verified me?

Merkel muss weg

Hey ya'll I'm a antique enthusiast love fixing cleaning and repairing antiques

Curious anyone know how to increase internet connection upload and download speed for gaming. My stuff has been very laggy lately at 400-800 kbps

ranges from 30-40 to 120-400 when it lags bad. I use an ATT modem

@Jimmy the Greek#6623 thanks i'll have to do some more research to find out

@Deleted User Dam that school protest was awful sounded like a hive mind cult chant

I fix and restore antiques I'll try a do some pictures of good over all tools to have and cleaning products to use

Curious could a mass flyer dump work? It would take them awhile to remove them all floating around a campus

Curious for pins whats your perfered metal to work with I like brass, copper, and steel

Curious is IE on Instagram?

Love this group

So much freedom to come

anyone watching trump speak?

Military service dinner he's wrapping up as of now

Is it very hood in Atlanta

I've only been the upper region of Georgia

17 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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