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2018-05-11 22:49:04 UTC

Henlo ❀️

2018-05-11 22:52:08 UTC


2018-05-11 23:07:38 UTC

I will appear on Big League Politics on Monday to discuss the Zucc. Share their article far and wide:

2018-05-11 23:07:47 UTC

2018-05-11 23:21:54 UTC

Greetings, i cum in peace

2018-05-11 23:31:11 UTC

This is fucking crazy.

2018-05-11 23:49:06 UTC

Good idea making a discord y'all. Hope you get the page back. Facebook needs to be sued for this I can't understand how we can live in a free world with such a great and unchecked power. That's not liberty.

2018-05-12 00:10:56 UTC


2018-05-12 00:11:06 UTC

@Tom - GET Official do you got the Idea?

2018-05-12 00:11:27 UTC

Welcome everyone.

2018-05-12 00:12:02 UTC

Zucc is really poking the autistic bees nest now!

2018-05-12 00:12:06 UTC

We're fairly confident we'll get some/all of the pages back if we keep applying pressure. They never like it when conservative media companies get involved.

2018-05-12 00:12:26 UTC

Hopefully this Discord will help us distribute news and articles and ruin Zucc's life

2018-05-12 00:12:37 UTC

2018-05-12 00:13:00 UTC

2018-05-12 00:13:57 UTC

2018-05-12 00:14:06 UTC

They're scared

2018-05-12 00:17:39 UTC

Update: I will appear on Two Way Radio, a Facebook/radio program in Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning to discuss The Zuckening

2018-05-12 00:21:10 UTC


2018-05-12 00:29:53 UTC

Sorry this is happening to you guys, Facebook is retarded

2018-05-12 00:32:21 UTC

So who among us is skilled at programming?

2018-05-12 00:35:02 UTC

I used to program basic about 30 years ago

2018-05-12 00:35:37 UTC

I was thinking its about time we follow the advice of Bender; make our own zuccbook, with blackjack and hookers.

2018-05-12 00:36:12 UTC

10 elect trump
20 goto 10

2018-05-12 00:37:13 UTC

There are some open source social networks

2018-05-12 00:37:26 UTC

they are not as powerful as FB on features

2018-05-12 00:37:47 UTC

but if you want to keep people connected should be enough

2018-05-12 00:38:43 UTC

I support the movement and spirit of the group, although I cannot offer any tech expertise with the existing issues.

2018-05-12 00:38:43 UTC

What makes Facebook convenient is I was already there with my family and friends. Making a new network is ackward as I have to deliberately go there. I'm in Minds and here. Discord works well with me because I come here for gaming related groups and now I can also check in here now.

2018-05-12 00:38:57 UTC

Coding a social network isn't the hard part. Pitching it to the masses and drawing people is

2018-05-12 00:39:21 UTC

The worst part is what Thomas just said. Lots of people wouldn't budge from facebook anyway

2018-05-12 00:39:47 UTC

greetings all, saw the invite post and came as fast as i could

2018-05-12 00:39:53 UTC


2018-05-12 00:40:24 UTC


2018-05-12 00:40:26 UTC

Advertise the lack of Candy Crush and Farmville; to quote James Earl Jones "People will come"

2018-05-12 00:40:30 UTC

If nothing else this at least is forcing us to become more connected and organized.

2018-05-12 00:40:44 UTC

I just joined whats good.

2018-05-12 00:41:12 UTC

Diversifying is great for when zucceninga occur. Its gives us a way to go see what the heck is going on.

2018-05-12 00:41:52 UTC

It’s just crazy that they are taking them down so fast but not touch our alt accounts.

2018-05-12 00:41:56 UTC


2018-05-12 00:42:01 UTC

Sadly, we need facebook to proselyteze the normies

2018-05-12 00:42:05 UTC

Facebook big gay

2018-05-12 00:42:14 UTC


2018-05-12 00:42:18 UTC

any news on who keeps reporting?

2018-05-12 00:42:22 UTC

You know one great thing about discord. Custom reactions

2018-05-12 00:42:27 UTC


2018-05-12 00:42:28 UTC

Unless a more competent competitor emerges we are stuck with that reptilian robot son of a bitch

2018-05-12 00:42:38 UTC

<:praise:301573600895303680> <:praise:301573600895303680> <:praise:301573600895303680>

2018-05-12 00:42:54 UTC

2018-05-12 00:43:33 UTC

so what the fuck is next bois?

2018-05-12 00:43:44 UTC

Black pill

2018-05-12 00:43:47 UTC


2018-05-12 00:43:48 UTC

Continue winning

2018-05-12 00:43:49 UTC

Trapp checking in

2018-05-12 00:43:56 UTC

<:Guard:298157459938476032> <:Guard:298157459938476032> <:Guard:298157459938476032>

2018-05-12 00:44:13 UTC

Awaiting the God emperors instructions

2018-05-12 00:44:31 UTC

Imagine he gets his last page deleted feelsbadman

2018-05-12 00:44:32 UTC

Tbh I think we'll get some/all of our lost pages and groups back. I can't tell everything just yet, but there are some very good things happening in the background.

2018-05-12 00:44:42 UTC


2018-05-12 00:44:51 UTC

Why's that?

2018-05-12 00:45:09 UTC

Then outrifgr deleteing a page is worrisome though. Won't you have to rebuild followers?

2018-05-12 00:45:26 UTC

I think the page may still exist in some way

2018-05-12 00:45:26 UTC

Twitter and discord help with that

2018-05-12 00:45:45 UTC

the true followers will know and act accordingly

2018-05-12 00:45:57 UTC

word will spread

2018-05-12 00:46:03 UTC

He didn't feel a disturbance in the force of 330,00 follower crying out and being silenced

2018-05-12 00:46:14 UTC

Hey everyone it’s Nicole

2018-05-12 00:46:26 UTC

I wrote the president on his page and asked him to GitMo Zuckerburg

2018-05-12 00:46:28 UTC

<:deletethis:438727613075423232> F your silence cuckerberg

2018-05-12 00:46:36 UTC

It'll give us a small chance to red pill more people with a new page

2018-05-12 00:46:56 UTC

do it here first

2018-05-12 00:46:57 UTC

I have it on very good authority that the last time we got zucced, word made it very high into the administration. Trump definitely knows what's happening to conservatives on social media.

2018-05-12 00:47:17 UTC

cruz was just a "formality"

2018-05-12 00:47:41 UTC

There is a GET group up currently. Hopefully that can be the flag ship that will get the point across about the censorship taking place

2018-05-12 00:47:48 UTC

I think

2018-05-12 00:48:15 UTC

Isn't 1, 2 and 3 down?

2018-05-12 00:48:16 UTC

I think that GET group is a trap

2018-05-12 00:48:17 UTC

problem is someone is a mole and reporting every group

2018-05-12 00:48:21 UTC

We have a new group, I'm scared to share it on Facebook, but we can share via Discord:

2018-05-12 00:48:30 UTC

3 is still up. Thata how I found this discord.

2018-05-12 00:48:31 UTC

What is a get group?

2018-05-12 00:48:32 UTC

make it a secret group

2018-05-12 00:48:42 UTC

I don't think this is happening via reports tbh

2018-05-12 00:48:47 UTC

Fuckerberg strikes again

2018-05-12 00:48:53 UTC

What about SCMAP?

2018-05-12 00:49:01 UTC

mothers against pit bulls

2018-05-12 00:49:02 UTC

It's more likely there is a combination of an automated algorithm and some blue haired degenerate working at Facebook who checks what the algorithm reports

2018-05-12 00:49:02 UTC

just joined

2018-05-12 00:49:09 UTC

It’s the 4th backup group. The admins are inviting people individually rather than telling everyone from one group to migrate to the next

2018-05-12 00:49:13 UTC

sounds like youtube lol

2018-05-12 00:49:23 UTC

I’m here madafuckas

2018-05-12 00:49:24 UTC

Zucc can eat shit

2018-05-12 00:49:27 UTC

fucking downvote bots

2018-05-12 00:49:39 UTC


2018-05-12 00:49:56 UTC

Tom you're our hero, don't let Fuckerberg keep you down. GET is my only outlet for conservative values, tired of this constant push for leftism in the media.

2018-05-12 00:50:19 UTC

I'd rather not get pushed off of FB due to some lefty tards, but it's getting more likely every day

2018-05-12 00:50:20 UTC

I think it's time for a lawsuit

2018-05-12 00:50:22 UTC

same old tricks we used back in the myspace days, 100s if not 1000s of dummy yahoo bot accts used to report people we didnt like

2018-05-12 00:50:23 UTC

Thanks for the accept in the new group

2018-05-12 00:50:44 UTC

Thank you so much for saying that. We're going to keep fighting for everyone's sake.

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