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Come to NY they grow everywhere that there's grass

Different colors too if you get bored of purple

De Blasio is evil

Socialist garbage

We need to do more to tag NYC because it's turning into Detroit

Me and brian119933-NY put these up at New York Medical College and Westchester Community College

By the time we both met up it was starting to get dark but we went to pace, the guy wanted our IDs so we got outta there

And we put up a couple arktos posters on light poles near pace in pleasantville and in purchase and Elmsford, but we couldn't take picture we just rushed out of the car and pasted and left.

Because its Saturday a lot of the campus buildings were closed. We got lucky at the medical college, someone was coming out but the doors were locked. The last few pics are from there.

Thank you, sir

The last two I posted are from New York Medical college in Valhalla, NY. All the rest are at Westchester Community college also in Valhalla, NY.

@real bogs it's not up yet. Welcome, otherwise

Large is an understatement. We got some good spots, real high traffic areas

Hahaha "keep a closer eye on their fellow classmates"

What a great thing to wake up to, thank you! @Deleted User

24 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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