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Hi, good to be here!

P.S. Tried looking around and could not find a link to the shop. Can anyone drop a link to that?

@MercurysCell912-GA I would advise against posting it anywhere that is far left and hence against us or anywhere that would give us a negative association (stormfront for instance)

Folks, I realize Wikipedia is terrible but it is pretty powerful for search hits. Anyone want to help out with fixing the page to not be so blatantly biased against us?

Sourcing extensively will help. Wikipedia's web presence and use as a resource by others is terribly large and important. It's probably the number one way that people hear from us that are normies.

Fixing that to be mildly positive would be an enormous boon and a good way to recruit and improve our presence.
"With a group of IE members focusing on it we can take it back. The article definitely breaks a lot of Wiki's rules. For example every group according to Wikipedia is supposed to be identified in the way the group identifies itself. ADL criticisms should go in a different "Criticisms" section filled with words like "alleges" and "claims""

Started an edit war with some (((editor)))

One way to defeat them is to find news sources that defend us and use those to our advantage

Make a criticisms section and stuff all the hate in there

Alternatively, I can reach out to an editor and coordinate* with them to shove our edits through if we rewrite the whole thing

Assistance here is appreciated as it's quite a bit of work - sourcing, rewriting, compiling

I can certainly handle the submission as i've done it before

In talk, I addressed the WN/WS difference


Support there would be helpful, presumably

Matthias#8369 Never contacted them prior but I'll go ahead


Unfortunately I'm not in New York right now

17 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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