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2020-12-02 18:52:50 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Well, hi I'm new, I'm going to say some of my opinions and can you tell me if they are bad or good. Not very good at politics by the way, They don't call me the foolish fool for nothing

2020-12-02 18:58:16 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

The role of the state is to grab all power so we can make a just and great society. We need to stop from degenerate ideal corrupt the youth. So the government will have to take this place to protect its peoples from our enemies with their sick ideas. The government should take charge and set up laws that stop these degenerate ideals coming into our nation.

2020-12-02 19:00:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I should stop talking ideology and start saying my laws I want to put out

2020-12-02 19:08:22 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

If we let the left slowly corrupt the youth with ideas that are very radical and evil, Like the Sjw, wanting free food and water for all. In our glorious nation you have to work to earn to live, we should slowly cut programs that help lazy poors live without pain, while I'm working out here, a bloated diabetic sjw woman, is getting paid in free medical insurance by the goverment. We should end health care

2020-12-02 19:11:38 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Well what do you think guys?

2020-12-02 19:17:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Fine, Only for people who can not work

2020-12-02 19:18:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

But for the people who choose to live off government mercy, let them meet the cruel hand of the world

2020-12-02 19:20:07 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

True, but I’m scared that socialist Biden is going to let more of those free riders exist

2020-12-02 19:24:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Yeah, I put the blame on the Mexican, trump was getting jobs back from there, so the pussy Mexican decide to change it, so they could get a corrupt Biden in town

2020-12-02 19:25:17 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

And trump would have built the wall if he had a second term

2020-12-02 19:27:02 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Trump did so much in one term, I bet Biden will let us get killed by China and destroy our economy

2020-12-02 19:40:39 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Look our democratic process was kill with Biden’s cronies. So if we can’t democracy, I think we should the army should do coup and put trump in his rightful place

2020-12-02 19:52:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I hope Bernie sanders starts a civil war in the dem party, so they split and make a third party full of dumb Comies

2020-12-02 19:55:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

True, they believed in states rights and owning slaves, something that a Sjw would go crazy if she heard (but slavery was bad and I don’t support it)

Is being gay a sin?

2020-12-02 20:06:03 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I okay with trump being a dictator until the commie and Dem threat is destroyed.

2020-12-02 20:08:59 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Huh, maybe we should give some guns to some rebels, put China in China


Hey, I don’t why but blacks and other minorities love to spread disease. Maybe that Is not such a bad idea

So the government enforces us from doing sins like robbing and stealing, so should we add gay to the list

What do you choose, Freedom over morailty

So In summary, Being attracted to men not a sin, but sexual actives with him is.

I sure it might, but the reason why you do it don't effect the effect, if someone sees or doesn't, the homeless man is still get going to help. In this case the reason don't change the effect

I think, we should look more about the effects of something, than if its Morally "good" because maybe at the end of the day, their is no god. I don't think you should do something with the goal just to please god, you should the motive to help your fellow man, because that what Jesus did. Jesus didn't die for our sins because the father said so, he did it because he loves us

I think all of gods teaching should be looked under the context that god is dead, or doesn't exist. Because humanity is the only thing that we 100% is real. I don't think we should follow the rules of god just because he said so, I think we should follow the laws that make our world better. at the end of day the only thing is for sure is real is man, if something that I will do will be considered sinful by god, but it will help my fellow man, I will do it. Morals do not exist, they are stories we tell our selfs, A sin doesn't exist on earth, but a punch does, the pain of losing a loved one does exist. I think that the bible has some good ideas but some bad ones too,

No what i'm saying is that the motive does not effect what happens, a punch is a punch, not matter what are your motives

@DeButcher But god taught us in the story of Isaac that we should do a bad thing just because god told us to.


Sorry, I'm a bit fuzzy with the story,

did i get the message right

Was god mad that he did not try to kill his son

So, if I reading this okay, God wants all of us to do everything he tells us to, even if we know it will harm each other

Fine you guys win with the point with Isaac

Fine, look my opinion is that God shouldn't be the decider of morality, The effects of the action should, thats my choice.

I believe in him but, I really care more about what it does on earth than in heaven, I side that I most kill my love of god to save my love of my brother. I can see the smile of my brother, I cant feel gods love. I struggle to believe that god is real. My interpretation of the bible is more about loving your neighbor, because Jesus was 100% real, I will always value the ruling of Jesus over The father/ the holy sprit because he was a real person, He only wanted us to be happy, God, i think only cares about if we follow the rules. God can be real, and if he is, if I left the world in a better state that I found it in, I feel that the world is more important than gods word. I agree with gay marriage because that only brings joy to the world . To summarize, I look morality through the eyes of an atheist, The old testament will be always overruled by the new one.

Look, We have different values, If continue this nice conversation will devote into a shouting match. I value the world more than god. Thats just who I am, It might be sinful but thats just a value. I respect your decision to do what ever you want, i'm not you and I don't know your values. No matter what you tell me, you will not change my value. No matter what i tell you, I wont change your value

Lets agree to disagree

I also don't have any values in politics. Having value in politics like, the state should have more power will lead to you making the wrong choice just because it full fills your world view. The thing I hate most about American Politics is how it has become a game of Us and Them, Red vs Blue. Both sides are guilty of this. You refuse to listen to arguments that make sense because your values are different and because they are Blue, or wha ever tribal name you give them. TL;DR, I hate the modern Tribalism that is politics

I don't put any labels on myself because that would just make possible friends into emeys

Half of Bidens are trumps votes were because They didn't want the over side in power


@Dr.Breen in a white suit what are you doing here?

2020-12-02 23:52:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Right or Left wing, Populism is pretty bad in my opinion, So I dislike Trump and Berine at the same time

2021-01-08 00:19:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Hello gentlemen

2021-01-08 00:41:57 UTC [Zeducation #📜|history]  

Was the Mexican American war justified

2021-01-08 00:52:24 UTC [Zeducation #📜|history]  

Hey, as a Mexican, I agree

Why do some of you get mad over if some one wants them to use they to refer to them

Also can anyone answer my question

Why do some of you get mad over if some one wants them to use they to refer to them

This one

2021-01-08 03:19:18 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The thing I hated most about the attack on the capital, is that the switch the American flag with trumps flag. Saying that they value trump over our republic. It scared me

2021-01-08 03:20:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

They are fascist, not commies. Or is commie a word for bad here. Sorry

2021-01-08 03:20:59 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Great corrupt Kalma is coming to have power

2021-01-08 03:22:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I still dislike them with a passion and it’s personal. They killed my great grand uncle in the Spanish civil war

2021-01-08 03:24:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yeah, just remember socialism is different from Stalinism, so listen to what they have to say and try to understand where they are coming from. Not a socialist by the way

2021-01-08 03:26:41 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I agree that fascism is bad but we should be making riots to protest them

2021-01-08 03:28:24 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Corruption, the flawed two party system, a bunch of idiots were able to take the capital for more than one hour. Trump, and much. Much more

2021-01-08 03:29:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Imagine being Mexican autistic that bisexual, just imagine

2021-01-08 03:31:39 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I’m everything trump hates, gays, Mexicans and I have autism. He has harmed each community in one way

2021-01-08 03:34:01 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Really, he called Mexican thief’s and Rapist and do t pull the illegal cars on me. He has stigmatized autism to being bad when it isn’t. He might not hate them but his actions have made a negative stigma to us

2021-01-08 03:35:41 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Action speak louder than word, his plan to build the wall said that Mexican are bad.

2021-01-08 03:36:14 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

We need to so called be kept us out

2021-01-08 03:36:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Maybe leaglizing most drugs would fix the problem of it.

2021-01-08 03:38:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yes I know, but making them illegal hurts more people in the long term, the war on drugs was a disaster.

2021-01-08 03:40:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

What I suggest making the fda make sure they are less deadly, have you ever heard of probation and how it made people blind with moonshine. We don’t have the problem with beer anymore because it’s regulated

2021-01-08 03:40:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

And made safe to drink

2021-01-08 03:41:28 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I know but just giving up and not trying to regulate hurts more people

2021-01-08 03:42:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Well people will still get their fix, how about make that fix less deadly.

2021-01-08 03:42:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yes, what I’m saying is to at least try and not give up

2021-01-08 03:43:40 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I don’t support Biden

2021-01-08 03:44:31 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

He is better than trump

2021-01-08 03:45:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Biden won’t pardon war criminals,

2021-01-08 03:46:06 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The choice of Biden and Trump is a choice of lesser of two evils

2021-01-08 03:46:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Should I at least try to understand were you guys are coming from

2021-01-08 03:46:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Trumps corrupt, most political are

2021-01-08 03:47:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

That your right and I’m wrong

2021-01-08 03:47:50 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

And business man ate imoral

2021-01-08 03:48:25 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

No, I think it’s flawed and need some changes

2021-01-08 03:49:11 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The government should stop giving billion of dollars to company’s in tax breaks

2021-01-08 03:49:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yes, this is true, i want this

2021-01-08 03:51:40 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

What about the sexual abuse he was accused of, was that not true

2021-01-08 03:55:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Your guys are right. I’m a degenerate autistic f#*, . I have lost, you win, your right. I’m dumb, I’m evil, I’m immoral, I’m destroying america

2021-01-08 04:00:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I am though, I have trouble making eye contact, I have mental breakdown, I like weighted blanket and I you don’t know me, I have PDD.

2021-01-08 04:02:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

And quill how do I don’t know your a commie, you know nothing about me, and I know nothing about you. You only know my persona that is white feather

2021-01-08 04:02:53 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Do you know what is autism

2021-01-08 04:04:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Because I have PDD, it’s very different, everyone takes autism differently, your brother isn’t the prime example of what is the average person with autism

2021-01-08 04:04:58 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I’m different from your brother and that’s okay

2021-01-08 04:06:04 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

And how can you tell, are you a psychologist, do you have a degree,

2021-01-08 04:06:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Also, you don’t factor online persona and how people change when they talk online

2021-01-08 04:09:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Well, I got over it, I went to therapy. Your not a doctor or a therapist, you know what I’m done with your bull shit

2021-01-08 04:13:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

What now

2021-01-08 04:14:00 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Thank you

2021-01-08 04:18:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Also, the quil guy left

2021-01-08 04:20:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I have a little bit of heart burn but knowing that he was wrong was worth it

2021-01-08 04:34:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Arken what about me

2021-01-08 04:37:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Commies are cringe, the only thing that can untie the server

2021-01-08 05:30:18 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The guy bombed a wedding, he is sick

2021-01-08 05:31:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Darn, at least trump didn’t do that, let’s hope Biden doesn’t follow in his footsteps

2021-01-08 05:33:16 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Well all I can do is hope

2021-01-08 17:40:25 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

That not very nice, you should be wishing for them to get off drugs and get there life together. We should help them instead of calling for them to be dammed. They can be redeemed

2021-01-08 17:42:55 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Giving up is not the best option, the persons has feeling, fears and thoughts, there is a possibility to get them off drugs.

2021-01-08 17:49:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

IMO, gays shouldn’t be demonized. Most of them are born that way. They don’t choose to be gay. I think that things your are born with shouldn’t be demonized. Maybe there going to hell, but that doesn’t mean gays can’t be good persons. The only thing different between a straight and gay is what they find sexually attractive. They aren’t born bad or good, they just humans. Maybe they are sinners, but they are ones that only “hurt” themselves. So I think we should leave them alone and not mock and tell that they are going to hell.

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