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I love these poster drops.

I guess I have believed I could talk my way though being doxed. "Just interested in helping my people. Not against helping other folks too, just focusing on my own larger family. Plus, kind of a cool way to meet some nice bros. Hey, you wanna check it out too, man?" Admittedly, they like me and would really not want to get rid of me. "Don't want to hurt nobody. Really don't. I can drop out if you want, but really, you wanna check it out? Kinda fun, man. Hey, up to you though."

You mentioned you were doxed so I was just thinking about that.

Yeah I'll take it to General but that's all I was going to say

Regarding the Kessler comment above: Personally, I think if somebody is pushing the boat in a good direction they deserve some support from other such people, i.e. us. No two of of will agree on everything. We need to focus on what unites us, while encouraging others to smooth their rough edges and refine our arguments to help the larger community realize we are all on the same side. I feel we need those three Kessler mentions, and Kessler too.

The IE wikipedia page is locked, as is the page for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Only people with at least 10 wiki edits may edit IE page or the SPLC page. Personally, I think both need to be edited.

I contacted my congressman and made a comment on the conversation. Com

They gotta stop calling us neo Nazis. I don't much care for it. Been a member for awhile. Haven't seen any swastikas. Nothing.

I hope you don't mind, but I posted a comment in response to the Alsup article, as follows.

I'm a member of Identity Evropa and I don't appreciate being called a Neo-Nazi. I'm no spring chicken, but in all those years I've never seen a Nazi flag in real life or anybody doing a Roman salute. I'm assuming you call me a Nazi because the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) calls us that. They are the McCarthy-ites of our time - but in our time calling everyone Nazi instead of Commie like in days of yore. Like termite sprayers, the SPLC to sell their product, has to convince you there are Nazis everywhere. There are probably, what 50 Neo-Nazi's in existence, in reality? SPLC is a donation mill. Identity Evropa is a fellowship and service group that focuses on the issues related to Indo-European people, nothing more.

Done. Reported.

I love these.

I love these articles where they prominently feature one of our flyers and state the name of the group. Free advertising. Very good.

Lightweight writing but more free advertising for us......

We put a card in a book. They become outraged. They write articles about us. They give us free advertising. It seems the energy versus outcome ratio is strongly in our favor.

Gays fighting with antifa. Great news.

All the free advertising the left provides is awesome. All the "denunciations" may be where I found out about IE.

I didn't know I could report a twitter..... just pulled down the little arrow and there it was ..... one option was report for revealing personal information, which the tweet clearly does, and clearly does maliciously.

Reported. Thanks for giving us the chance to fight back on these doxes

What does hate look like in Colorado....... "Next, we'll talk to this Jew from the ADL about what's wrong with white people who want to be proud of their heritage. Let's discuss these extremists and racists and hate groups. Go ahead, Scott Levin. Next week, Mr. Levin will bash blacks who want to want to be proud of their heritage...oh wait..... not really."

@Reinhard Wolff regarding the 21 news article I didn't see anything bad in it at all. Literally nothing. More like that!

@Valaska Holy cow! I like that!!! Great poster. Defending ICE - outstanding idea!!

These activism photos are always amazing!

Did it.

I love those posters so much.

Things need to get to where we're not being called a hate group. We need to be called a European cultural heritage group or something like that.

My concern is if we don't get out from under this hate group white supremacist label this train isn't going anywhere. And I very much want to see this train go somewhere.

My use of the train analogy was accidental by the wayπŸ˜€


@missliterallywho @Asatru Artist - MD I admit I love the activism pictures and I love the way the media freaks out. And the only reason they do that is because of what they think we are. On the other hand I fear the negative view of us will perennially hinder serious fundraising and membership numbers until it can be rectified somehow.

Those articles read like the ADL and the government are one and the same.

Super group of guys, this IE bunch!

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