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2020-05-06 20:59:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Just tried to invite you, did that work? Sorry I’m still figuring out discord haha

2020-05-12 18:25:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Hope everyone is having a great week! About to film here soon and hopefully have a video up tonight or tomorrow, as well as a second one within a few days

2020-05-13 03:35:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> @Tyler Zed, do you still have a book coming out soon?
@BobiusPrime yep! I’ve been working hard on it, I wanted to have it ready by June but it will be around September. Still too much I want to change and rewrite. I’m excited about it though

2020-05-23 21:30:29 UTC [Zeducation #🎵|music]  

A channel to share your favorites bands and songs. I personally am a huge country music fan and 90’s grunge, but I listen to just about anything... cooking some dinner right now and figured I’d share one of my favorite bands. If you like country you might like them, they’re a lesser known Texas band. I heard them when I was stationed in San Antonio and have love them ever since

2020-05-23 21:40:50 UTC [Zeducation #🎵|music]  

@unseen damn, that’s good. Can’t believe I haven’t heard it before!

2020-05-23 22:23:41 UTC [Zeducation #🎵|music]  

@beebarf the bard not a dead head myself but I don’t know if there’s a band that has a more die hard following than them

2020-05-24 01:51:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Wow, Jesse keeps going back and forth on it

2020-05-25 18:00:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The Joe Rogan thing could open some doors for creators in the future for sure. His podcast and the videos will be exclusively on Spotify, which hopefully indicates Spotify’s attempt to compete with YouTube. Joe has even said that part of the reason (aside from the $100 million contract) is YouTube’s censorship issues. YouTube runs a monopoly right now so they can do whatever they want almost. Bitchute is a great place to also publish videos but in no way do they compare to YouTube in size and ability. Competition will be huge because right now YouTube can treat their creators like shit and nothing happens. Not only do they have the power to deplatfrom and censor content they don’t like, YouTube keeps 45% of the ad revenue from all videos, which in my opinion is very high. Competition will hopefully deter them from censorship and also take less money from creators

2020-05-28 01:07:28 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@circuitguy good question, I’m not too sure about the ad skipping and if there is any money or not if skipped, also I can’t tell you exactly how much per ad fully watched either haha. I do know that on a fully monetized video the CPM (cost per thousand) is around $5 to $10, depends on the length of video. So that means $5-10 in ad money per thousand monetized views. This is before Youtube takes 45%. I would guess on a fully monetize video about 30-40% of views have ads. Obviously YouTube can’t monetize every view because there isn’t always enough advertisers buying ad space and there are thousands of creators uploading daily that have monetizable videos. On a yellow dollar sign video (limited or no ads) sometimes it’s $0 and other times 5-10% of views have ads. Generally if it says demonetized it has no ads, so that is surprising to hear you got one.

2020-05-28 01:08:32 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@beebarf the bard agreed, this stuff in Minneapolis is crazy. Lots of looting going on. I’m about 15 minutes from downtown so I’m suburbia, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it here at some point

Preview of the next episode of meme factory


@Deev you sick bastard lol

2020-05-30 14:00:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Unfortunately I think you’re right, sad to see

2020-05-30 14:02:59 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> @Tyler Zed Are you really tyler or sme fake acc
@Tom B haha it’s really me

2020-05-30 14:04:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Tom B haha I’ll add one

2020-05-30 14:15:33 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yup, the race hustlers are loving this. Division is good and outrage sells

2020-05-30 14:24:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Tom B “Zed” is a shortened version of my name. Let’s just say when I was in basic training, the drill sergeants didn’t even bother trying to say my full name

2020-05-31 03:32:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Razor Racoon love this idea

2020-06-09 16:36:11 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Lol where is that Biden pic from 😂 wow, this campaign team is a sincere disaster

2020-06-09 17:24:58 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I actually have a few ideas for this already so we will see, there’s a couple crazy hashtags on tik tok with a mountain of insanity and several subreddits I’ve looked through

2020-06-10 03:06:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Isn’t Ty from Minnesota?
@Finntheepic I am!

2020-06-10 03:18:13 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> "Idiots"
@[TDE] Smokie I had to steal it back for my own profile image

2020-06-10 03:18:57 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-06-11 00:08:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to the server everyone

2020-06-11 00:20:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

To all the new people here, welcome!

If you have any questions for me, about anything, post them here!

> @Tyler Zed There hasn’t really been a platform to put the meme’s, from the reddit page, is this going to be used here for that?
@1 Greenhorn Yes we want to share memes here! We've got the <#707963490526298112> channel set up and have talked about creating multiple channels for memes (non-political, dark humor, etc) but we'll see how the one channel goes first

> Was there any moment or anything in particular that led you to become a conservative?
@Downskated Great question. I'd say the thing that had the greatest influence on my political compass was my time in the military. Specifically seeing how a big bureaucracy works and how inefficient things can be with so much red tape. Smaller government is the only answer!

> My daughter lives in Des Moines. It seems like half the people I meet there is from Minneapolis. They call it Des Apolis or something. Is that something you see?
@Steve714 I do know a few people from here that live in Des Moines who are from Minneapolis. I have never heard it called that though!

> @[TDE] Smokie who are you??
@RoyandTracieRusch Smokie is one of the mods on the channel and helped set this whole thing up. I think he meant wrong thread/channel for the examples, not necessarily that it was wrong to post.

2020-06-11 03:13:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone, glad to see all the new people here tonight

2020-06-11 03:18:25 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to the discord and I'm happy you enjoy the channel! Lots more to come as the madness ensues!

Wanted to start this channel for anything 2A and gun related... To start this thread I'm looking for any advice you guys might have:

I currently own a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, but have been having some issues with it jamming, I need to bring it in, but in the meantime I'm looking to get a revolver. Any suggestions on revolvers? Ones you like, ones to avoid?

2020-06-12 02:39:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to everyone new here today!

2020-06-13 01:03:57 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone who is new today!

2020-06-13 01:13:29 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Been watching ya for over a year now Tyler xD love the content. Just joined your reddit a few days ago.
@Tanking.You.Hard#6498 glad to hear you’re still watching after that long, and glad to see you here as well!

2020-06-14 14:06:39 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Good morning!

2020-06-14 14:10:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Doing great! Glad to see everyone here

2020-06-14 14:16:40 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Welcome everyone that just came from the new video!

2020-06-14 14:18:15 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The hero we don't deserve <:Idiots:720119404020367390>

2020-06-14 15:33:43 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to everyone new here today!

@donut I haven’t! I will go check when I get a chance

2020-06-15 00:08:02 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone new here today, I think we doubled the server count which is amazing. Thanks for being here!

2020-06-15 20:54:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Anyone else get a Biden ad on Tyler's new video? Wow that was just so bad. Even with a pre recorded video they can't make him look all there.
@Stargatemaster96 no way 😂 glad to hear they are wasting the campaign ad dollars on people who will never vote for him!

2020-06-15 20:56:15 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I’m going to put #Biden on every video from now on. I guarantee that’s how their idiot marketing team picked which videos to advertise on...

Welcome everyone who is new to the channel today!

2020-06-15 20:58:09 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

How dare you...

2020-06-15 20:59:13 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Definitely! I’m working on one now for later this week. The amount of insanity there is enough for a daily video honestly

2020-06-15 21:02:51 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

More Trump voters in Cali than anywhere besides Texas. Those poor bastards. I love Cali outside of the big cities. It’s two different worlds

2020-06-17 02:24:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone new here to the server! How’s everyone doing tonight?

2020-06-17 02:29:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Lol I’ll have to go check out their server as well, I didn’t know they had one

2020-06-17 02:31:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Doing great! Very busy lately which is good, more videos on the way

2020-06-17 02:31:43 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Ozarks is great, so is breaking bad

2020-06-17 02:34:31 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  
2020-06-17 02:35:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

If you like documentaries watch Searching for Sugarman

2020-06-17 02:41:45 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yep, crazy story

2020-06-17 02:43:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

How’s it going @[TDE] Smokie ?

2020-06-17 02:47:09 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Lol one ready to go for tomorrow, and three more for the rest of the week

2020-06-17 02:47:43 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Things are good though, busy. I’m in the middle of moving so it has been a pain in the ass. Cigar sounds good, whiskey too?

2020-06-17 02:52:19 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yea I’ll steer clear for now then haha

2020-06-17 02:56:19 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

That’s actually a big deal, that sounds like some police evidence right there

2020-06-17 03:09:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

If it’s any consolation I just heard a kid I went to high school with got arrested in Colorado for starting the Minneapolis police station on fire

2020-06-17 03:11:14 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

For sure

2020-06-17 03:11:17 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

That piece of shit

2020-06-17 15:47:50 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone that just came here from the new video! Thanks for being here!

2020-06-17 16:32:40 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Lots of new people to the server today, welcome everyone and thanks for being here!

2020-06-17 16:41:15 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-06-18 02:08:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

What’s up everybody, how’s everyone doing tonight?

2020-06-18 02:09:53 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Doing great, thanks!

2020-06-18 02:16:25 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Trying to catching up on some of the conversations here and trying to follow the ATL police stuff, pretty crazy. Looks like the police are finally sick of this stuff

2020-06-18 02:36:09 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Acesmak lets hear it! I’m all for the Biden gaffes

2020-06-18 02:38:14 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

<@722152971831345152> creating one now

2020-06-18 02:44:47 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

<@722152971831345152> <:emoji_9:723005092764319776>

2020-06-18 21:17:39 UTC [Zeducation #🔔|announcements]  

Quick update for everyone:

First off, thank you all for being here on the server. It has been great getting to know some of you a little better and I will be trying to get on in the evenings and whenever I have time to meet more of you and hopefully learn a bit too! Also a huge thanks to @[TDE] Smokie for setting this server up and to the 5 other mods @BobiusPrime @Ironman @Stargatemaster96 @Gottschee & @Deleted User for helping fight off the few waves of trolls we've had so far, and some of the other things that could jeopardize this server.

Second, two videos are on the way and a few are in the works for next week already. I was going to publish a video today, but when I uploaded it YouTube flagged it with the yellow dollar sign icon, so I'm waiting for them to review it. Waiting for them to review it is not just about getting ads on the video (that is nice of course) but when they give the yellow dollar sign icon, it generally throttles the reach of the video by preventing the video from getting suggested and I have also heard many say that they don't get the video notifications on those videos. So, I will wait for youtube to review it. Hopefully the newest vid will be up tomorrow after they do, and then for sure a video on Sunday morning as usual.

23 out of 23 videos in the past few months have been marked with the yellow icon once I upload it, and after reviewing (usually in 24 hours but sometimes as long as 72+ hours) YouTube monetized 22 out of 23 of those videos. The fact that they even give it the yellow icon to begin with is ridiculous, but that's what we're dealing with at this moment in time.

Furthermore, if you aren't getting notis from YouTube be sure to turn on notifications here in the "zeds-video-updates" channel.

Thanks again everyone. A lot of work ahead of us the rest of the year, let's keep spreading good info and get through the madness!

2020-06-20 14:10:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone coming from the newest vid!

2020-06-20 14:11:54 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Lol 😂

2020-06-20 14:14:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-06-20 14:14:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone!

2020-06-20 14:18:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

About 1,000 so far

2020-06-20 14:22:47 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Don’t like dominos? How dare you...

2020-06-20 14:26:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone that’s just getting here from the new vid!

2020-06-20 14:27:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Yooo @Tyler Zed Great vid bro!
@Aiden hey thanks!

2020-06-20 14:35:55 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone, lots of new people this morning. Happy you’re all here!

2020-06-20 14:36:15 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-06-20 14:36:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I love you too

2020-06-20 14:37:14 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Zed, I'm ready to be a mod
@Rat King dm me

2020-06-20 14:46:51 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome everyone!

2020-06-20 15:38:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to everyone coming here from today’s video!

2020-06-21 14:21:45 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> @Tyler Zed I won my 7 days in CHAZ voucher on *silence=consent* 😭
@scienceangel I’ll see you there at noon tomorrow

2020-06-28 13:35:39 UTC [Zeducation #🎨|arts-and-crafts]  

@Christo Clark I’m definitely interested! This would be awesome, I need a new profile pic

2020-06-28 14:04:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Welcome to anybody new here today, thanks for being here!

2020-06-28 14:10:29 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

How is everyone doing this morning?

2020-06-28 14:10:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-06-28 14:12:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@OffensiveTaco doing great! I’ve been in the middle of a move so I haven’t been on much. Just moved all of my stuff out of my old house yesterday and am now setting up a makeshift studio for the next few weeks until I officially move into my new place

2020-06-28 14:14:04 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Tsar Vladimir Putin haha I will be on much more after this move

2020-06-28 14:16:00 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The server is pretty new!

2020-06-28 14:16:07 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

At least how it’s set up now

2020-06-28 14:16:17 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


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