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i am new. and a jew. ;^ )

nah fuck jew

i posted it, judge me harshly

@ChillS 6 inch length 5 girth

I'm 20.

deus vult


Ashkenazi Jews can be white if they are phenotypically presenting as white



shut up nigger

master race



just for comparison an IQ between 55-70 is mild mental retardation











@IAmHiding im jewish boost me up scotty



no fun

alex is a stupid nigger

CLICK cntrl+j





@IAmHiding give me red text pls

@Nicholas J Fuentes let me in im jew

@Nicholas J Fuentes nick im jewish me me



no thats mine

real g


i dont know what to say

@Papa Berb Well reality is the opposite, in the words of Nick, "Ashkenazi Jews have high IQ that's why they DAB on the poor"

get dab'd on faggot

why was the stream deleted?

i was literally watching it and skipped a certain time scale and it said deleted by user

if i pay 50$ can i get a special color for this discord? @IAmHiding

today not call in?

oy cool


i made this



im a jew so i can only 13


Abos or Niggers? What are worse

I made a new pic


100% OC

bi-weekly fridays

anyone want a third one?

here its on the house


@Don Ronkers that wouldn't be proper art

share ur compass


I'm surprised Nick doesnt grow out of gaming. I stopped at 19 I just felt too guilty wasting time on it, especially cartoon garbage like Fortnite. At least play skyrim

watching gaming streams is like getting double cucked

im in general if anyone wants to talk to a real jew. hit me with the hardest bants

why are u fags watching IRL streamers

waste of time

i dont understand Nick's long term game for America. he knows it will be majority non-white, how will he preserve the whities

@Deleted User thats not possible to change tho. its already too far gone

@Joe the boomer i dont even live in America kek

@Deleted User but like end goal i assume is seperation. you cant keep america united unless you want mullato brazil

that seems like the only logical solution. blacks are leeches and will only drag whites down. same with hispanics

@Deleted User good luck maintaining america as what it was meant to be when non white birth rate is thru the roof and you are 30% of the population by 2100.

@Bloat MOGG true i even got proofs watch

ov vey

@Deleted User everyone knows this onbiously

@Don Ronkers thats not the point im getting at you retard. all im saying is long term goal is separation from the USA.

@Deleted User Dude everyone in the alt right knows this u dont need to tell me basic info

it'll get higher the more immigrants come in, and hispanics are the biggest minority with big birth rates.

there is some hope then

@Don Ronkers nope i saw that the day it came out

arent there more non white kids in public school then white kids? @Bolsonaro

we passed that mark years ago as i remember @Bolsonaro so im very surprised to hear whites are having more children

i dont even know who beardsons is i cant watch all this shit.

@Deleted User shit really?

is there proof of this?

wuts the proof tho?

i liked spencer but always had a weird feeling about him. his mentor and all.

@Joe the boomer i dont have time to watch stream after stream

i saw part of that beardson stream that shit is boring. where was the evidence of spencer cheating?

these guys are low energy and too sarcastic too often

oh no I ask for evidence WUT A BRAINLET HAHA.

where is the evidence. i wont just buy it for no reason

bra i watched 20 minutes of it its fucking boring

im not watching ur dumb streams

your evidence for spencer is a livestream. thats some brainlet shit right there

i wish the alt right was more smart than this

>HH bros

>not alt right

ok lol

dont be a coward bro we're all alt right

anyone who says HH/1488 is an alt right whether they like it or not

im not pagan im a kike and i believe in the satanism/god divide. im here because i like fuentes a lot

great stuff

The optics is bad, people need to hold themselves to higher standards. "le watch this stream for proof" thats a sad degree of proof

20 minutes and its too boring

i did they pretended not to know what was going on and then went on about the two women bailing out someone with spencer and how one is a satanist.

dont assume shit^

is the only proof actually a live stream?

why dont u come talk in general fag

what is this grade 9 lol

this is some sad shit right here

@Barry White i just want to see proof and these guys have none. they wont even mention whats being accused in detail

exactly this joe fag is the real brainlet kek

>haha im let troll xd

are u 16?

@shinjitsu i asked for proof of the allegations and they dont give me any is literally it

@shinjitsu thats the best part. he doesnt even know himself. he just links a stream KEK

@Bolsonaro no my point with the HH meme is i have nothing against it im the most racist fucking person i know. just dont be a coward and pretend you arent part of the alt right

@Bolsonaro fell for what lol alt right is a big tent of alternative right groups. we are ONE of them

Hulk Hogan is cool he hates niggers


fucking pussy fags

yes u r LOL.

if you believe in what spencer or nick preaches u are alt right. sorry but thats the truth

@Bolsonaro ok explain how u arent alt right?

....yes but why arent u alt right...thats not a reason

why do u guys get so triggered when i call u alt right? its actually weird did something happen in this discord

i respect women really hard all the time. very hard

@Bolsonaro this is gonna sound pretty cringe but ive been "alt right" for 5 years now since i was 15 so im not a noob to the movement. i was "redpilled" before gamergate

i want to get 5 brainlet stickers, more pls

i was browsing /pol/ during the trayvon days

@Bolsonaro i dont usually go on discords they're pretty cancer.

it sounds like the only reason u guys dont refer to yourself as alt right is optics. am i correct? what do u differ on with enoch or spencer anyhow?

lol what ofc they are.

they're ethno-nationalists

freedom of speech fag

@Bolsonaro and u guys do lol?

what idea of america/? the one of today or 100 years ago kek?

@Barry White so none of you want to separate eventually to form white states?

so none of u are actual racists then?

lol im on the wrong server then. i thought everyone here is a racist but we just play the optics game. u guys are like actual cucks i guess

you know we pretend not to be racist....but lets be honest we really are no?

well i am a jew so u really shouldnt trust me tbh

@cookis crumbs? thats not what racism is retard kek

its the idea that certain groups have certain characteristics and are better at certain things than others

if u arent a race realist you're literally cuck tier

race realism is a biological fact

@shinjitsu it literally is, its jsut an optics game u dumb fuck. race realism makes u believe blacks have supbar IQS WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF RACISM. YOU COWARD KEK

race realism > blacks have low iqs >racism. hence race realism = racism

you guys are basically just fucking cowards who cant stand by labels even on the internet

your such a bitch u wont even admit to being a racist

@shinjitsu yes lol because that means blacks are inferior. it literally fits the definition of racism. who cares. why are u so afraid of the word?

@Bolsonaro i am a racist but at least i can admit it. if u recognize blacks have lower iq ur also a racist and thats ok

@shinjitsu ...what are blacks good at? violence?

blacks have contributed nothing to society. just look at africa

@shinjitsu i figured that already

@PalinPower im just speaking my speech. the troof

See the problem is in reality almost all of you agree with what I said but you are hesitant to be called the same thing I am which just feels kinda slimey and cowardsous. something jews would do

@Joe the boomer u probably wouldnt even consider me white lol

those are my passports fag

im a kike

Correction Russian Jew

@Don Ronkers see there u go. just be honest about ur racism. its cool we're all not whiny children here

@shinjitsu jews are extremely subversive and do lots of damage to society. its best for groups to live on their own.

at least im honest u guys are just bitches

@shinjitsu ofc he was he killed my ancestors. my great great grandfather was a rabbi killed in parichi belarus

@Bolsonaro Mike Enoch actually has the balls to admit what he believes in. do u?

listen i agree with you guys that i obviously dont belong here. so ill do wuts best for everyone and go. i had the wrong impression of this server and for that i do apologize. peace

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