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Roll 2017-02-05 06:41:58 [Anticom #general]

Getting labelled as nazis will happen anyway

Roll 2017-02-05 06:42:12 [Anticom #general]

but there's literally no reason to go full gas the kikes

Roll 2017-02-05 06:42:16 [Anticom #general]

also hello

Roll 2017-02-05 06:45:03 [Anticom #general]

do we even need to be recognized by name

Roll 2017-02-05 06:45:17 [Anticom #general]

"the guys that stop commies from wrecking shit"

Roll 2017-02-05 06:49:22 [Anticom #general]

@DoctorPiss put up national vanguard posters instead

Roll 2017-02-05 06:50:35 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-05 06:50:39 [Anticom #general]

not national vanguard

Roll 2017-02-05 06:50:42 [Anticom #general]

american vanguard

Roll 2017-02-05 06:56:03 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-05 06:56:17 [Anticom #general]

Training imo

Roll 2017-02-10 04:57:39 [Anticom #general]

you mean infiltrate-able

Roll 2017-02-10 05:02:47 [Anticom #general]

they are actually /b/

Roll 2017-02-10 05:02:47 [Anticom #general]

t. someone who goes to political compass threads on /b/

Roll 2017-02-10 05:02:47 [Anticom #general]

it's all ancom helicopter bait

Roll 2017-02-10 05:58:16 [Anticom #general]

>tfw have the haircut

Roll 2017-02-10 05:58:22 [Anticom #general]

time to find the clippers

Roll 2017-02-10 06:29:16 [Anticom #general]

watch out mane, kircheis isn't here to hold him back

Roll 2017-02-10 06:59:03 [Anticom #general]

I'd agree if there was anything to it besides copypasting the brisk downhill jog

Roll 2017-02-10 06:59:12 [Anticom #general]

it's uncreative

Roll 2017-02-10 07:00:11 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-10 07:00:17 [Anticom #general]
Roll 2017-02-10 07:24:48 [Anticom #general]

>ottoman victory

Roll 2017-02-10 07:24:49 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-11 03:47:38 [Anticom #general]

>rick "cuck" wilson

Roll 2017-02-11 03:47:51 [Anticom #general]

anthony burch of /pol/ right there

Roll 2017-02-13 08:13:56 [Anticom #general]

jews don't count

Roll 2017-02-19 04:59:29 [Anticom #general]

Hopefully not

Roll 2017-02-19 04:59:52 [Anticom #general]

Trump or his successor can work out a deal with Russia about how it gets carved up

Roll 2017-02-19 05:00:07 [Anticom #general]

fuck brother wars tbh

Roll 2017-02-19 05:00:34 [Anticom #general]

Neocons need to be ovened.

Roll 2017-02-19 05:01:08 [Anticom #general]

What are they even beating the war drum against Russia for

Roll 2017-02-19 05:01:21 [Anticom #general]

Is it just "muh crimea, muh syria, muh election, muh gays"

Roll 2017-02-19 05:02:02 [Anticom #general]

Well yeah, under the surface. I mean the reasons they give to normies.

Roll 2017-02-19 05:02:15 [Anticom #general]

How do they justify it

Roll 2017-02-19 05:02:33 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:03:44 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:03:54 [Anticom #general]

Like, maybe Assad's not the nicest guy

Roll 2017-02-19 05:04:05 [Anticom #general]

But he doesn't want to colonize the West

Roll 2017-02-19 05:04:22 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:13:28 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:14:00 [Anticom #general]

I don't have a responsibility to ensure everyone lives under my favorite political system

Roll 2017-02-19 05:14:52 [Anticom #general]

Democracy isn't an inherent good, and neither is individual freedom

Roll 2017-02-19 05:15:22 [Anticom #general]

I'm not interested in killing them for freedom's sake

Roll 2017-02-19 05:16:14 [Anticom #general]

Good for you, there are places where you can do that

Roll 2017-02-19 05:16:35 [Anticom #general]

I'm just saying that whether Russia is a libertarian paradise or not is none of my concern

Roll 2017-02-19 05:18:27 [Anticom #general]

Why do we need to be hard on Russia

Roll 2017-02-19 05:19:08 [Anticom #general]

Best Korea is understandable because they're basically China

Roll 2017-02-19 05:19:23 [Anticom #general]

But our interests and Russia's interests don't collide at all

Roll 2017-02-19 05:19:29 [Anticom #general]

In fact they often overlap

Roll 2017-02-19 05:20:08 [Anticom #general]

@DakGeth muh personal freedom, putin uses force so he's literally hitler

Roll 2017-02-19 05:20:47 [Anticom #general]

which is a bad thing for some reason- being literally hitler

Roll 2017-02-19 05:21:03 [Anticom #general]

cummies =! happiness

Roll 2017-02-19 05:21:49 [Anticom #general]

Russia is happier than America, the tears of a few western leftists and degenerates notwithstanding

Roll 2017-02-19 05:22:11 [Anticom #general]

b-but muh journalists

Roll 2017-02-19 05:22:24 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:22:49 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:23:34 [Anticom #general]

>New England

Roll 2017-02-19 05:23:37 [Anticom #general]

there's your problem

Roll 2017-02-19 05:23:42 [Anticom #general]

Come to Texas

Roll 2017-02-19 05:24:30 [Anticom #general]

@Post-Mortem Boredom Authoritarian and nationalist

Roll 2017-02-19 05:24:43 [Anticom #general]

Honestly he's not as good as he could be but he's better than most

Roll 2017-02-19 05:25:03 [Anticom #general]

Good lucj

Roll 2017-02-19 05:25:39 [Anticom #general]

@Post-Mortem Boredom I go out for that though

Roll 2017-02-19 05:25:52 [Anticom #general]

Libertarianism produces dildos just as much as leftism does

Roll 2017-02-19 05:28:24 [Anticom #general]

Communism in its native form is not anti-degeneracy

Roll 2017-02-19 05:28:36 [Anticom #general]

There's a reason Trotsky was eternally butthurt about Stalin

Roll 2017-02-19 05:30:08 [Anticom #general]

@Chancellor but why is societal collapse a bad thing goy

Roll 2017-02-19 05:30:14 [Anticom #general]

how can you even define that

Roll 2017-02-19 05:30:31 [Anticom #general]

societal collapse is just another word for "things hitler didn't like"

Roll 2017-02-19 05:30:43 [Anticom #general]

@Post-Mortem Boredom this, but ironically

Roll 2017-02-19 05:32:18 [Anticom #general]

I'd say it's degenerate

Roll 2017-02-19 05:32:39 [Anticom #general]

You couldn't consider doing that unless your underlying morality is degenerate

Roll 2017-02-19 05:36:35 [Anticom #general]

People are starting to listen

Roll 2017-02-19 05:57:31 [Anticom #general]

if you're half white and something else you're by definition not white

Roll 2017-02-19 05:57:40 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 05:58:03 [Anticom #general]

the "all races are inferior to whites and have to be ovened" meme is just that- a meme

Roll 2017-02-19 05:58:23 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 06:22:26 [Anticom #general]

you've got time to fash out then

Roll 2017-02-19 07:03:01 [Anticom #general]

NATIONAL socialism

Roll 2017-02-19 07:03:05 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 07:04:08 [Anticom #general]

p sure he said "compatible"

Roll 2017-02-19 07:04:28 [Anticom #general]

which they are, sort of

Roll 2017-02-19 07:04:30 [Anticom #general]

see stalinism

Roll 2017-02-19 07:05:38 [Anticom #general]

But yeah, fascism is basically what you get when you take all the non-Jewy parts of socialism and nationalism then mix them together

Roll 2017-02-19 07:06:27 [Anticom #general]
Roll 2017-02-19 07:06:30 [Anticom #general]

it's syncretic

Roll 2017-02-19 07:06:59 [Anticom #general]

Where's my Jew tag

Roll 2017-02-19 07:07:05 [Anticom #general]

if fascism is so jewy

Roll 2017-02-19 07:07:39 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 07:08:00 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 07:08:50 [Anticom #general]

soros doesn't want others to manage

Roll 2017-02-19 07:09:14 [Anticom #general]

that's what his people are for

Roll 2017-02-19 07:09:48 [Anticom #general]

Nah, he's a Jew through and through.

Roll 2017-02-19 07:10:41 [Anticom #general]

@Chancellor He doesn't have the tribalism down

Roll 2017-02-19 07:10:55 [Anticom #general]

But he's got the self-serving, fuck the goyim I do what's best for me part

Roll 2017-02-19 07:11:56 [Anticom #general]

It's possible.

Roll 2017-02-19 07:12:05 [Anticom #general]

Good goy

Roll 2017-02-19 07:12:09 [Anticom #general]

Every man is an island

Roll 2017-02-19 07:12:25 [Anticom #general]

There are no groups and anyone who says otherwise is a disgusting filthy commie

Roll 2017-02-19 07:15:42 [Anticom #general]

@Benzmiller But it kind of is, sort of, in the right context

Roll 2017-02-19 07:16:12 [Anticom #general]

The problem with Marxism isn't "help poor people" it's "all people are equal"

Roll 2017-02-19 07:16:34 [Anticom #general]

I feel the same way right now

Roll 2017-02-19 07:16:49 [Anticom #general]

Because of where the govt's cut of my paycheck is going

Roll 2017-02-19 07:17:01 [Anticom #general]

Wars for Israel, gibs, etc

Roll 2017-02-19 07:18:13 [Anticom #general]

I'd happily contribute part of my paycheck for actual national defense, or to help get unemployed countrymen back to work, or for the space program, or shit like that

Roll 2017-02-19 07:18:30 [Anticom #general]

But my money doesn't go to supporting the nation

Roll 2017-02-19 07:18:55 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 07:19:50 [Anticom #general]

Muh rights

Roll 2017-02-19 07:19:58 [Anticom #general]

Rights are guaranteed by the state

Roll 2017-02-19 07:21:01 [Anticom #general]

Rights don't exist without a guarantor

Roll 2017-02-19 07:21:28 [Anticom #general]

Without an external guarantor your only option is the amount of force that you personally are able to bring to bear against others

Roll 2017-02-19 07:21:55 [Anticom #general]

Okay, so they're in the wrong

Roll 2017-02-19 07:22:23 [Anticom #general]

But being wrong happens to correlate with increasing power

Roll 2017-02-19 07:22:43 [Anticom #general]

The abstract morality of a system matters less than the results it produces

Roll 2017-02-19 07:23:39 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-02-19 07:23:50 [Anticom #general]

replace it with a central authority that does what you want

Roll 2017-02-19 07:24:08 [Anticom #general]

or you could try to convince people of the merits of the NAP

Roll 2017-02-19 07:24:14 [Anticom #general]

that'll prevent them from shooting you

Roll 2017-02-19 07:24:45 [Anticom #general]

I want my swazis back ;-;

Roll 2017-02-19 07:25:06 [Anticom #general]

voluntaryism is about as practicable as communism

Roll 2017-02-19 07:25:26 [Anticom #general]

Roll 2017-02-19 07:26:06 [Anticom #general]

@Tee CA nuh-uh they'll just give up power because the NAP or something

Roll 2017-02-19 07:26:53 [Anticom #general]

Me, I guess

Roll 2017-02-19 07:27:21 [Anticom #general]

"My system might induce the collapse of society but it least it's logically consistent!"

Roll 2017-02-19 07:27:33 [Anticom #general]

"At least I can make logical arguments"

Roll 2017-02-19 07:28:38 [Anticom #general]

@Benzmiller then you likely won't live in a society at all

Roll 2017-02-19 07:29:00 [Anticom #general]

humans are not consistent creatures

Roll 2017-02-19 07:29:35 [Anticom #general]

if you dismantle the structures of something can it be considered fixed

Roll 2017-02-19 07:29:39 [Anticom #general]

i mean

Roll 2017-02-19 07:29:44 [Anticom #general]

it's not broken anymore

Roll 2017-02-19 07:29:49 [Anticom #general]

because it no longer exists

Roll 2017-03-05 05:53:13 [Anticom #general]

wew lad

Roll 2017-03-05 05:54:04 [Anticom #general]

>TFW some noodle-armed antifa cuck is gonna show up at my door

Roll 2017-03-05 05:54:12 [Anticom #general]

Please lmao

Roll 2017-03-05 05:54:24 [Anticom #general]

Please do

Roll 2017-03-05 05:54:26 [Anticom #general]


Roll 2017-03-05 05:54:58 [Anticom #general]

Roll 2017-03-05 05:56:54 [Anticom #general]

>antifa can beat anyone

Roll 2017-03-05 05:57:21 [Anticom #general]

Maybe in they came in a group of like 20 lmao

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