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hey guys i just wanna say the n word which channel do i post in for that

everyone log off and go be productive IRL



Hot take on condoms from lord Kasinski which holds the truth: the development of plastics was the problem and condoms are one of many inevitable disasters

What is the ideal partner count for a woman? The answer is always zero. Be like Mary

don't let cum leave your body

birth control does cure acne tho

if you see a QT in church covered in acne marry her ASAP

I just hope the particulate from it doesn't get in muh water

probably small trace amounts but still

no, the moral decay in our society is turning the frogs gay and the birth control is a cover

There is a big difference between using birth control to be promiscuous and using it with a spouse tho

but yeh still kinda shitty

just using it as medicine is different

all that would matter before God is your intent

not the type of pill

56% zionistic ethnostate

You think you can breed out the aryan spirit by diluting him to 56%? The zionists and white indentitarians will spend time fighting each other meanwhile the 56% hordes will rise up with their numbers and crush them both

needs more nazbol

square up nigga

i dont like getting manhandled by a higher test man

ill change it back when hes not looking

non aesthetics will never understand

this server needs more aesthetics

my farts are yellow, i smell like poo, wouldn't ya know it, im from eu

♿ eu comin thru ♿

@IAmHiding physique post contest if i win i can change my name back to aesthetics

you can see my ribs

and im still jacked

having a friend who wants to fuck u

he wants to fuck u

kk changed name back cause looks like my opponent forfeit?

gay nigger admins

heather was hot when she was 18

@IAmHiding I am a child of aesthetics and you just dont understand

Heather Goldberg

baseball has always been shit it was just the beginning of the escalation of worse and worse sportsball games

raping women and the genocide of native peoples

a racist rapist

i can see many here don't understand aesthetics

gallon of milk a day

why are you on discord, you should be eating

ok ill fix it by physique posting

No matter how much you eat and lift you will never have my idyllic bone structure

cant handle peak performance

1 hour of internet a day

something in the waters on that island

seeping into the tap

do as many pushups as you can RIGHT NOW

then ill explain

do as many as u can

keep going good job

good job keep going

no i said as many as u can

ull get energy while doing it

if you cant sleep excercise til you pass out unironically

do 8 1 hour sets of sleep starting now

but all at once

lol this is bait

being fat i bet

i was hoping mike enoch could transition and be my brap queen

apology accepted

Farage is already playing, and he's playing on a higher level than the larping fags

or as i like to call them

tbh all of europe should just join russia

o idk who that guy is

3 big thinkers in that pic


Hey is Patrick Little a fed or just retarded?

his debate with Hasley was cringe

white gathering

Can you really blame Sargon for his views when he knows this is his audience

gay nerd are going to be gay nerds no matter what

better they follow king ape sargoy

zyzz aesthetics forever

lol are you guys aware of how insane zyzz's steroid cycle was

it was suicidal


1. never trust a thot

2. if she breathe, she a thot

democracy can be easily fixed

if you cant bench 2 pl8 you cant vote

seed riege guys

siege is trash lol

advocating for fascism is retarded bra

cause u lose more people than u gain

only in our secret anonymous hangout

can u show ur true intentions

very crafty my friend

how about just being moral

how about traditionalism

not american dont care

ride ur own tiger

is evola a white sharia advocate

good glad he said christians get stronger instead of emulate islam

men amongst the ruins lol except we have infinite food and water and tons of resources

and a comfy life

but i think the ruination stage will come later as a result of the moral decay

which is not at a peak yet

its getting worse so its not here yet

til its rock bottom

soon people will figure out the secret that u dont have to go to work

i think we are on the downward trend but not there yet

y do i type like a retard?

lol ive read evola

he uses language to make himself seem smarter than he is

sometimes evola will use more complex words that don't enhance his ideas

the ideas themselves are solid though

ok just got a pdf of it ill look into it

yeh evola is good at making a 100 page book 300 pages

fascists get the woodchipper

does having all this knowledge matter if u cant bench 225

i would argue no

u wanna get to the point where people want to hear your point of view before you even open ur mouth

zyzz aesthetics FOREVER


they get lean and veiny and jacked as fuck

and the jaw gets accentuated nicely

thats what happens brah

zyzz accomplished more in 1 year that any philosophy writer ever could

more alive than u friend

rather be dead than not be aesthetic

zyzz only died cause he abused drugs

don't do drugs brah

ah those r shitty man

just drink excess water instead

water + bananas

you know what cured my insomnia? insane amounts of excercise

like 2 hrs a day

oh yeh thats shitty

are you going max intensity?

u gotta sweeeaaaatttt

i find the more i accomplish in a day the less restless i am

damn thats a lot bro

maybe it's the energy drinks? those are known to fuck up sleep

anyways gotta go ppce

blacks allowed themselves to be enslaved by whites because blacks had honor

get fukd white boyu

how come call me al gets like no views

weekends are for gains

that video was narrated by a japanese woman

@Punished Scaredd that's because you don't understand the golden ratio proportions that define aesthetics

skinny waist and v taper

aesthetics > comfort

pants with a slimmer waist are not more expensive

wide waisted pants give you nice birthing hips

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