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I fell for a thot did bad things with her and now realized the error in my ways and dumped her and am gonna live a cleaner lifestyle. I'm attending church more often since she prevented me from coming to it and am already feeling better spiritually. I guess that counts for self improvement

2018-03-08 03:46:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-03-24 03:20:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Serbian Music is good

2018-03-24 03:20:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

They have good nationalists

2018-03-24 03:21:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Here's a song about how Muslims will ruin Bosnia and how Allah won't save their enemies because Islam holds no power

Liberal logic : Guys this gun free zone sign is enough to persuade all shooters to turn around and disarm themselves

2018-05-04 04:13:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

How did the debate go

2018-05-05 02:47:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Resisting thots on the daily

2018-05-05 02:48:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

At some points it's hard, but I cannot let it get to me

2018-05-05 02:49:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Never again

2018-05-05 02:49:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Living the college/high school life and resisting all the bad influences are as hard as ever now in this day and age

2018-05-05 02:49:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

But it just means those who resist it are the strongest

2018-05-12 23:26:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Israel won Eurovision what a surprise that the non euro nation wins a European singing festival

2018-05-13 03:02:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

What's happened to Nick? @sbbu

2018-05-13 04:40:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

racecar driving is a fun sport

2018-05-13 04:40:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

then when they added women it got bad

2018-05-13 04:40:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

women drivers are terrible

2018-05-13 04:41:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Danica Patrick caused 45 minutes of accidents

2018-05-13 04:41:33 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

women can't drive on the road so let's put them on the race track

2018-05-13 04:44:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

When did Nick free the thots? I thought they were banned here

2018-05-15 04:16:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Hold your breath around gays cause you don't want to share the same oxygen with them

2018-05-15 21:27:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

There's a tornado where I am

2018-05-15 21:27:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I started praying and its died down

2018-05-15 21:28:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

All I hear is firetrucks and ambulances

2018-05-18 01:05:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They officially killed star wars ten times over

2018-05-18 01:06:02 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They made the lovable lando calrissian into a FAG

2018-05-20 15:52:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

15 hours of fasting I did yesterday

2018-05-21 22:18:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Did the pope really just tell a gay man that God made him like that and still loves him?

2018-05-26 00:48:05 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Shooting happens and a teacher stops the student while being unarmed **TOP STORY**
Civilians stop a shooter at a bar using their fire arms **Not even to be seen in the news**

2018-05-26 00:49:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The news loves playing their anti gun "Self defense is pointles" bs but when gun owning civilians stop shooters they hush up and focus on other shootings

2018-05-26 02:21:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Ireland approved of abortion?

2018-05-26 02:22:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Oliver Cromewell should've wiped out more of the Irish if he knew what were to come

2018-05-26 02:23:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It'd be the best for white society if both islands sunk into the ocean

2018-05-26 02:24:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The Australians gave gay marriage too this year smh

2018-05-26 02:26:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I'd be careful what I'd say since freedom of speech doesn't exist in England @Stannum

2018-05-26 02:26:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

democracy doesn't work

2018-05-26 02:27:49 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

When the soccer people have more love for England than the actual common civilian

2018-05-26 02:29:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The Chinese children rule lead them into a population crisis πŸ˜‚

2018-05-26 02:29:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

"let's abort all the baby girls" "oh crap we have no women now"

2018-05-26 02:33:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

My Latin teacher is helping me enhance my knowledge of languages of Europe and I told him about a bad teacher I have and he said women shouldn't be in the teaching business

2018-05-26 02:33:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Such a chad

2018-05-26 03:15:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Battlefield V adding women is just....

2018-05-26 03:15:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-26 03:16:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-26 03:17:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

"yuh I need muh woman empowerment even if it is historically wrong we're too stupid to learn history anyway so we don't care" - Women defense of being in the game

2018-05-26 03:17:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Women were nurses and stuff

2018-05-26 03:17:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Not on the battlefield

2018-05-26 03:17:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

And if they were, it was a SMALL minority

2018-05-26 03:18:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Yeah now they just hire anyone to be a nurse

2018-05-26 03:26:31 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It's also coincidentally the only good one they've made

2018-05-26 03:27:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Yeah it's quite pussy of game developers

2018-05-26 03:28:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-26 03:28:49 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Han solo comes out

2018-05-26 03:28:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It's gonna tank at box office I've heard

2018-05-26 03:29:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They rushed star wars and SJW'd it and raped it

2018-05-26 03:29:23 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They made Lando Pansexual

2018-05-26 03:29:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They're burning everything George Lucas made to the ground

2018-05-26 21:35:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

West Europe is total garbage

2018-05-26 21:36:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

You got that right

2018-05-26 21:37:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-29 04:02:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-29 04:03:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

How can Asians be raping people if they don't have the body part needed for rape?

2018-05-30 01:00:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Wait is Nick actually friends with Peter Sweden?

2018-05-30 01:08:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

My teacher learned democracy doesn't work when his class chose shrek 4 as a movie to watch

2018-05-30 01:09:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

"I don't like mob mentality" the soyboy says as he votes with his hundred others under the same mentality

2018-05-30 03:44:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Baseball is actually fun when you strike some soyboy out each serve

2018-06-03 05:19:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Faggots celebrate their month of degeneracy while us straight Catholics celebrate an eternity in heaven <:dab:402362224527671306>

2018-06-03 05:20:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

"conservative trannies" <:cringe:402359483117862932>

2018-06-03 05:23:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

A tranny chased a little black boy down the hallways of my school. Idk what's sadder the fact the tranny used his heels and purse or the fact the black boy didn't go to his animal instincts to attack

2018-06-03 05:24:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

When you listen to slaves rapping about their belongings

2018-06-03 05:27:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Listening to massive symphonies and orchestras is my forte

2018-06-03 05:28:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Yeah man I need to respect Tyrone who just raped the lady down the street

2018-06-03 05:31:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I'm the only dirt gang member left, at least I lived long enough to see scum gang die

2018-06-03 05:32:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

@Bolsonaro one day you'll eventually see the error in your scum gang ways and the war will go to rest

2018-06-03 05:33:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Kayne> Ooga boogas

2018-06-03 05:37:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

How about go to church with your friends and family?

2018-06-05 03:35:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

A local Christian church has a race car team

2018-06-05 03:35:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They have their car say God Bless America

2018-06-05 03:35:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

And have tons of Christian business sponsors

2018-06-05 03:38:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

People get the impression that you spam because you can never finish your thoughts in one cohesive message. Instead you post like 5 separate messages that pile up the chat rather than one concentrated focused paragraph stating your thoughts

2018-06-05 03:38:23 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

That's my *assumption* at least

2018-06-06 03:31:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Are the primaries looking good or bad as of now?

2018-06-06 03:32:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

hope they sink into the ocean

2018-06-06 03:32:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

life in the east Europe seems much more better now.

2018-06-08 03:19:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

just learned that a military vet that served for 13 years died after being homeless for several years... Really sad I never heard about him until his death

2018-06-08 03:20:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Sad that we still have vets on the street, his story was that his wife cheated and left with the kids while he was in service

2018-06-08 03:20:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

He came back with an empty home and empty family and fell into alcoholism

2018-06-08 03:21:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

He was too poor to afford any legal help and didn't have enough benefits to live off of and ended up on the streets for 3 months where he eventually died

2018-06-08 03:21:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-08 03:22:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I just told you what happened re-read

2018-06-08 03:22:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I think at that point the guy probably wanted to die since he had nothing left

2018-06-08 03:23:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

No clue

2018-06-08 03:23:49 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

13 yrs too

2018-06-08 03:23:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Don't understand why he'd expect things to stay the same

2018-06-08 03:24:33 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It is wrong of the wife to ditch the husband and run off with the kids without any notification to the the husband at all

2018-06-08 03:25:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I see a lot of vets on the streets surprisingly

2018-06-08 03:26:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Illegal immigrants get better housing and treatment than veterans do

2018-06-08 03:26:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Remember that

2018-06-08 03:27:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-08 03:27:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

There's some poor people but they've gotten so hopeless they don't even ask for donations

2018-06-08 03:27:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

They usually lay in garbage bags on the side of the street and have a small box for donations

2018-06-08 03:28:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Put homeless spikes like India did

2018-06-08 03:28:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

To keep homeless people off the streets put overnight spikes on the sidewalks

2018-06-08 03:29:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

India did that but they got heat so they apologized and removed it

2018-06-08 03:30:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-09 03:44:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Germans called Poles the savages yet they believe in paganism

2018-06-09 03:45:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Pagans worship Chris Hemsworth

2018-06-09 03:45:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Isn't that gay and sad

2018-06-09 03:46:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Jews blaming Poland for the Holocaust and our leader buckled under the lies so that USA and Poland relationship could stay in tact

2018-06-09 03:48:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

A tranny joined the cheerleading team and now all the girls are quitting because he scares them

2018-06-09 03:51:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

@Punished Scaredd you mean Arabic?

2018-06-09 03:52:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-09 03:53:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

just go to a Polish Catholic church

2018-06-09 03:53:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Poles have the cleanest churches

2018-06-09 03:54:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Well if your area has a bunch of degenerates that disgrace the Catholic faith then you should go to a better local church

2018-06-09 03:55:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I go with all my friends to church each Sunday

2018-06-09 03:55:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I don't know how you gay prots do things but Poles do it right

2018-06-09 03:59:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The prots thought I was defending them and then I called them gay in a message later <:smug:402400327313391616>

2018-06-09 04:07:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

@Metaphysical Monarchist#3076


2018-06-09 04:07:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Pagan stats

2018-06-13 03:33:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-06-13 03:35:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I once knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy that thought Rand Paul was a big meanie

2018-06-13 03:36:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I can't tell if Noble is a troll or just naive

2018-06-13 03:39:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-17 23:45:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Incredibles were never good so not surprised it got worse

2018-06-17 23:46:02 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The original was boring

2018-06-17 23:46:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I was a child and still found it boring

2018-06-18 21:44:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

>music with lyrics

2018-06-18 21:52:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-23 19:23:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Is X going to hell?

2018-06-24 01:21:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

A republican wins in South Carolina and then get in a car crash shortly later? Suspicious much?

2018-06-24 17:27:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I have bad visions of death in all my dreams. I'm going to talk to my priest about it. Maybe God is trying to tell me something

2018-06-25 16:10:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-06-28 01:39:33 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

tfw you enter a debate with a Protestant and then realized that you have no counter arguments cause you're not an expert on religion

2018-06-28 01:41:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-28 01:41:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I got rekt

2018-06-28 01:43:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Where can I listen to it

2018-06-28 01:43:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I need to get some Nick energy

2018-06-28 01:44:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Wtf the people I was debating are actual Catholics and just wanted to see if they could get me to snap faith wise

2018-06-28 01:44:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I didn't πŸ˜€

2018-06-30 06:11:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I get my athletic strength from the powerful effect of DRAGON ENERGY

2018-06-30 06:12:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-06-30 06:12:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I don't fear death

2018-06-30 06:13:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Cause Ik if I die I go straight to heaven

2018-06-30 06:13:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Ik who I am

2018-06-30 06:14:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

If you think you're going to hell then you're not spiritual enough

2018-06-30 06:16:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I fear hell of course, but I have faith that I will be in heaven for I am a loyal follower of Christ and have done good acts for the church and my community

2018-07-07 05:22:12 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Decided to watch the replay of tonight's call in, really bummed that some rando ended up taking almost 30 minutes

2018-07-07 05:23:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The prot yea

2018-07-07 05:23:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

He went from 0:48 to 1:08

2018-07-07 05:24:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-07-07 05:39:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

This vid gets Nikker spirits up https://youtu.be/C3SNCMIhFwk

2018-07-07 05:41:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

That March was so despicable I don't want to be reminded of it

2018-07-07 05:41:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Hilariously bad

2018-07-10 05:41:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I like tennis, I don't like watching people play since they always over act. No need to grunt every hit m8

2018-07-10 05:43:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Men's sports are always more entertaining than watching women

2018-07-10 05:43:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I remember when a male tennis player played the #1 woman to prove it in the late 60s

2018-07-10 05:44:05 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The soccer leagues in Europe have heavy rigging

2018-07-10 05:44:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Tfw you crash the British home favorite on the third turn of the British grand prix

2018-07-10 05:45:05 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I like race car driving

2018-07-10 05:45:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

NASCAR is pretty good tbh

2018-07-10 05:45:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Not my favorite

2018-07-10 05:46:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-07-10 05:46:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The British Prix was pretty good to watch

2018-07-10 05:46:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I don't like all these sensitive homos in sports that don't like action or contact

2018-07-10 05:46:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

There's black f1 drivers??

2018-07-10 05:46:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Oh ye

2018-07-10 05:47:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I thought he was Hispanic

2018-07-10 05:47:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Lol he cried like a bitch after losing the prix

2018-07-10 05:47:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Indy car is pretty trad

2018-07-10 05:48:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Mostly Americans racing

2018-07-10 05:48:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I hate how they have these no contact rules in racing, if you want to wreck someone it's fine cause its just about winning

2018-07-10 05:48:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Like if you are going to kill someone on the track then do it

2018-07-10 05:49:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen get so much shit for driving aggressive

2018-07-10 05:49:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It's like why are these homos complaining about crashing people

2018-07-10 05:50:02 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

It adds entertainment

2018-07-10 05:50:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-07-10 05:50:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Meanwhile I hate how soccer players act like they're dying for nothing

2018-07-10 05:51:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The French nigger started grabbing his leg in pain when the Uruguan player was like a mile from him

2018-07-10 05:51:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The south American teams were more white than majority of the European teams

2018-07-14 00:04:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I'd love to call in but currently in the company of family and it would be rude to disgard them for a call in show

2018-07-14 00:07:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

All these new peeps

2018-07-14 01:32:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Haven't talked to nick in several months, circumstances for me getting on are unlikely so I'm not gonna participate. Hopefully @Javier πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (Nuance) gets on tho. Seems like an interesting character

2018-07-14 01:33:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I am ordering Papa John's RN tho

2018-07-14 01:33:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Clean Cheese ftw

2018-07-14 08:19:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

they're getting quite desperate now aren't they

2018-07-14 08:19:17 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

we are at war with literal DEMONS

2018-07-14 08:59:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Bully fats into submission


2018-07-14 17:11:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

England can't do anything right

2018-07-14 17:11:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

This failure to make good decisions is due to the weakness of its people and they're doomed because of it

2018-07-14 21:00:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

The actors for Batman said he would be a trump supporter

2018-07-15 01:23:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Elon Musk is one of the top donors to Republicans in the House

2018-07-15 01:24:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I don't like elon musk

2018-07-15 01:24:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-07-16 03:40:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Fat children are mistakes

2018-07-16 03:41:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Fat people and pigs coincide with each other

2018-07-16 03:41:31 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

No difference

2018-08-05 02:40:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Arguing about race mixing is rough when your parents don't listen to a word you say smh

2018-08-09 07:27:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Argentina shut down pro abortion laws today <:trump:402385775200829440>

2018-08-20 03:28:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Remembering the Petit murders in CT

2018-08-20 03:28:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Connecticut police did a worse job than Parkland's

2018-09-27 03:09:07 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

Thanks BOT

2018-09-28 00:34:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Nicker Nationalism

2018-10-02 03:21:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The boomers took over?

2018-10-03 02:00:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Tfw Ghandi isn't being honored but drag Queens is

2018-10-03 02:02:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

History is written by anyone and everyone. Nazis and Japs had books and made writings during their times. The fact that Western Societies choose to ignore or focus on them is up to the nations leadership and ideals

2018-10-03 02:02:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Where are you from Vril

2018-10-03 02:03:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It is worse than USA

2018-10-03 02:03:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Much worse

2018-10-03 02:03:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Us doesn't control it if the US is being controlled by different groups

2018-10-03 02:05:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

To consider this almost happened is sickening https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

2018-10-03 02:07:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

b-b-but facts don't care about your feelings <:merchlaugh:476417893916082176>

2018-10-03 02:08:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

wasicsm is a problemo amirite goys

2018-10-03 02:09:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

hey y'know what's better than democracy? Gaming

2018-10-03 02:09:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

democracy is just mob rule

2018-10-03 02:10:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The swamp is in every big corporation in the west

2018-10-03 02:11:44 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

me me no gusta mexicanos
*deleted by discord*

2018-10-03 02:12:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

War Crimes don't exist

2018-10-03 02:12:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It's war

2018-10-03 02:12:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

There is no rules

2018-10-03 02:12:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Innocent Serbs getting arrested isn't good

2018-10-03 02:13:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The dude who became famous for killing himself in the court room didn't commit any crimes

2018-10-03 02:13:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He destroyed a trade route bridge and was accused for war crimes

2018-10-03 02:14:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But why? They don't like bob's furniture???

2018-10-03 02:14:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Hey guys just incase mossad is here let's all talk about our LOVE for Israel

2018-10-03 02:15:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

i love Israel, they've been kicked from 300 nations in history but boy there's nothing wrong with that

2018-10-03 02:16:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Puritans were the ultimate thot patrollers

2018-10-03 02:16:52 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Puritan respect + 10

2018-10-03 02:17:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It's not a violation of human rights of they aren't humans

2018-10-03 02:17:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Quakers were pacifist weenies

2018-10-03 02:17:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Lol that's why there's none left

2018-10-03 02:18:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The puritan belief of being pure for God and always fearing him is something i respect

2018-10-03 02:19:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

big talk from a CANADIAN

2018-10-03 02:20:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It's hard to be a fascist and American because the whole concept of America goes against fascism

2018-10-03 02:31:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

What is local opinion on Halloween

2018-10-03 02:37:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It takes a low iq to be anti trump

2018-10-03 02:37:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Why anyone would black pill when USA is on the way uphill is just trying to destroy the country

2018-10-03 02:38:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-03 02:39:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Dang all the Confederates were right about another civil war. Just not the kind they expected

2018-10-03 02:40:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

God Bless Francisco Franco

2018-10-03 02:40:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-03 02:41:47 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I think if the president was ever killed (GOD PREVENT THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING ) but if it does we have to rise up and revolt with violence. It is the only solution

2018-10-03 02:43:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

A civil war will lead in mutually shared destruction

2018-10-03 02:43:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Chile is very nice

2018-10-03 02:44:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Both Spanish

2018-10-03 02:45:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Kennedy let Hitler live to stop communism and let Hitler live his older years in peace

2018-10-03 02:45:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

According to jfk files

2018-10-03 02:46:13 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Did Fidel have a guardian angel?

2018-10-03 02:46:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Fidel has the highest assassination attempt count yet never died from one

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