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brb ordering dual motor model 3

my bmw gets like 12 mpg average lol

nice ad

oh man vic berger is gonna be great

what an own


reminder to read the bible or you're retarded

ben shapiro be like; jesus was a free market capitalist

Jews be like: Jesus was a Jew so you might as well be Jewish!!

hell 2

not only this, but almost all jews are straight up atheists

its just a club wow a based anti-israel holocaust related jew

wow nick made it on r mde

thats pretty epic

if you dont live in the tri state area whats even the point

overthrowing the local govt by force i see


unite the right 2

anyone tryna meet up with disgraced kassy dillon associate and get doxxed

i dont get why he used @ everyone when he can just use @ Kentucky




greatest moment in politics


blicky uh

women read 50 shades

in the bookstore

2070 : fifty shades of gray has outsold the bible

joe you're heterosexual

you ever waste your youth pondering politics you'll never be able to make the slightest influence on?


Something wrong, I hold my head. mike ma gone, our nigga dead

you ever ask your parents for lunch money and buy heroin instead like a boss

By Dirt Kevin
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our founding fathers died for that right



"hillary clinton. I will be voting for Hillary Clinton."

tfw casey neistat has done more for the white race than anyone

says the nigger


says the guy who sells weed online

idea: legalize weed, except if you buy weed once you can never vote ever again

@powerpuff boy here's a question for you, let me turn the tables, why are you a faggot?

niggas be like:

doesnt he know you cant report someone above the shieldbrother rank

i used to pretend to be a cute girl online and have a paypig kik/instagram/twitter and i made like $2,000 a week


this is really gay bragging about giving money to a youtuber lol

niggas be like

oh my god this is cute

I'm Patrick Little, here I am in Times Square naming the jew!

I want to linch a nygger


when the whole squad on point

Imagine being one of those cucks who believe in the right to self determination for all people, we need to make israelites 2nd class citizens in their homelands as well

jews dont even believe in god

theres tons of studies conducted by jews that show that most jews are atheist-jews

jews are hollow on the inside

flat earth/hollow jew/solar system doesnt even exist theory nationalism

im not racist i just think we should sink africa and israel and also people who have escaped from those lands

cursed image

alright guys what should i uber eats to my house

haters will see you teleport and be like he aint got no car

Trump be like: I let my daughter marry a jew xd


im just chillin in cedar rapids

real quote

"Sieg Heil! Don't quote me on that" - Donald Trump


unironically though, what kind of christian lets his daughter convert to judaism

i doubt hes religious at all lol

he let his daughter convert so he can have more business connections

just heard the loudest lightning ever! big yikes!


being agreeable means you have no real opinions

blicky uh

what is the consensus on this

Niggas iffy uh

aye fuckers can a paisano get a slice in here

if you dont you're possibly homosexual


how do i get a goth / scene gf

girls be cute..........

I am So Sad Guys


girls keep emotionally ruining me guys what do i do

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