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Why does my role say spook lol

Just wondering

O okay that's cool I was just wondering

I'll be back on later got to go run errands with the mother lol

What is it being used for? That will help give a better idea. It really depends on the mission.

I do know I prefer my 22LR over my old 9mm though.

Lol feds run that and actually if mewe find out boobies are being shared they make the group closed and no one can join or find it lol

Reno County KS here

@snappleapple1212 can I message you with suggestions

@snappleapple1212 another one I can say without more info is under wood 9mm extreme defense

Lol do you have proof of your whacked out claims

They aren't necessarily allowed but they aren't banned FYI you will find that on all platforms. What they do is if the CP is caught sharing or talking about that shit then they can ban them and discord goes as far as banning the IP addresses of them unlike twitter or facebook or KIK or Snapchat. In fact KIK is only still a thing because Feds became the security team to get the CPs faster ๐Ÿ˜‚

So no it's not a secret it's more of allowing everyone to have their rights to use a platform till they abuse the platforms rules and shit. Don't like it then don't use any platform or most technology that exists. So NO your wrong they don't support them at all. They are actually against them.

I'm not defending CP lol

Why are you on here if your so against them ๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm not necessarily defending them I'm giving you facts

True facts

Also I'm all for anyone who helps catch CP

Which discord actually does

Any platform will have issues with CP as long as that platform exists sad but true

A platform like discord is a little harder for CP to find any group as they require and invite to any group no group is totally public even if they set the invite to never expire so if a CP makes it into a group they were sent an invite in one way or another

Now on services like KIK, facebook, twitter, mewe most of those groups are shown to anyone with out an invite perhaps they might have questions to answer to gain entry but the CP can find most groups with no issues on those platforms

I'm not trying to win ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm trying to help you understand this platform is a little more secure then others

I get that. Was just trying to help.

It's okay. I understand sometimes it's hard to understand tones when messaging.

I'm guessing they are referring to the Christopher ledbetter snatch and grab attempt

I'm not near Oklahoma but I have peeps near by I'll see if I can get anyone out there including someone who has a degree in emergency psychological first aide

Lol no it's not booze. It's someone who can evaluate the situation and those involved and determine what sort of help might be needed for witnesses and those involved

I understand I'm not thinking he isn't legit my guy if available can keep him from going to the ward if that's not needed

Cops can try to claim he is crazy... I seen it many times... My guy can also calm the situation if needed

I'm just trying to help out

True can someone get a better picture of this dude. I had a friend with same name but not sure if it's same guy and I lost contact with dude 5 years ago

Okay I was just wondering cause if it's same dude the guy has complex PTSD and is prior military... Which if this is same guy that information might help those on scene

@North /K/arolina yes I do believe there are gardens in NC so yes NC does have a bunch of hoes to be used in people's gardens ๐Ÿ˜‚

@North /K/arolina yes in all the Gardens there are Hoes as they are a tool used in gardening ๐Ÿ˜‚

There is NO difference between peso and molester they are the same damn thing MAP or NOMAP same damn thing. Unless your like the extreme far left then you might be confused on how they are the same

Well then understand they are the SAME

Don't worry his name ain't red so I won't see shit from him

No it's called don't buy certain shit from wish or Amazon like armor and other type of stuff should only be bought from real trusted sources

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