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I second the Liberty Online vote

Oh snap, I have one for this.

Hey Viper, you happen to know what XGC was?

/play while we sleep insomnium

!play while we sleep insomnium

!play eagle flies alone arch enemy

Was an old game community. There was a SGT Viper in there

Was just curious

It was long ago in the original COD days

Came outside to watch the flyover. Not close enough for cellphone pics I tried. Honestly surprised at how quite they were. Passed within 3 or 4 miles of me and barely heard the 4 of them.

!play the culling everlast

!play sungha Jung demon slayer

!play sabaton the attack of the dead men

!play clubbed to death rob dougan

They were fast and quiet.

They did not mention the flying wing that followed several min later

Kinda got it in pics

I'm still waiting

I just figure I am very low on the social credit list. So maybe I'll get my trump bucks one day...

More than likely we are all auto flagged as soon as we join

Just waking up, is today the day, nope still looks like it hasn't kicked off yet.

I don't like going into details online, but I am getting really tired of waking up every day wondering if the government finally fucked up enough to get the numbers on board

Go time is when you decide it is, until it's not

Right, I would be too

I have notifications turned off, maybe I should fix, but then phone will be teh constant ding.

That is a good questions

Do we do a weekly test on the #SOS was curious.

Yes I know that. That was why i was curious if we did regular checks to make sure of proper operation.

Oh ok, thought it was a video stream

Heard that, thank you for the info

I was thinking, hit the button and it takes your camera live. I like the reporting function too, and emergency situations you might not have the signal strength. Good stuff.

I would love to have my own federally funded compound.

I know the FBI visits, you hear me, just put it straight in my account. Same place the Trump money... Oh wait, that's right, Feds ain't gave me shit. No Trump bucks for me.

@@Artemis What garbage, where is that at?

Yup, 15 to 20 min out from there

Still, pretty garbage.

I took a screenshot where they said the words "to enforce the notion"

One can at least learn about doublespeak, jargon, deflection. If you understand the words you can read between the lines a little, couple that with reading the laws that they have previously passed and are preparing to pass and you get a rough idea at underlying objectives being carried out over years. Read history, these are not new ideas and sequences of action.

We need to help our states and nation. So that we may be in a place to help the rest of the world suffering these same atrocities of tyranny.

@Sparrow Console companies purposely make their consoles non-upgradeable.

planned obsolescence

Yup, that tradition is in large part due to the lightbulb corps.

Making lightbulbs that only last a certain amount of hours

N64 had the 256mb upgrade around the time Donkey Kong 64 came out. I remember having to upgrade it.

Maybe 128MB?

PC gaming for all. I agree, but then you need internet for all. Guess ole Musky Poo is working on that one though. Government's got the five ghee on lock.

I counted 31 satellites in a row laying in my hammock on 03/24/2020

Can confirm it was awesome and terrible

I use PDANET to hide tether and run phone as modem. I live in sticks.

I'm an Okie so maybe.

I figure I should be able to get it if I can line of sight

Global monitoring. Made possible by Starlink, and Iridium.

Yup, iridium said their goal was to be able to track every vehicle, car, truck, boat everything worldwide.

That was in a look at the company segment during a SpaceX launch I watched on youtube

I have an old truck. Cellphone is a weak point for sure. I did pretty good holding out. Have only had a smartphone for two years.

I have someone that wants to join, how do we go about doing that?

Admins will be very busy soon.

Can confirm Stillwater is occupied territory

Soooooo.... I just went to get on Reddit, and when the app opened it had a pop up that was wanting to send me an email and have me reset password. They were just warning about this in voice today. Be vigilant there are many eyes on the community.

Government spyware

Will look legit

They trick you into clicking links on your apps or other things and will backdoor your PC or phone that way.

I just clicked to the side of the popup and it went away so definitely not legit password reset from reddit. Goodbye reddit

I kicked myself right after it went away, I missed the screenshot opportunity

Anyone have intel on Gallup NM nothing new in the other channels I could find. Do we have anyone in contact

Still, a while city cut off from the world. Sure nothing could go wrong while no one is watching

Any Gallup NM news? Whole city closed off by police and gaurd? We got any intel?

Doesn't have to be LE, the people may be acting more like the Hitler youth and not like the SS, but still occupied territory. I was turned away from business for no mask.

How does one eat with a mask on?

!play insomnium the promethean song

!play insomnium the primevil dark + while we sleep

!play in mourning black storm

!play Rivers of Nihil the silent life

!play unleash the archers tonight we ride

!play eagle flies alone arch enemy

!play the gunners dream pink floyd

!play jimi Hendrix 12 string blues

!play insomnium above the weeping world full album

22000 people in lock down and no one inside the town is streaming??? No inside media coverage, even if fake media?

I don't have Facebook, but there could be inside info gleaned there.

I did a quick search of something I heard mentioned.

.3 is the mask limit. Viruses are smaller than the filtration

I can see that, but rebreathing the virus if you do have the rona has to be bad for you

But to each their own, as long as they don't force it on me. They kinda are by proxy.

Laws do not supersede rights

If something goes against your rights as a human you should stand defiant. That was the charge left to we the people to go against a tyrannical government.

If not now then when?

And they stood down why lol

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