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paganism is for fags

pagans don't actually even believe in their gods lol

even varg doesn't

We laugh but this shit will convince at least one desperate winemom to fuck her boss

stop enabling e-thottery

She's insinuating something sexual and all the thirsty weirdos are voting yes to something that would be really fucking gay in reality

look at the comments

maybe she wasn't insinuating it

but all the weirdos are taking it that way

either way I want this e-thot's poll obliterated

Holy hell that Patrick little guy is actually insane

He just said he's going to fly to nick wtf

He posted on gab that he's booking a flight to meet nick in person

Nah you need to bypass the paywall

Beardson is funny but they should actually stop fucking with Little, he's obviously very mentally ill

The whole alt-right is just mentally ill weirdos

Did you see the part where he left the stream

He said he's booking a flight

Little needs to be put in an institution

Needs legitimate help, the war obviously fucked him up

If you can't tell he's a basket case you're actually retarded

>implying I don't already share most of little's opinions

Also yeah they were over the line with the fuck the troops bit

@DOAN you're a retard

because a mentally sane person goes to twitter hq to deny the holocaust lmao

after getting banned

Yeah I would've lost it at that twitter bit

@DOAN would love to see an argument for little's sanity instead of just implying we're shills

I already backed up my statement with crazy shit little actually said and did lol

@DOAN might want to get yourself checked big guy

He has dead eyes


I also "deny the holocaust" but not outside of twitter hq after getting banned

@DOAN lol come on man

Shouting outside of twitter hq like a maniac is not speaking truth to power

I do

Because it's what I meant

because he is a maniac

He redpilled next to no one

Even nehlen probably did a better job

Because nehlen was at least normal at first

Stop wasting time campaigning for sperg candidates who spill spaghetti about the holocaust everywhere and start shilling for America first candidates who could actually make somewhat of a difference

It's not that obvious to some people on here it seems

New Jersey whites are the most oppressed whites in the country btw


He thinks he got over 20% lol


lol nice

going to college like a good goy

Murphy is about to increase it to $15 lmao

I'm not staying here

Just can't

Thinking about Maine

NH is down the middle

not really R or D

Maine and NH are the least pozzed

NH has good gun laws

NJ has the worst gun laws in the entire country

She's uglier in candid pics

Worst for guns tho

At least the people in CA are just docile liberal stoners

everyone is an asshole here

Half of the sopranos was filmed where I live

I have still never seen the show somehow

I'm all for decent white families using the benefits the spics get to immigrate here

Use chain migration if you have to

Send me a pic I'm 18

and single

I am also slightly above average looking and fit


He said he wanted to get his sister a greencard


me too, me too

I have a brother actually


I'm not a globohomo

Jews, blacks and spics >>>>>>>>>>>>> gays and trannies

pin this message


There are some clips on twitter

The troops deserve to be counter-signaled sometimes

My dad went to a support the veterans party last veterans day and saw a couple there with their "dog"

(it was the bull or something weird like that)

And the veteran was dressed like a woman

Don't join the military for your own sake

Military worship for America is gay tho

Half of the people they honored at my school going into the military were women

Other half were spics

I would respect any random veteran obviously

But the military as a whole is pozzed as hell

And the average MAGA americans need to stop worshiping it

I think they overturned it @Metaphysical Monarchist

The military will go to shit eventually

As the populace gets weaker and weaker

UK is dead

Most of your generation are sodomites

Almost every UK person I met outside of right wing servers was a fag or a tranny

I have family in Scotland and they're all shitlibs

I have more hope for the US than the UK

But I have more hope for eastern euro/Russia and italy than the US

>all these "trad" women with the snapchat filters and hot takes


severely damaged people

that's what happens when you worship whiteness over christ

I think they're just used up spinsters

e-daters get the gas

all these people talk about is degeneracy without realizing that e-dating is extremely degenerate

People still thirst over her though

And she e-begs too doesn't she

I support free speech but tommy robinson is a queer

ew wtf are you an actual tranny @TransEgoistCatGirl👻👻👻


nigga finna get himself some stalker chargers

who is that fatty

asians are shit-tier

especially chinese

Chinese have no decency whatsoever

psychopathic autists and rats the lot of em


blacks are based because they're homophobic

blacks >>> most non-white races unironically

spics are way worse than blacks

sorry nick

because your free speech advocates are all drag queens my guy

there's also a tranny

that's pretty bad ass

Actually it would be

if your police weren't literally unarmed lmao

@ManletEater667 are the british free speech advocates in it

@Punished Scaredd he's also a literal mossad agent

don't tell me he's not a staunch zionist

I respect british bants, wish that spirit would come back and save you nonces

Wish they jailed countdankula instead

top tier faggot


he likes traps unironically

No he likes milfs

patrick little

Can't wait to see what happens to the UK tbh

Not saying I wish something bad

Just very interested in the development


I think if trump gets re-elected he's going to get more radical

If he legalizes weed that's an incredibly smart move even if I don't agree

Will almost guarantee reelection

Yeah it's going to make the country more degenerate but it'll guarantee reelection for Trump

Then he can pretty much do whatever he wants after 2020

Hopefully the wall is at least halfway done by then

They officially started it the other day

I want Bolton out of the picture though

I want Trump to pull a Stalin and crop him out of everything

Erase him

Hiring him was a show of force because I doubt Trump will actually utilize him

trannies begone

gag on a noose

not exactly surprising

thanks for contributing nothing dumb tranny

is that what your parents said

since you're ancap I'm assuming you're also a pedophile @TransEgoistCatGirl👻👻👻

I think he meant queer


I haven't seen much since it happened

@TransEgoistCatGirl👻👻👻 wow surprise surprise the sodomite has the worst opinion again

No I think you have a shit opinion for liking monarchies

you said they were neat

why are you here btw

do you just like being abused

are you that mentally ill and masochistic

because I'm a rightwing american

and not a tranny

so who was it that diddled you? uncle? teacher?

as long as it's not the british monarchy

find god and start repenting

you know that guy jesus? he's the only who can help someone as lost as you

epic memes

still doesn't stop your track straight to hell

again, jesus

he'll understand if uncle johnny raped you

mw3 sucked

others I liked as a 5th grader

yeah that one was gr8


oh shit I remember that part

remember the end where the boat sank

you're right man before mw3 cod was really good

any guitarists here

yeah he crossed the line there I think

It's not hard to make little look dumb


it was still inappropriate yesterday though

I like shawn but he can be retarded sometimes

Nick still wouldn't have gotten through to little though

Even though Nick did fine on the actual stream, I think it was a poor choice for him to come on at all

niggers rise up

i love minecwaft




I have so many mosquito bites

more like kendrick nigger lmao

better than the alt-right

they're pretty funny and don't take themselves seriously so I have no problem with them

most of the people that call them ironybros are usually autistic though

because it's funny

and most of the troops are either assholes or mental cases anyways

yes because shawn and beardson are running for office

shawn and beardson don't have that message though


I wanna play minecraft sincerely

spencer is actually an (shitty) activist though

they aren't


I already do almost every day m'lad

and I pray every day

yes because shawn and beardson care so much about their reach to the average american lmao

I'm part of the evropa movement™ and not a private citizen I forgot

optics is just autist speak for basic common sense

it has to be put in special terminology for the speds in the aut-right to understand it though

the military is still queer

I won't say that publicly but I don't respect most of them

I respect nam vets and before, and I respect a good amount after that

but in my high school half of the people going into the military were women lol

I mean I respect most of the troops I guess

Most of them are assholes who did nothing but get free shit from the govt and then demand everyone's respect

You guys seem mad

yes because the weirdo who served in afghanistan who was literally on a leash and taking his kink public at my local legion hall def deserves my utmost respect

(my dad actually saw this btw)

It'll be lost in 20 years when it's mostly women

Yeah I'll respect individual troops on a case by case basis

But I'm not the cuck that goes out of his way to follow around everyone in a uniform to thank them for their service

Alabama Gamer 2018-06-10 01:25:41 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

is the server up?

what why

Alabama Gamer 2018-06-10 01:26:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

okay this is epic


Alabama Gamer 2018-06-10 01:35:17 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Alabama Gamer 2018-06-10 01:38:00 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


^that's what I'm saying

one time for veterans day we literally had a marine brag about how much all the foreign ladies liked him

at my school

nigga was a recruiter

he got in trouble

the women get bored and cheat

my cousin had a kid with some troops wife while he was stationed

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