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2018-05-04 23:05:18 UTC [Dank Brigade #nsfw]  


Xenonauts is free on GOG


Doing p good


*For Honor Starter Edition is free for keeps on Uplay*


2018-06-18 23:53:29 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-list]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65w4k-fb1DI The devs of Escape From Tarkov often hit the range to learn more about the guns they're putting in the game, mad jealous, it's all in Russian though

2018-06-29 15:58:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGnGj96RWno That guy sounds like Hacktivist ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-06-29 16:00:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

At 1:50 if you listen ๐Ÿ˜„

Nothing personnel, kid




No country

But rather the proud Ostrogoth master race

Has to be the Big Red too

CC one of these badbois


@Darkangel that was the meme

I like a bit of 7.62x25mm tbh

Definitely a nice round

There are yes

TT being one

CZ-52, a couple others

Popular round in Warsaw Pact nations, meant to pack more of a punch than 9x18mm

Almost like the .45ACP to the 9x19mm

I don't think it really gets used anymore to be honest, Russia's service pistol now uses 9x19mm which is a weird choice

For them anyway

I go clay pidegon shooting a lot, I live in Scotland. I use Clever Mirage Supertarget, 28gr.

Also go target shooting with .22lr and I like Remington Golden Bullet the best

New Tarkov patch added the G18C


And the SA58 OSW


Since I posted in <#418503067709734912> that they're adding the DSA SA58 OSW....


Now this I like

Well the vast majority of firearms in the UK aren't

Full bore semi-autos are restricted but calibre is not

This page had a picture, but the sale is expired now

It was one of the solid-stock SPAS-12 variants, two grand

Asides from full-bore semi automatics, full-autos and handguns, you can get quite a bit more than you would think in the UK

We had a huge shooting scene at one point but the government really clamped down on private firearm ownership after Dunblane in '97

Navy's been up to their usual

Grenade stealing and a missing M240 lmao

4.6x30mm has good armour pen. qualities though

I imagine having ergonomics similar to an M4A1 would help in some cases surely

I can imagine it'd be hard in thick gloves yeah

And the stock charging handle looks pretty small

The P320?

Surprised Glock never won that contract

Heard that if you drop them right on the striker

They can ND

Definitely not

Like a Delta Elite?

M1911 but it has to be double stack I'd say

Real hitman fantasies with those AMT's

I'm not sure if that was the specific gun but hold on

The UC-M21 it is

Never heard of it

It was based on the Ares FMG

That kid grew up to be one handsome dude

Someone at my old target shooting club had a No.4 I think, I don't know anyone with the T variant and scope

They're fucking gorgeous

I ain't a rich boi

Only got enough for a Ruger 10/22

I feel like Jesse's guns are a lil overdone

Like, imagine walnut grips on that

Guild Wars 2

The game isn't in your library or it's not working?

Some games automatically have the key pop-up in a small tab just incase you need to enter it

If that's the issue then I'd file a support ticket, Steam are actually pretty good for support

They'll get back to you within the day

Tell you what

Try and launch the game

When you get to the message telling you there's no CD key, hit print screen on your keyboard and paste the image here

Tried restarting Steam/Computer?

Give me a sec

Apparently a potential issue is that since it's a third-party title, the publisher has ran out of keys for the game

This basically means you'll have to wait a bit for more to be 'generated' but it doesn't take long typically

Was the game on sale?

Could just be high demand for the title in that case

anytime c:

In the meantime, enjoy this Saiga 12K I built


**pew pew**

P226 for me

Equinox if I can afford it

The Marine model is sexy

Love the chrome, more rust resistant too

You gotta slap a side-saddle for shells on it

For max tacticool

Jericho 941?

Nice piece, aren't they quite heavy though?

Yeah, gas operated I think

I want this


@RAM RANCH Is that the BFR?

@Schrรถ P38 but it says it on the slide lmao

Y'all mind if I


Ehhhh debatable

Nah I like the A2 aesthetically

I shot one in the Cadets

The A1 was trash

Welrod is nice

The Krink makes me cum

@Schrรถ I was LITERALLY about to post that exact pic

I've fired the LSW too actually

The Canary setup


S - Folding
U - Compact
B - Suppressed

Also comes with the dovetail mount found on the 74-M and 74-N

It's such a badass gun

Was apparently a status symbol among the Taliban

De-Lisle Carbine

And Fedorov c:

@Schrรถ COP .357 Derringer?

I'll never get to fingerfuck one of these


Those are sex

@Schrรถ I'm sure those had burst fire capability like the 93R

@J2Sub 'Britain must have some very clever soldiers'

That's the L85A1

makes my penis the big penis

go for it

whatever it is

oof G11 is lit

Been playing too much Tarkov recently to not post this boi


Is that the PP?

Oh, British Issue?

Why the hell would you use a .22lr pistol in active service?

subsonic ammunition?

Intratec Dynamic TEC-9 ๐Ÿ˜„

Sad story that gun

Auto 9 ๐Ÿ˜„

Ie. the Beretta M93R

@Schrรถ oof... CZ rifle?

ooh, I see

Lmao that's Olympic right there

lmao here's your Ruger 10/22


Mosin is nice, I would get one considering how cheap they are

Ahhh, SMLE

I said the other night I know a guy who owns one

Basements/Attics are treasure troves when it comes to older people lmao

I saw a vid on YT recently

A dude trades his old Glock for his step-dad's old bag of guns and ammo or something

Ammo from the 80's, a couple throw aways, and a Ruger Mark 1 pistol in excellent condition, with the case and manual

Yeah saw the Coonan

Sweet piece

Pistols are heavily regulated in the UK sadly

Fired a .22lr M1911 though, and an LBR

I reckon pistols would be most fun to shoot too

Desert Eagle is far too bulky for service

Also if you don't hold it tightly enough you run the risk of limp-wristing it, which will cause a failure to cycle

@TEDDYROOSEVELT That was a fun watch, good stuff. Practice makes perfect for sure. You did well!

@Brae That's a lot of Bakelite in that picture

I'd love a proper WASR or something with Bakelite mags... or even a Krink replica

Canadian Rations ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I've still got British Rations

A few army rations I got

@Sechesin How is the XD?

Dear god that is some Metro 2033 shit right there

AKMS underfolder stock?

That is some Khyber Pass shit

Well they had the M26 MASS in consideration

I don't know if the US Army still field it

Nothing says troubled relationship like H&K and the civilian market

What calibre is yours? @Sechesin

select-fire implies assault weapon. The AR-15 was designed for sporting purposes in the civilian market.

.45acp is nice

If I had the choice, a double-stacked .45ACP

No 7-8 round mag malarkey

10mm /k/ommando confirmed

Get a Colt Delta Elite or a Bren Ten if you can find one

Bren Ten is rare though

I think they're pretty cool.

If we're talking in terms of self-defense rounds

Accuracy + familiarity of the firearm > stopping power

Would never trade chances to score shots for a little more stopping power

Well the thing is

They're not really super powerful but, they have the armor pen

Class IIIA?

Same with like 4.6x30mm but good luck finding an MP7

That would be a wet dream come true

Imagine getting to see the Grey Room

FN are great too

The Grey Room


Even has a G11 in there too

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