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Ok, lads. We are on a rebuild here. Everyone just relax and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. This is the start of us getting back what is ours.

The rest of the team will be here shortl as the wake up/realize what happened.

All this means is that they are in full "shut it down" mode and that they are terrified of us. We have struck a nerve. Time to keep striking said nerve

I want everyone from inner/outer circle, every moderator from the grave of altright.

Invite them and we will eventually open it up to what used to be purple names as well.

Use that

Instead of killing us, they redoubled our enthusiasm. My sides.

@Bathtub yes. Approve only those that you know and trust well

<@&346717678808858624> <@&346717963203903488> add purple names from the old server that you know and trust. For now, this stays small

All former mods, admins, circles members should be roled accordingly

@everyone stand by. Roles are being assigned

@everyone now is not the time for sperging. Talk to the people that you know and trust and send them this invite

<@&346717678808858624> and <@&346717963203903488> assign roles appropriately

We can sperg later. Right now, we regroup.

They capitulated to outside pressure. Spam them all you want, but it won't do any good. Time to rebuild and regroup

@DankCaesar that's a lie

They can delete whatever they want

And I know for a fact that it is impossible that the server owner deleted it

New platform asap

@everyone you should be able to chat in this channel again.

@everyone, if you can prove that you were a vetted member of the old server, you will receive that role here.

This server is the replacement for the server that got shoah'd.

@handrubbingmerchant no nip bot on this server. A custom bot will be online in a few hours

White names, stand by a couple of hours. We will get to all of you and see that you find a new home here.

Also, this server will tolerate on topic anime. No random cat girls or random Loli shit or that kind of avatar. We are white. We aren't nips. We aren't degenerate. Get that through your heads before applying for membership. Also, no non whites will be accepted.

@Zouckwor get a new avatar.
@EdgeLord69 I own this server
@Punisherfan123 I remember banning you for being an autistic degenerate in other servers

There will be more channels and voice channels when we have everything set up. This was a last minute replacement due to lack of prep tbh

Reminder that no one with an anime avatar will be made a member.

@Firozovich the vetting process will be in place shortly

Hey goys. I'm here to shut down discord despite the fact that we have no backup platform

@Mudkips you know that was just because I was bored

I will vet you for membership tomorrow @Mudkips

Nanners, I made elf a mod. You better not hate me @queenarchitect

Yes. Pm me with proof @hourlyfish

You wait until vetting is in place

@Clandestine we are on a bit of a lockdown while we get everything sorted out.

And it's late as hell for all burgers. Vetting will be in full swing for everyone tomorrow

>implying anyone with that name and avatar will ever be vetted

I don't condone anything made by nips

Well, that was a pretty easy ban decision

Imagine having your entire identity being about cartoons made by the most beta race

Yes. I will call the McPolice on yo

But you're not a kid anymore.

Time to put away the childish things of our youth

Any of the white names that are languishing will be vetted tomorrow

Hey fox

Hey horse. Everyone will be vetted later when all the burgers wake up and the server is in full swing

See you later then

>vet me fags

... the what?

It will be in place later today

Vetting will be running later today

We are still setting up framework.

No problem

We are still setting up the vetting procedure and getting the mod team up to speed with the new normal. Just be patient, guys.

We are taking every measure to prevent future shoah's

Discord is still the best platform.

That is neccessary to make this channel disavaowable. Anyone cuaght posting NSFW will be banned.

Because we will sometimes be running multiple vettings based on volume

I may add a third after I get mods squared away

Esoteric farmposting

I love it

Yeah, everyone that isn't already vetted will need to be vetted again. We are going to be running a much more secure ship to avoid another shoah

Its about what is talked about in unsecured servers that gets servers deleted

Discord doesnt care if the public can't see it.

Vetting will be up and running in a few hours when the burgers wake up and the mods are up to speed on how to conduct vetting.

Wew @Dromaius Novaehollandiae check this guy out

You guys will get along great


>burned steak
A crime that should be punishable by death tbh

Wasting good meat

@TheWesternWan are you ready to be vetted?

ok. Pm me a timestamped picture of your arm with your username, the date and the server name.

Yes, we will do you after western wan is finished

You can also take a picture of your arm with this server open in the background with your username visible @Mudkips

Hop in Extreme vetting 1 @TheWesternWan

@TheWesternWan can you not hear me?

I am having voice connectivity issues

Ok, stand by. Gonna reboot

PC's are a Jew device

And mine is behaving as such.

@TheWesternWan voice issues sorted. Still around?

OK, who wants to be vetted?

Spencer isn't here, you sure?

@brap poster kid scroll up and take the described picture and pm it to me

@Righ If you cant handle a 10 minute voice interview, you might be a lazy nonwhite

Oh, you just joined

hang on

Send me a PM with your arm and a paper with your username, server name, date
or a picture of your arm next to your username on this discord window

Yes, we will be here when you are ready

what about you @RFZ ?

Good elf. No bully today

Stand by

Everyone will be vetted in a timely fashion. Everyone just relax and we will get to all of you so that you can join the /comfy/ server

14 Words Members will be confirmed by TexasVet will be given verified status. We will get to all of you

On it

OK, read the pins now

@Horse I remember you now. You're good

@Vypr try now

@Gestapo can you still not read the pins?



Try now

Thats up to TexVet. He is deciding who needs to go through vetting

Is anyone else looking to be vetted ATM?

Speak now or wait

Send the picture from the pins

We will run you at the same time

@brap poster kid join extreme vetting 1

Send it to me @Spectre0406

@Spectre0406 join extreme vetting 2

Talk to TexasVet

what's up?

There will be ashort break in vetting. More mods will be on shortly to facilitate the vetting backlog. please remain patient

Everyone relax. Everyone will be gotten to. The mod team has lives outside of discord. Be patient.

We will be ready to bet shortly. It's been a hectic day @Andarta

While I appreciate the enthusiasm, it will all be handled within the next 24 hours. We are making this server air tight

Secured and locked down to prevent another shoah

It will be up when the bot is online. Give it a few hours @newgger

People need to get home from work tbh

They can collect doxxable info from you @Shetlandsk Helliglov

Ok, send me your pictures.


Gotcha. I know it's a pain on mobile

We have all the best mods from the old server

And the konradicals

@Patmahn stand by. We will be with you shortly

You have been marked as pending in the mean time

@Patmahn Hop into extreme vetting 1


Can't use that command in here, poncho

You're definitely getting vetted again @Ordo_Ab_Chao

We will be with you shortly

Stand by

@Iwillwinevrythng hop into extreme vetting 1

Sounds good

We will have someone ready to vet you at that time @Tiwaz

No problem

Let me see if I can grab a couple of mods

!purge 10

Ah, so you are educating yourself, then?

Then we will see you when you're ready to try again

He's one of my guys. I got him @Komissar

>anime avatar

Change or b& @Ananke

!ban @starius being a weeb

Stand by

We are gathering a mod team for your vetting

He hasn't responded yet

@Foxmulder89 schedule time for a voice vetting or get gassed. You have been sitting in this server for more than a week. Last chance

Vetting determines if you're right for us, not the other way around.

This is an underwater basket weaving enthusiast collective.

Or a Mongolian throat warbling cave painting ensemble. Depends on who you ask.

Yes. That is non-negotiable

Just follow the rules


If you need to schedule for tomorrow or another day, that's fine

Oh, Christ. Imagine a white version of we waz kangz

In order to get vetted, and gain full access to the server, please follow these steps:

1) Take a photo of your wrist, with your user-name written on a piece of paper or on your wrist. If you don't have a pen and paper handy, or don't want to write on your wrist, you may also take a picture of your wrist in front of the CURRENT welcome channel messages with your username and skin-color CLEARLY visible. Do not submit a blurry, poor quality photo. You will be denied access and kicked from the server for wasting our time.

2) Once you are ready for your voice interview, type !ready in the welcome channel, and the bot will automatically ping the mods for you. You may submit your photo with the ready command as a parameter, or submit a photo directly to Komissar Jr. using the !photo command, if you do not want to post it in the welcome channel.

If I had, that would result in a ban due to furry like behavior

Uh huh

Quality over quantity is always a good rule.


>sitting in voice for an hour waiting for people to join while "not having a mic set up"

!ban @Foxmulder89 being a shill

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