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Zouckwor 2017-08-14 23:03:36 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

White names against oppression

Zouckwor 2017-08-14 23:15:21 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Fuck, they are shit talking my country

Zouckwor 2017-08-14 23:15:27 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Portugal is huwhite

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 01:15:51 [Ethnoserver #welcome]


Zouckwor 2017-08-15 01:24:59 [Ethnoserver #welcome]


Zouckwor 2017-08-15 04:59:18 [Ethnoserver #welcome]


Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:00:29 [Ethnoserver #welcome]


Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:05:24 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

RIP the daily stormer

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:05:45 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

The headlines man, they Crack me up

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:06:04 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

The article about Heather was pure savagery

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:08:10 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Which news source isn't kike owned

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:10:35 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Go daddy removed their host of the domain

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:10:44 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

They moved to Google domains

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:10:54 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Which shoad it again real fast

Zouckwor 2017-08-15 05:10:59 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

They need another alternative

Zouckwor 2017-08-16 01:03:46 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

What if someone is tanned from the summer? 😨 😨

Zouckwor 2017-08-16 01:04:20 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

And don't come with that bullshit that if you tan you're not white

Zouckwor 2017-08-16 01:06:15 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

I'm not Hispanic but Im a bit tanned right now, I don't want that to prevent me from getting vetted

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