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How have you not seen me cuuunt

I'm second in command in 14words, used to mod Ethnoserver 1.0, and am a friend of Lynchberg @Konrad

@TheWesternWan I'd just like to let you know there technically isn't a Pope right now

Now I know that obviously there is a satanic heathen named Bergoglio who refers to himself as Pope Francis

But you can not be a Pope and deny on a daily basis the infallible teachings of the church

Of course it is

And if you are interested in investigating it, there is very real reasoning for that

Masonry infiltrated the church

I apologise, @NorthernBorn, for the different answers you have received to your question, including this one. I remember you from 14 Words and whilst I am rather confident that you aren't a shill or anything of the like, we have come to the conclusion that those who were members of 14 words should undergo the vetting procedure we have implemented in here. It's simply best for everybody if we go through the procedure so that moderators of this server can get to know you somewhat, learn your personal views and thoughts with regards to the questions we deem pertinent to those filling the ranks of this server, and generally introduce you to those who will be dedicating their personal time and energy to the vijewlant curation of discussion for the enjoyment of yourself and everybody else involved.
Thanks for your time and patience; I look forward to seeing you inside.

>Joins alt-right chat room
>Complains about being white

Jews, man.

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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