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2017-07-18 20:49:29 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

If we ever do an episode on hoteps we're calling it nigger nationalism

2017-07-18 20:49:35 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

There won't be debate on that topic

2017-07-18 20:59:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We'll try to stay out of the political/social cuckshed

2017-07-18 21:37:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Next week if everything goes good. It would be optimal if you could be free before 5

2017-07-19 15:48:36 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Will do

2017-07-19 22:04:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-19 22:04:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Adopt this format next thread

2017-07-19 22:04:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Literally can't be improved upon tbh because it conceals the shilling while also shilling

2017-07-19 22:05:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

/pol/ HATES TRS bc of that

2017-07-22 20:08:57 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Jesus how busy have you guys been

2017-07-22 20:09:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

There's so much content in there; that you?

2017-07-23 14:46:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Not from WI but have a story from my grandpa. "I was going 85mph in a 55mph and was pulled over by a Wisconsin State Trooper. I thought I was about to get fucked by the strong arm of the law -- hard. He eventually makes his way up to the car and after he finishes his drivers and registration spiel he asks the question I'd been dreading, "Now what the hell were you thinking doing 85 in a 55?"" So my grandpa goes, "On my way to a packers game."

2017-07-23 14:47:02 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Coo lets him off with a citation

2017-07-23 20:33:34 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'd say agree for commercial services only

2017-07-23 20:50:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Perhaps a specific channel (#drafts) could be made to post concepts, ideas, and to-be-published content @Waterdog

2017-07-23 21:32:56 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It would probably be a civilian endeavor undertook between multiple communities rather than a coordinated military action if such violence were to theoretically occur

2017-07-23 21:33:00 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Of course

2017-07-23 21:36:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Forgive my LARP-ing, but the movement should reserve all physical actions for the cases of communists and subversives

2017-07-23 21:37:19 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

^^note germany did nothing wrong and they were still ended by the plague of international finance Jewry

2017-07-23 21:38:08 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

And they would be removed

2017-07-23 21:39:40 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-23 21:39:54 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

This map looks like an autistic 1984 but I can't find a damn thing wrong with it

2017-07-23 21:50:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Top priority of the GroรŸmittlereswestenreich is existing

2017-07-23 21:57:51 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Reading the second half is mandatory for all y'all

2017-07-23 21:58:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Just mind the translation

2017-07-23 21:58:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Some are shit and some are god tier

2017-07-23 21:59:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

True that allows for a lot of nuance that wouldn't be found otherwise

2017-07-23 22:00:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

They say goodbye in an odd way

2017-07-23 22:00:39 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Ade as opposed to auf wiedersehen or Tschรผss

2017-07-23 22:02:32 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Granted I've only been to vorarlberg (Austrian Kentucky) but I think Austria is fairly culturally uniform with Bavaria

2017-07-23 22:42:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

A restored form of Protestantism; Catholicism

2017-07-23 22:42:27 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Religious pluralism is admittedly a problem

2017-07-23 22:43:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

They are certainly not acceptable

2017-07-23 23:35:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Hitler was 550 (really 50) because they wanted to sound like they had more members

2017-07-23 23:37:08 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Also remember they basically were dicking around for 10 years before 1933 came

2017-07-23 23:40:42 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We have a silent, reactionary majority reacting to the rapid fulfillment of the hideous goals of the left

2017-07-23 23:40:54 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We have a perfect storm

2017-07-23 23:43:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

If antifa was a threat to the average American then that could be to our advantage

2017-07-23 23:45:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

As this would galvanize a swath of individuals against them who would otherwise be impartial. Unfortunately they have 12' black dildos stuck in their asses so they can't walk much less threaten the nation

2017-07-24 14:16:58 UTC [Midwest #indiana]  

Books are raycis honkeyass

2017-07-24 17:19:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I agree that a compendium of information related to redpilled topics must be drafted. Hitler had Mein Kampf (still relevant today, but ultimately reflects 20's Germany better than (((current year))) America. Somebody ought to get on that -- myself included

2017-07-24 17:57:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-24 17:57:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-24 17:57:36 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-24 18:06:44 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Headsup to everybody that we're recording 2nd ep of gen z so that's why we're shitting up the chat with links and 'tism

2017-07-24 18:06:51 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

^^ thats hilarious

2017-07-24 18:42:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It's aesthetic but not normie conducive

2017-07-24 19:34:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

good shit

2017-07-25 13:40:19 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Oh do I have a treat for you

2017-07-25 13:40:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-25 13:44:01 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Onward Christian soldiers by Donald day is about the interwar USSR and the baltics from the perspective of an American who became apart of third Reich radio broadcasting

2017-07-25 22:20:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

How about the ghostbusters symbol but it's a merchant inside

2017-07-25 22:21:20 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-25 22:21:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I ain't afraid of no kike

2017-07-25 22:37:46 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I know Massachusetts isn't midwestern but these uniforms must be appropriated

2017-07-25 22:37:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-25 22:38:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

They'd be perfect with a different cap

2017-07-26 14:54:27 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It is

2017-07-26 14:54:46 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Even larping storm fags like duke are happy

2017-07-26 18:18:01 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That's exiting @IdentityIndiana

2017-07-26 18:18:29 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-27 01:22:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-27 01:22:33 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm partial to this as a base myself

2017-07-27 01:28:32 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That's true as well

2017-07-27 01:28:57 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

What were the freikorps unis like?

2017-07-27 01:29:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Yes that's true. But uniforms are leagues away from larping about pogroms and space programs

2017-07-27 01:30:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Your mind is in the right place

2017-07-27 01:31:53 UTC [Midwest #indiana]  

Probably can

2017-07-27 15:59:19 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That ought to be fixed. Glad to hear you're heading to the gym

2017-07-28 17:12:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That's a good design, but an American Eagle would be an improvement. Outright Reich iconography may turn people away

2017-07-28 17:13:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

The problem is finding a way to communicate its American-ness

2017-07-28 17:13:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-28 17:16:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It's good but very Baltic @Andrew Williams

2017-07-29 13:13:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

As far as the uniform goes, it must both represent us and be accessible to the average joe. I think that the uniform in. @knc217 's pic is a perfect model The difference would be black pants+belt+blue dress shirt+dark tie

2017-07-29 13:17:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Exactly. It should convey blue collar professionalism -- showing pride in ourselves yet accessible to every man

2017-07-29 15:44:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

What's you end up shooting?

2017-07-29 15:44:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-29 15:49:42 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Good stuff

2017-07-29 15:54:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Generally they don't infringe on white activities (swimming, shooting, diving, racquetball) but you probably have noticed that already

2017-07-29 16:41:26 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Show prep for the next gen z

2017-07-29 18:03:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Like a forward operating base for meme production?

2017-07-29 18:26:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-31 15:32:35 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

It signifies revolutio -- left or right

2017-07-31 15:33:03 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

The real issue is having it be mentally associated with Black nationalism or BLM as a converse

2017-07-31 15:33:24 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Americans hate BLM and if we're the "other side of the coin" we will be hated as well

2017-07-31 15:33:41 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

But I think it's fine

2017-07-31 16:35:02 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Anytime from 12:30-2

2017-08-01 16:05:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

we're getting you

2017-08-01 16:05:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

just wait a min

2017-08-01 16:41:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-08-01 16:41:15 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-08-01 17:21:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

episode threeeeeeeeee

2017-08-01 17:21:19 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

do it

2017-08-01 17:21:21 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

do it

2017-08-01 17:21:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-01 17:38:46 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


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