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2018-07-03 23:28:26 UTC [NSL #general]  

2018-07-04 00:06:04 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Get fit boys.

2018-07-04 00:06:23 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Going to lift today 9:00-11:30

2018-07-04 00:12:01 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Good work pence keep it up

2018-07-04 00:37:45 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Lifting time nigs

2018-07-04 00:40:43 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  


2018-07-04 05:34:50 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 14:23:03 UTC [NSL #activism]  


2018-07-04 15:10:25 UTC [NSL #activism]  

We do but we have our own flag @Anti-rednibba

2018-07-04 15:12:14 UTC [NSL #activism]  

There is nothing wrong with the red blood flag but, you can fly it however we are NSL and have our own flag

2018-07-04 15:15:07 UTC [NSL #activism]  

Lol that's not assuring haha

2018-07-04 15:17:09 UTC [NSL #activism]  

Simon red blood flag black blood flag any traditional ns is completely okay. We need to use our flag though primarily

2018-07-04 15:48:59 UTC [NSL #activism]  
2018-07-04 15:49:33 UTC [NSL #activism]  

;) GLR

2018-07-04 15:49:55 UTC [NSL #activism]  

Would have said the same thing

2018-07-04 20:06:19 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Nice work

2018-07-05 01:10:42 UTC [NSL #activism]  

@AllFather will do @Anti-rednibba add a group chat for us please

2018-07-05 02:43:52 UTC [NSL #activism]  


2018-07-05 02:44:06 UTC [NSL #activism]  

Its okay everyone ^

2018-07-05 18:35:20 UTC [NSL #general]  

@AllFather I'm on fash book

2018-07-05 19:43:38 UTC [NSL #general]  

@AllFather how to get to the nsl page on what ?

2018-07-05 19:44:15 UTC [NSL #general]  

And I have been trying to write a strong introduction I am on my 4th draft so far

2018-07-05 19:44:42 UTC [NSL #general]  

For the NSL handbook and I have to re edit the diagram

2018-07-05 19:44:50 UTC [NSL #general]  

And still have to finish proof reading it

2018-07-05 19:44:57 UTC [NSL #general]  

The entire doc

2018-07-05 22:09:33 UTC [NSL #general]  
2018-07-05 22:10:36 UTC [NSL #general]  



2018-07-05 22:14:44 UTC [NSL #general]  

I can't wait to mass produce it in booklets like on blurb.com

2018-07-05 22:15:12 UTC [NSL #general]  

It already is epic I have the biggest expectations with this thing

2018-07-05 22:15:53 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Heading out to go run my 7 miles for the day,

2018-07-05 22:16:25 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-05 22:16:52 UTC [NSL #general]  

Ide give a million dallors for this shit man I am beyond thrilled about this project

2018-07-05 22:19:13 UTC [NSL #general]  

I'm really glad man it's something I have really been wanting to do myself

2018-07-05 22:19:23 UTC [NSL #general]  

Talking about about handbook now lol

2018-07-05 22:19:42 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-05 22:19:44 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-05 22:20:02 UTC [NSL #general]  

Scorp made an awesome catchy invite for me

2018-07-05 22:20:07 UTC [NSL #general]  
2018-07-05 22:20:22 UTC [NSL #general]  

You can send messages to all these people who are in the group

2018-07-05 22:20:39 UTC [NSL #general]  

Like thr natsoc group on wisper

2018-07-05 22:20:57 UTC [NSL #general]  

You can see who is all in it snd message then individually

2018-07-05 22:21:13 UTC [NSL #general]  

So here is what scorp made for me

2018-07-05 22:21:36 UTC [NSL #general]  

Are you tired of whites always being the scapegoat and being blamed for problems you didnโ€™t make?
Are you tired of gays taking advantage of our children and using lgbt โ€˜rightsโ€™ to force homosexuality and pedophilia down our throats?
Are you tired of being tricked by Jewish owned big banks and corporations, having your worth sold out for an unlivable wage?
Are you tired of what used to be common sense now being considered โ€˜radicalโ€™ and โ€˜bigotedโ€™?
Well if so, join the fight to reclaim our people. Join our fight for a better, safer tomorrow, for our children, and our people. Join the NSL!! (Insert Link Here)

2018-07-05 22:21:59 UTC [NSL #general]  

I have had about 6 respond pretty well so far

2018-07-05 22:22:33 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-05 22:22:57 UTC [NSL #general]  

^ just as an example

2018-07-05 22:23:26 UTC [NSL #general]  

I think it would be a good idea to use this same tactic on many different apps that group people based on ideas and individually message them

2018-07-05 22:23:50 UTC [NSL #general]  

Exactly it's like postering but online haha

2018-07-05 22:24:18 UTC [NSL #general]  

It's good to do both though personal invites are effective also

2018-07-05 22:34:12 UTC [NSL #general]  

@AllFather yeah they are invited to the site it's all through the site only haha

2018-07-05 22:34:28 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-06 01:08:32 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  


2018-07-06 01:08:35 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Get lifting

2018-07-08 05:38:31 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Just finished finished lifting ;)

2018-07-08 05:55:06 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Nice Jewb!!!

2018-07-08 05:55:23 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Going to hit some body weight real quick before bed time lol

2018-07-08 05:55:34 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Leg day is the best day

2018-07-08 14:51:12 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

@Jiub what did you get your max to

2018-07-08 23:41:12 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-09 00:13:52 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  


2018-07-09 07:24:41 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Fitness and nutrition needs to be separate

2018-07-09 07:27:38 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-09 07:31:53 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-09 07:33:06 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Fn 45

2018-07-09 07:35:07 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Hk91 308

2018-07-09 07:35:58 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Psa ak47

2018-07-09 07:37:29 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Rom. Ak47

2018-07-09 07:51:52 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Standard ar with night vision

2018-07-10 03:12:24 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

No I mean fitness and nutrition should be their own channel called "fitness and nutrition"

2018-07-10 17:47:16 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-10 19:30:43 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

What did you get

2018-07-11 11:58:50 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  


2018-07-11 22:44:35 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Still looking to get a grip strengthener

2018-07-12 03:33:20 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Just finished lifting , getting ready to up my bench 10 more pounds next week to 275 hopefully. I'm trying to get 10easy reps of 265 this week before I move on.

2018-07-12 03:48:59 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-12 04:23:19 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Pointing upward haha like I agree or nice!

2018-07-12 20:16:31 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  


2018-07-12 21:19:10 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

> Going to go run my 7 miles

2018-07-12 22:22:16 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

@nice work @texan man

2018-07-13 00:47:28 UTC [NSL #activism]  


2018-07-13 00:47:32 UTC [NSL #activism]  

Loaded ans ready ;)

2018-07-13 04:06:47 UTC [NSL #library]  

@everyone for you sorry nigs who are still single

2018-07-13 04:10:01 UTC [NSL #library]  

read through the articles and see what you are weak on or what is most interesting, work on becoming the best you can, be confident keep your head up and improve yourself firstmost, always strive to be better. become strong bodied, strong minded and most of all strong willed. HAIL VICTORY 14

2018-07-13 04:11:14 UTC [NSL #library]  

2018-07-13 08:14:16 UTC [NSL #library]  

@Mr. Navarone really hope you are not refering to me bud, besides thats not the intention of the link. its a compilation of articles and stories of guys its literally "guy talk"something men do, something wise men do is give advice for the inexperienced. Literally what you just said in and of itself is what the redpill handbook is about, you said "As long as you know how to groom at take care of your body, it's a piece of cake
Don't even need to work out alot, just exercise some daily"

2018-07-13 08:20:51 UTC [NSL #library]  

no, its not i get what you are saying.. its just a bunch of articles some of advice some of lessons learned. its good advice for men to learn from. your good though and i agree with you completely. Sometimes you know people need solid information, even beyond personal experience (which i would not substitute for, moreover complement instead), a lot of guys dont have fathers or people to look to for direction.

2018-07-14 02:10:25 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Lifting now 9:00-11:30

2018-07-14 15:12:54 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

@casper you get a 1022?

2018-07-14 15:51:37 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Ruger 1022 nice man great quality gun to mod from

2018-07-14 18:13:34 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 18:18:18 UTC [NSL #general]  

exactly ^

2018-07-14 18:18:18 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 20:17:01 UTC [NSL #general]  

thats me

2018-07-14 20:17:46 UTC [NSL #general]  

im the flag

2018-07-14 20:18:08 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 20:19:58 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

going to go run my 7miles

2018-07-14 20:52:05 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 21:11:42 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  






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