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2018-05-24 18:00:52 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

2018-05-24 18:01:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Nรค men se pรฅ fan! Var ett bra tag sedan!

2018-05-24 20:33:56 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

AWD ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-05-25 10:26:47 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

"They're very mixed so few of them are racially Sami, the rest looks as Nordic as us."

I dunno if you missed that part.

2018-05-25 10:27:21 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I don't disagree there. Looks and actual ethnicity are two different things

2018-05-25 10:28:43 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

My fellow whites

2018-05-25 10:28:50 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-25 11:09:39 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Folk and ambiance is grewt

2018-05-25 11:09:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I love listening to Hurdy Gurdies

2018-05-25 11:11:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-25 11:12:03 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-25 11:12:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Aaah that's just pocket change

2018-05-25 11:12:26 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Nothing to worry about

2018-05-25 13:51:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


Fucked beyond repair

2018-05-25 19:53:16 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

this is more like

2018-05-25 19:53:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

shitpost material

2018-05-25 19:54:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]

It'll be like member of the year

Well I mean that's a no brainer

2018-05-25 23:57:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Come back in like... 10-12 hours

Up and up

As far as direction

I think most will do

When it comes to propaganda you need to speak to the people and things like that

Appeal to emotion and reason

2018-05-26 09:08:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

20 grader o vindstilla

2018-05-26 09:08:38 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Kan inte bli bรคttre vรคder

2018-05-26 09:18:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Oh lovely, the social democrats and Moderates are in ystad. Awesome.

2018-05-26 09:29:56 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I needed toilet paper anyway

2018-05-26 09:31:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I had one of them try to chase me

2018-05-26 09:31:57 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Sadly, it was an old lady, meanwhile the fully grown dudes were just standing there

2018-05-26 09:32:08 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

That lady had more balls than them clearly

2018-05-26 09:33:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Lmao the Centers are having their stand in an alley nobody goes to

2018-05-26 10:29:37 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Didn't Facebook force you to connect your phone number like the rest of us

2018-05-26 14:04:04 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

No this is antifa

2018-05-26 14:04:31 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

*smash the fash*

2018-05-26 14:04:44 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Ye my goy

2018-05-26 14:04:53 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I'll drink soy to that

2018-07-11 14:54:57 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Curling, overhead rope tug, farmers lugging

2018-07-11 14:55:05 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Great for your forearms

2018-07-11 18:41:15 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

There is only one bullet for me

2018-07-11 18:41:20 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

.454 casull

2018-07-11 18:41:23 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-13 04:17:13 UTC [NSL #library]  

Reading a handbook to pick up girls? Really?

2018-07-13 05:44:27 UTC [NSL #library]  

You must be already incredibly insecure about yourself and have a huge lack of knowledge about women to be so desperate that you resort to a handbook

2018-07-13 05:51:52 UTC [NSL #library]  


2018-07-13 05:52:34 UTC [NSL #library]  

I've been with enough women to know what I prefer, and I'm confident enough in myself to know what they want.

Confidence is all you need really, a confident man is an attractive man

2018-07-13 07:10:08 UTC [NSL #library]  


2018-07-13 07:21:01 UTC [NSL #library]  

As long as you know how to groom at take care of your body, it's a piece of cake

2018-07-13 07:21:14 UTC [NSL #library]  

Don't even need to work out alot, just exercise some daily

2018-07-13 07:21:34 UTC [NSL #library]  

Just hope you didn't get the short stick or the genetics lottery

2018-07-13 07:24:06 UTC [NSL #library]  

I work as a janitor and faculty caretaker at a campingsite, I walk all day and I work with my whole body all day

2018-07-13 07:24:36 UTC [NSL #library]  

I also take care of the greenery and gardens

2018-07-13 08:16:39 UTC [NSL #library]  

I didn't read it into it, I thought it was a legit handbook

2018-07-13 08:16:55 UTC [NSL #library]  

Like the kind that "love gurus" sell

2018-07-13 08:17:33 UTC [NSL #library]  

It seems I misinterpreted, excuse me.

2018-07-13 12:42:28 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Semi auto or burst

2018-07-13 14:26:16 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Just get a machete instead

2018-07-13 14:26:45 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Right you slash melons

2018-07-13 14:28:23 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Get yourself a weapon that can also be a tool

2018-07-13 14:28:34 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Axe, machete, knife

2018-07-13 14:30:22 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

Because a regular war hammer isn't enough?

2018-07-14 18:18:01 UTC [NSL #general]  

Can I get a picture of just the scenery

2018-07-14 18:18:12 UTC [NSL #general]  

Cause those forests are a beauty

2018-07-14 18:19:41 UTC [NSL #general]  

What can I say

2018-07-14 18:19:44 UTC [NSL #general]  

I'm a swede

2018-07-14 18:19:48 UTC [NSL #general]  

I love my forests

2018-07-14 20:49:04 UTC [NSL #general]  

Could someone DM me the NSL crest?

2018-07-14 21:59:49 UTC [NSL #general]

2018-07-14 22:00:23 UTC [NSL #general]  

taken by me

2018-07-14 22:01:03 UTC [NSL #general]

2018-07-15 07:50:53 UTC [NSL #general]  

Create white children

2018-07-15 07:54:10 UTC [NSL #general]  

Ew nazbols

2018-07-15 07:57:17 UTC [NSL #general]  

If you don't have a pfp of yourself then what are you even doing tbh

2018-07-15 07:57:49 UTC [NSL #general]  

It looks too big

2018-07-15 07:57:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

It looks like you took your dad's pants

2018-07-15 07:58:12 UTC [NSL #general]  

What happened to form fitting uniforms

2018-07-15 07:58:32 UTC [NSL #general]  

Oh you are gonna grow into it you mean

2018-07-15 07:58:44 UTC [NSL #general]  

Better hurry up you got two more years of growing

2018-07-15 07:59:33 UTC [NSL #general]  

I have an old leather coat hanging in my closet that I break out sometimes, otherwise I prefer to stick to my denim charcoal jacket

2018-07-15 08:00:05 UTC [NSL #general]  

My dad is 2.12 meters

2018-07-15 08:00:14 UTC [NSL #general]  

Sadly, I got my mother's height

2018-07-15 08:00:22 UTC [NSL #general]  

Or most of it anyway

2018-07-15 08:00:28 UTC [NSL #general]  

She's about 1.70

2018-07-15 08:00:34 UTC [NSL #general]  

Im 1.76

2018-07-15 08:00:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

Oh excuse me literally one of the only countries that use a shit system

2018-07-15 08:01:26 UTC [NSL #general]  

6.11 actually

2018-07-15 08:01:52 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-15 08:01:57 UTC [NSL #general]  

My grandpa was larger

2018-07-15 08:02:03 UTC [NSL #general]  

Add atleast 3 more inches

2018-07-15 08:02:11 UTC [NSL #general]  

No I'm swedish

2018-07-15 08:02:17 UTC [NSL #general]  

Dad's half American

2018-07-15 08:02:29 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-15 08:02:36 UTC [NSL #general]  

Half swede half american

2018-07-15 08:02:46 UTC [NSL #general]  

Grandpa was

2018-07-15 08:02:49 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-15 08:02:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

He had Swedish blood still though

2018-07-15 08:03:02 UTC [NSL #general]  

Family trees are annoying

2018-07-15 08:03:20 UTC [NSL #general]  


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