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Hello. Newbie here.

I'm a little slow. Not sure if my puter has a mic.

BTW, I'm GrassPattern on Gab.

I hear.

I'll just be listening. Hope that helps.

I live in a Sanctuary city.

We have about 10,000 Somali. No integration. None of them work. The all drive late model vans & SUVs. some have $20,000 balances on their food stamp cards.

Hello Slavic! Love your posts on Gab.

I have some local migrant news. I had a business reason to visit Catholic charities and, evidently it was the immigration arm of that org. It was adorned with posters reading "Migrants are Brave" and other similar.

Most disturbing was a poster that read..

"You have a RIGHT to an interpreter, followed by 31 languages that CC would 'Pay' for.

Brown people -- like the Pope -- are genetically predisposed to leftism.

Shoot who?

Globalist vampires. Globalist Mafia. Leeches are TOO small. whatever a globalist is, it has to be something VERY BAD.

Labels do matter! Low-energy Jeb!

Labels matter: Trump proved that. I think it is "branding."


Whomever we decide to troll, the goal should be to create the idea that they are out-grouped. This is the libtards biggest fear. They love consensus, and hate being ridiculed.

When a liberal repeats a Talking Point from the Left I just ask, "Where'd you get that? (laugh out loud) Friend! You have to stop watching MSM until you figure out what is going on (laugh again." I believe that liberals are related to Narcissists, and THEY HATE to be laughed at.

Ever is correct on the origin of "alt right" term.

I thought Right/Left originated in France.

Thanks Ever.

Alt right: 1. No degeneracy, 2. A nice white neighborhood, and 3. Joos suck.

Disagree Austin. Milo AIN'T alt right.

I agree

Alt right: 1. No degeneracy, 2. A nice white neighborhood, and 3. Joos suck.

I was just throwing out a possible alt rght definition.

Alt right began with Richard Spencer (who picked the term from another. Gotlieb?) Then w/ the ascendancy of our Great Emporer, anybody on the right who hated the GOP establishment (GOPe) with particular hatred for Neo-cons.

But the "real" alt right want there term back. For me, that is Spencer -- and Spencer might be the Disney Version of the alt right.

The reason that the alt right are picking up ground is because ALL WHITES FEEL THEY ARE BEING SCREWED in an environment of Identity Politics.

Leftist ideas should become taboo.

Give the poor money -- they will be poor again VERY soon.

Agree with 1 thr 7 HeimatF


The alt right should pick enem

The alt right should pick targets that are SMALLER than us.

I thought tech people (not the big boys) were anarchists.

Here's a scenario: Some broke down, shit-hole African country (they all are shitholes) should auction off their governance for a % of GDP.

One man / one woman is egalitarianism for men. We each get one. I like that (9and hate egalitarianism.)

Bring on the Apocalypse.

What about the "its open season on blacks" narrative? WHERE'S MY TAG?

@Warren Only r-selected men are efeemanized.


Rape is a viable mating strategy for the r-selected.

84% of women orgasm during rape. Kinda weird, huh?

It must be a VERY hard study. I'd work in the cntrol group.

'Bad idea @Father Chad

The ratio might be 60/40

Feminism and family courts and government largesse killed the family.

@Father Chad The church was basically a Pussy Redistibution Program.

@HeimatFreiheitTradition No to clans! Have you read HBD Chick?

I will NEVER accept a World Government. It is NOT inevitable.

@Deleted User ea585594 Low IQ (IQ<90) need Brutal dictatorships.


I would pay for a Poland vs Soros on Pay-per-view.

Yes @Jossi Our enemies in the USA are the same as our enemies abroad. Leftist gotta be leftist -- and they are the same GLOBALLY.

Pleas tell me @TGnome that you ARE NOT RECOMMENDING WORLD govt.

@Baldwin IV You've read Kiplings "the Awakened Saxon?

later @Jossi


Globalist = Joooos

Mr.Goat plays the role of Mike Enoch on DS.

Republican>Libertarian?an-cap>>>> now, Alt right. ahhhh

Libertarianism is for whites only.

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