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hey @Ragnar good to see you in here

yeah, i still need to go through vetting in EPU, too many discords, lol

the myth is excellent


such as?


dio: on the going to hell for a bacteria: having an urge vs succumbing to the urge are two different things


no excuse for faggotry

plus, say you do. after the infection clears and you repent and do no more, thats not going to condemn you eternally

but if you are an unrepentant reprobate, then there is no saving you


fireball, join up!

next time


dude, you are a total nigger faggot

cry me a river

stop blowing up my notifications

no, you are just lame

exactly mros

you arent even good at trolling

lame troll is lame

this guy is totally late

thanks mods

i was being blown up there for a while

yeah, i should

wow, ouch. yeah what mros said

they help for quite a few things, when i was a long distance runner, it really helped with my performance

yeah, it helped with my bonking

its where when your blood sugar drops midway through a run

but if you are running off of ketones, you cant bonk

just for fun

i definitely could have participated in marathons, but i never did

and yeah, its amazing

i was on the water polo team in HS

@Mros not me, but my roommates are

yeah, biking is awesome

no, you can get a second hand one for really cheap

yeah, focus on the essentials first

yeah, especially when they are designed for euro proportions and you are chinese (im assuming)

i got a long sleeved shirt from SK, and the sleeves went up half way by wrists

idk, i think it can be overdone

and i dont like the look either

as someone who has had a tan most of his life living in SoCal

@Sorghagtani Beki force yourself into a schedule and stick to it, you head has to hit your pillow the same time each night. (coming from someone who ruined theirs)

@Deleted User Because pumping your body full of chemicals and changing your name doesn't solve mental health problems

@Deleted User except puberty blockers have horrific effects

@Deleted User sure, because soda causes sterility

@Deleted User how is sterility an intended effect?

that so idiotic, i cant believe you wrote that @Deleted User

@Deleted User its not reality how is sterility an intended side effect of delaying puberty?

@Deleted User so you basically conceeded your argument.. either way, its only a single side effect, there are other things like increased cancer rates.

it is, just because one thing does the same thing does not justify why the original thing is a good thing

yes, and like i said earlier: Pumping your body full of chemicals and changing your name doesn't solve mental health problems.

@Deleted User yes and the scientific community believed the world was flat once

ok, my point still stands, just replace it with the aether

ty for the correction

consensus does not dictate fact

plus, @Deleted User you ignored my point, why do you think pumping chems and name changes are effective? you are just appealing to authority not actually making the point

@Deleted User you dont even know my experience either, its not medical, but not to brag, im quite qualified in my field

@Deleted User it does affect me, i live in california and i have to deal with people like you constantly

@Deleted User no it doesnt, i could have easily focused on medicine and dominated that field like i dominate my current field. which is ironically more technical then medicine

@Deleted User yes, you guys are a disgrace

i have medical experts that agree with my point of view

you are pretending that medical opinion is one sided on this issue

@Deleted User im not saying it does, im saying im not the only one

@Deleted User blanchards typology is extreemely accurate, sorry you despise that you fit perfectly into one of the two moulds

thats not an argument

how do you not?

well are you either a homosexual trans that wants to attract straight males, or are you a heterosexual male that is sexually aroused by the thought of having a female body?

every trans person i have ever met fits in either of the two

yeah, you fit in one and you dont want to admit it

explain to me how you fit in neither

how do you not fit in either one?

stop avoiding the question

freudian psychology is mostly a sham, the concept of the unconsious was probably the best addition to psychology that freud gave

you are just claiming it without detailing

i really doubt you

@Deleted User thats what i thought, you are just avoiding answering since you know deep down that you fit the mould

again, avoiding the question, you could just as easily have explained how you deviate from blanchard typology. your failure to do so is further evidence that you fit right into one of the two typologies @Deleted User

i dont, its just silly that you think generalizations are impossible @Deleted User

im used to it

i tend to kill conversations with understanding of these topics and a low bullshit tollerence

no, not blm

you constantly avoided my questions @Deleted User

you could have showed me how much of an idiot i am by pointing out how you deviate from blanchards typology

but you decided to dodge

no, im not saying that is as simple as saying something that doesnt fit into the typology

lol, not angry, laughing at the failure of this conversation

fair enough, i just really doubt it given how much you dodge. i know im not gonna get a straight answer from you because of your constant dodging

so ill just accept your claim at face value, since i know im not going to get anything better from you

i still think you are itentionally trying to derail the conversaiton but whatever

you seem angry

being called out

its just seems you know you fit in one of the two branches of the typology and you just dont want to admit it because you want to preserve your special snowflake status

not an asshole, i just see through your games.

wew, chans, you are so special

yeah, you completely avoided my questions, its pretty typical

i know im on a chan server right now, but i really dislike 4chan and the others for the most part

no, i took it on face value, i just know you dont like being generalized

sure, it happens on both sides

i could give you plenty of examples of rants and vitriol from transppl

either way, its obvious you know which side of the typology you fall on, and you just dont want to admit it

you havent given any examples on how you deviate, you just gave a really vague "i just feel like a woman" answer

you dont need to

thats not what im asking for

i dont want it either really

lol, just as much as you

ranting usually invovles anger

im sitting here in another discord chatting with my buds while im text chatting with you

how is it vitriolic?

im just pointing out you arent doing to well to differentiate yourself from the typology?

i never called you a liar

well, you do seem to be embarressed, yes

because you are giving very vague and simplistic answers, just like someone who has been caught with their hand in a cookie jar

i just wanted a cookie..

i gave you a very open ended question, you failed on every account

anyway, this is getting meta

again, seems like more avoidance from my point of view

i never said it wasnt good enough, i acknowleged that i knew i wasnt gonna get anything better

not really, you could have been very specific in how you deviate from the typology, instead you just speak in vague generalities

you talk about what you did, not why you did

i just feel like a woman, because i feel like a woman

no, i just know how people act

look, we've all been caught with our pants down.. its ok.. the best thing to do is admit it and not dig yourself into a deeper hole, to mix my metaphores

not really, if you want to put a liberal bias is up to you

no, its like being caught with you pants down, and giving vague answers like "one thing led to another"

vague and general

not specific

im not strawmanning, its an analogy

if i was strawmanning, you would actually have had to provide an argument to straw man.

if i want to take the least cheritable view of my position, the most you can say is that i am coloring the situation

there, im even making your argument for you

look, you keep going back to that

i never asked you for your life story, i asked you for how you deviate from the typology. this is basically the fifth time ive had to type that out. but i know you wont

either way, i know this wont go anywhere, so whatever

just dont assume my ignorance off the bat, like you did

im not gonna scroll up and quote you

do you trust this guy?

i know im cherry picking a bit

but still, just because they are a doctor doesnt mean they are trustworthy

its not strawmanning, its cherry picking... get your fallacies straight

its not an appeal to emotion

im not appealing to your emotional response as the basis of my argument

seriously get your fallacies straight

im not saying, yes, your anger at this doctor is what makes him wrong. im saying he is wrong because of what he did

not really, im not appealing to the emotion of the people in the room, if i was then it would be an appeal to emotion

also, iron, glad to see you are part of the cf discord 😃

probably my fav youtuber

ive probably seen everything he's ever released, lol

nearly vomited a few times

especially his last episode, with the mummification fetish

where he talks about the guy that got a cattle prod wired up to an outlet stuck up his ass and was cooked to death in a full body cast

it is, its very real

yeah, i was shocked as well

words cant describe it

well, thats been known forever

women have their ways, they can definitely be cruel

yeah, i heard that episode hit really close to home for a lot of people, the comments speak for themselves

ouch, im sorry to hear that man

i can see why you value tradition so much, this world with its loose morals and lack of value for the traditional family unit leads to all sorts of strange pathologies

there is only one true time tested way

cummies, dude

i cant have poly orgies if im a xtian!

i can see and feel cum, i cant see God! you should prove he exists!

lol, thats a good analogy

no, but us silly christians are the ones that are naive, we just need to open up our minds, put away our stone age beliefs, and embrace the right side of history

its cool man

i sent you a friend request, im sure we'll be in touch

what are they taking away your younger dating prospects?

yeah, you like attracting straight acting dudes

there are plenty of gay dudes that act straight

yup, and most lesbians feel the same way about heterosexual trannies that occupy the other leg of blanchards typology

2018-12-07 16:12:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

@Earl of Morrrrgantown some people say bloodborne is just that

2018-12-07 16:13:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

there are also games like 'the witness' which is essentially a giant 3D puzzle exploration game @Earl of Morrrrgantown

2018-12-07 16:14:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

ive been meaning to play that game, havent gotten around to it yet

2018-12-07 16:14:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

im getting a copy for my mom, who introduced me to myst when i was about 5yo

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