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mgtow is not a threat it's a response to a failed system so either the system will correct itself (unlikely) or the system will fail and the men will rebuild a better society.

But the system will just come under abuse again in general humanity is an Alzheimer's patient and God doesn't want to pull the plug.

Look to newyork

America's money is all there it'll be a terrible event or the dollar will fall through hope you guys are ready lawless times to come for sure.

They'd just tax higher

single tax has been a thing

make it harder on a guy that does not wanna marry

but then again he still not dealing with a toxic partner so :/

You asked how would they make it illegal Idt they could

Just much harder

They want men to go to men so I guess they get what they want either way, marry toxic or marry bro hmmm good choices

*I'd prolly take the bullet before marrying a guy even if the guy has sexi anime pics like ZODD* :>

I love the character! links to this artist!

I saw that fedoras' are awesome :U

I don't get the one nefore the coffin ;P

I thought it was ZODD posting all those for a second xD

Oh there is a woman get the pitch forks! <:blobjoy:408640405303853064>

^---- evidence #1 on file o , o

well there are those people that have to tell people that they are wrong :D

hamsters! :U

Anime babes channel in a nutshell
*would smash the hell outta earth* <a:uraa:479745473507229696>

Women bring the destruction of kingdoms reads the Bible it also says don't spend effort on them Ghosted.

*feeling bad for Cosby* old man really pussy hound in his day and today he's getting accused by wall hit attention seeking women's. *he spoke against Blm before they defamed him*

Yes there was only ever one man and he decided to not worry about woman. story has it he is still happy and going his own way til this day @machtyn

@Happy Humble Hermit what was the track at the end of that bowsette video?

kek found it in desc nvm

I question everything :D @ZODD *questions you* we need more anime babes <:JohtoRee:466624753210228738>

Wait why did @Dark_Prophit come here? JW

That's kinda uncivil?

I mean isn't there a middle ground? like.... not calling dude a coward and the other being called a troll?

He had to be somewhat interested if he came here to ask?

Ah so it is a troll D:

Oi you Leave ZODD alone he has good anime picture :O

anyways not much to say past that xD

I followed it a bit

just more stuffs to be mad and upset over people gonna get too annoyed with all the cry wolf

822 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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