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@Jerm @AcidOverride You can link the Patreon page directly to Discord, and automatically assign a Patreon role to anyone with an active pledge

Has anyone here read The Bell Curve?

It's long 😂 It's an 800-page book published in 1994 which tries to describe the class structure in American society. Mostly it argues that intelligence is a major predictor of just about everything (income, occupation, family structure, criminal activity)

Racists, eugenicists and edgelords frequently cite the parts (out of context, obviously) about the IQ differences between race groups. Most recently, there was a guy given a 5-minute interview on NPR (Jason Kessler iirc) who quoted the book.

I just got ahold of a copy and I'm scanning through it

I'm reading it because of this

The US media has lost their collective shit because NPR (public radio) gave a "platform" to this guy

The core of the freakout was when Kessler quoted some of the results from The Bell Curve. Apparently, that was enough to issue trigger warnings before the broadcast and set the media landscape on fire

Nah, make it Christopher Walken

🐮 🔔

@Ros If you get stuck on a complicated topic, let me know. One of my favourite pastimes is figuring out complicated ideas 👍

It's not work if you enjoy it 😉

Official snack of the revolution

Behind the scenes on a live Chinese product for mass surveillance - image and object classification, including matches against a (mock) police database.

What we really need are photos - for people to go to these farms and small towns, photo-document the life they're living, and share that out

Make the cost of EWC visible in real terms - houses, families, children

Any proof of that @Robzombie ? Did people take photos or something? It's worth sharing on social media

Any thoughts?

I mean technically

That's not wrong

Registering a new political party requires 500 registered voters and a token registration fee

Contesting an election is a different story.

The IEC requires a deposit, the amount varying based on how many wards, municipalities and metros you target

To contest everything in SA will require a deposit of around R480'000

If you win, your deposit's refunded. If not, tough luck.

A single metro should be about R30k

Those prices are from the 2016 elections, but I haven't seen any announcements about a big change to these policies yet

A lot of smaller parties are unhappy about these costs, obviously

You can establish a brand, governance structure, constitution, and the operational framework long before you actually register at the IEC

And you can use that structure to fundraise

You'll probably get better ROI on using seed money to market and solicit further donations

@Jerm I prefer not to use my real name in these forums, but yes, I'm already a patron

I was Patron #25 I think

This MiWay thing is going sideways fast

That feeling when the leader of your anti-sexual-assault moral crusade paid 380k to cover up her sexual activities with a 17-year old

It's been a bad week for #MeToo 😂

twitter is much easier

So Eusebius gives 3 examples of why white privilege is still a thing:

> Single-digit unemployment
> Less likely to be discriminated against when trying to find a home
> Presumption of competence when looking for a new job

(Before he shat all over the call, tbh, I have to agree with Stephanie.)

In all 3 examples he's applying identity politics, and defining white people by their race group, and not their individual situation

It doesn't help an unemployed person to tell them "unemployment is so low in your group, you should be grateful". If they're unemployed, then to them, they're 100% unemployed and group stats don't change that.

Discrimination when finding a home: I've seen this in action myself, and it's still a real thing, but it's not nearly as widespread. The discrimination against white-owned businesses for government work is far more prevalent, far more damaging, and Matt called that out correctly.

Same with the presumption of competence. That's an inter-individual thing - you and the employer. Everybody taking a risk will want some assurance that their bet is not just money down the drain, and that shows in hiring practices. Black employers will prefer black employees that look/sound/speak/think like them. That's not a privilege thing, that's just how people operate.

And then at 11:10 Stephanie loses the plot by telling the army-conscripted guy he didn't suffer

The real issue is that people try using social media platforms as extensions of real-world conversations, when they really should be thinking more like publishers and brands

I don't know what possessed Adam to make that video, but there was really no reason to do it, and then to upload it

If he thought about the impact of his words for more than half a second he might have cut that piece out, and we'd not even know his name

No, it's common sense

It's one word. Just don't say the word.

You can say a thousand other words that mean the same thing

That's impossible nowadays @Tom_Servo

Anyone who doesn't like you for any reason will label you racist

And you can't control what people say about you, but you *can* control what you say

Don't feed the trolls

Put it this way: As a white person, you get to keep your job, your family, your wealth (most of it, depending on how EWC goes), your culture and your identity, if you agree to just not use this one very specific word that 40 million people have decided is a word they don't want to hear

I mean, I'm fine with that

It's really the smallest possible concession to make, deciding to *not* use a racial slur

Even "negro" has some background to it (it's latin for "black", and you can argue on those lines it's not really a slur)

But "kaffir" never meant anything good

So just stop using it. Less space in your brain, less drama in your life

So why didn't the k-word die with Mandela then?

There were 10 years of things going relatively well in SA, for most people

"Things are going badly now so I want to hang on to this word" ... why? What does it help?

Is it like Super Mario where every time you say it a coin falls from the sky? 😂

Or are you going to argue that the k-word is part of your culture/identity that is being eroded?

If we stop setting bags of shit on fire, yes, it'll help

So then say that and move on

Most of these mobs are just trolls. They're here to get a rise out of people - to make them upset and say even more stupid shit


It's literally never going to be addressed. Not in our lifetimes.

That, unfortunately, is the game we're in. We didn't get to pick the rules, but we *do* get to choose how we respond.

It's not a one-time thing though

For as long as there are people walking around who will do stupid shit, other people have to be around to deal with the mess

There will be another 20 Adams in the next year, specially leading up to elections when the twitter mobs will do whatever they can to make noise

Yeah we could do with less of that @AcidOverride

Those aren't all the same thing

Refusing to say the k-word is not like giving the keys to your house to someone

It's not even an admission of guilt, it's just the decent thing to do

Fight to the death for your land if you need to, but do it without saying this one single specific word that most people don't want to hear, and that doesn't need to be said in the first place

None of that is a justification for your actions though

"They raped so now I can rape"

Is that the hill you're going to die on?

The entire point is to be a *better* person. To lead by example

And it's not like you're giving anything up

It's not like refusing to say/tolerate the k-word means you give up the right to vote, or own property

No racial slur is integral to the functioning of society

I'd rather challenge them on their ideas

"Ok so you've taken the land and driven white people into the sea - now what?"

All real problems, none of them helped by white people continuing to use the k-word

Why is it so important to you that you're allowed to say it @Rox ?

Bear the history in mind too. The Zulus lost the Anglo-Zulu war, were then systematically removed from their land, forced into menial labor with poor education, and were then liberated by the ANC - a party that has no ideas and no plan, and has just made things worse over the last 25 years

From their point of view, whites still have everything *and* continue to use racial slurs

I'd be mad, myself, if the situation were reversed

It's even more maddening, I'm sure, that there's no word they can come up with for "white people" that's degrading

And white people can address it right the fuck now by deciding to be conscious of the words they use

Or just one word in particular

It's not going to solve everything, but it *is* a step in the right direction. One that should have been taken decades ago.

Really? 😂

We're literally on a discord right now that exists because of that

Less than 20% of the country is on Twitter, and less than 5% are active

Don't take twitter trends as a reflection of what's actually happening

The media machine loves sensationalist topics, they drive attention and sell ads

If there were no white racists, there would be nothing to report

Yes, the game is unfair. Complaining about it won't change that fact.

Consider the context though

They're not wrong when they point out that white people are 8% of the population but are disproportionately wealthy, better-educated, and have more opportunities

Now we're gonna complain because we don't like the news we see?

If it bothers you, don't read it

If you keep seeing racist shit on social media, maybe get off social media

Because there's 40 million of them and 5 million of us

If the situation were reversed (like it is in the US), the majority would say whatever the fuck they wanted about the minority (and do)

It sucks, it's unprincipled and unconstitutional, but that's the situation we're in

Unfortunately he's not god

I think Cattle Baron pulled their contract with the business?

So all at once, Adam has been fired, will lose his shares, and the company (who is innocent in this) is already losing contracts

Hopefully they re-engage when this blows over

of course 🙄

Worth noting the different responses - some people are apoplectic with outrage about the video, and some people are just mocking it

I'd rather have the mocking honestly

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