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hi everyone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

the fire is already fueled... not much needed to make it explode at the moment

Hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

does any one know when the law is passing? or if it has already, my internet is so bad right now that I cant even open Google

now they doing it ilegally... my headset is upstairs and everyone is asleep here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

XD oh boy

or dead

where is everyone from ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Port Edward. Good to see different people from all over

omw lol

I see CBS News made a report on the C-I-T heists a few days ago... it is absolutely nuts

let me get the link @cยตrvy

??? um okay

you guys cheer me up



we already being targeted #FarmMurders

@cยตrvy hotter and hotter the pot simmers

@buzzlightyear haha kfc hotsauce AAAIIIYYOOOHHHBA

guys how are we gunna leave this country ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I cant find a job here and leaving is too expensive

@SGL Ek is n IT specialist, doen enige iets met graphic, websites, enige iets me tech

It may be our homeland, but right now where I am the families cant even help themselves

need to pay the bills

@SGL Ek het al n paar plekkies gekyk, baie van hulle vra n kuk baie vir n visa en die vliegtuig kaartjies en so aan... Ek het nou onlanks aansoek gedoen vir China

I do

I worked for Inteligence, hacking.... and also tech support

@buzzlightyear thats brother was also in the army, but yeah he big and fat now cant do much...

@Penkop give me a name and ill do it hahaha

@buzzlightyear Suidlanders?

@SGL I second that

@buzzlightyear I am not sure actually, I still cant find anywhere to F... join

I have an M4, Glock29 and Simth n Western

I have no idea, my brother got it from somewhere, I dont ask Q's

@Penkop hehe

It is in the safe, my bro uses it... says it is for hunting...

my Q in general is though why has no one taken Malema out

I always watch what i say... though i am just curious... he does say kill the boer

using a VPN

I got denied funding for entrepreneurs by the government because i refused to get a BEE certificate

yeah u will kiss that portion goodbye give it a week and it will go to hell

law my ass

they arogant [email protected]@@@

@Penkop agreed

Lauren did a great job though... much more than what the other media out there is doing

@Penkop f... idiots blocking out the truth

@SGL what i miss with the Mclnnes?

@Penkop sounds like me, my mum is forever sayin "ek gaan pepper in jou bek moer"

interesting they do land grabs on owned land but leave unoccupied unowned land

@SGL corn on the rocks

i wonder how much food productivity has gone down since last year with all the farm murders

@Penkop we are being taxed on Crypto btw

@Gonzo yes but when we get sanctioned off what then

land expropriation

@SGL exactly

SA will be a rogue country, because it will be then against the Geneva convention

and countries dont like to be apart of rogue countries

@loftly thanks for sharing

give them the f... ANC land

could lead to?? it already has begun... example Protea Glen

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