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It's me templar fags

Ey someone give me cool dudes

Capped my roles

No i made this

As an insurance thing

Now let me get my roles reeee

God damn it i still dont have permission to send images

@Drunkott. Get rid of apolitical ma dude

Still cant post pics reee

@Higura retard yes, safe from nuke, yes


@Noviv fuck off fag

@Noviv your little stunt caused all this take responsibility fag

No ones gonna join that server kek

No god no

Lol he left


Amerikek did us a favor warning us kek

Mike was a liberal tarx

>pasta genderdysphoria

Tendie sandwich


Still here fag

Alt account in the event server gets nuked

If i had pickles and coleslaw (proper coleslaw not mayo covered cabbage) it would have made it 10× better

It's just another christ church situation

After a week we can go back to being tards

Eyy congrats il

Just use hentai lol

Found out there might be racoons living in my neighborhood

Hell no they probably have rabies

Zipper has been added to coompack 2


Well the back part at least

If they get near my dogs I'm skinning them and making hats out their pelts

As cute as racoons can be they're nasty sons of bitches compared to opossums

Well you don't have to worry if you dont have dogs

Which i do so

Specifically what some people in the US call coleslaw

A tard who decided to get revenge for some reason

Locked out their accounts @Mr. 2

Turns out jewcord does a thing where even if you've done nothing, you get locked out your account even if you did nothing

Paste, grapes, etc

Based and cumpilled

At least she's semi based

Unless she supports israel

So long as it doesn't end like last time kek

You good country?

If it starts turning purple get it checked

That's good at least

Put some ice and see if swealing goes down

If you're still talking then that's not so bad

So i somehow turned the dome into a tidd while attaching twine strands


Gonna need to cut that node down

See how it goes with her. And remember sometimes just being friends is better than being in a relationship

So if she doesn't seem interested in something romantic then just stay friends instead

.urban truffle butter

.urban nutter butter

.urban tobogganing

There's one i remember from jr.high that went "you donky punch your girl then ride her down the stairs"

.urban gay homo fag

.urban cummin

>large spoilers on the back that looks like something boeing made for the 747
>body kits that make the car appear lower usually accented with chicken wire

Exactly what someone from my highschool had

Funny enough dude was asian

Stickers and all kek

.urban chocolate mop

.urban french exit

Good to see wrongly accused is still butt hurt kek

Okay retard

Think my stove has autism

Can confirm there's probably a fuckton of chink spies on the west coast

Guys what if ruining china is a lot easier than it seems

Remember what the british did


Hit em with poppy seeds


O god o fug

So long as they don't end up doing fucked shit like last time

Fucking mad lad

They choose big names instead of smaller creators

Welcome back srp

Well that's a load of bullshit if i ever seen it

Tldr: peoples who's accounts got removed won't be getting them back

Even if you payed for nitro

Wait in theory is it possible to sue discord for making you pay for an account you dont own anymore

Well at least that's an option

For once cancel culture could do good even tho most of em consists of tards

Stop pinning the blame on amerikek he didn't know it would go this shitty

It was in the heat of the moment and wasn't expecting discord to just nuke everyone

Plus what were you doing in techno server anyways. I thought you'd have something better to do then watch a server raid be attempted

10,102 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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