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if its copyright free

i put synthwave and vaporwave if I can

nightmareowl is dankness

nah dude the outro music is changing soon

as its copyrighted

my fucking girlfriend's mother is so inconsiderate. She uses up all the wifi by watching netflix as background noise

fuck knows

she is fucking inconsiderate

she thinks its her wifi but she isnt paying for it

infact she doesnt pay for anything

my gf mother is living with my gf's gran. My gf's mother doesnt work or anything. She just sits there and sponges up wifi

if i leave my gf's place she gets all sad and shit and its kind of annoyinog


I'd love to go home and be able to be in voice chat, youtube and play fucking wow. But here I cant even play wow and they have a faster line than at my house?

she doesnt understand that

and moving my big ass pc is a mission


I just finished my studies

I'm broke and no one wants to hire someone who has more qualifications than their boss

was hoping I can make money another way. Its not very expensive for americans to live here. Its like $500 for rent and food and well everything

good news. The R1 FAL kills the commies quite nicely. Its what kept them in angola

.762 kind of makes a nice dent in a body

lol no

seriously. If I can monetize my videos and with a bit of subscriber love I can Actually get my life started and hopefully have enough time to look for a proper job rather than these people making promises and not delivering

I would love to work, though. But im not working for fucking peanut money

I spent almost 5 years studying

not a cent

im still under review

backlog apparently. I just think youtube is filled with cucks because a shill cuck liberal is running it


atm subscriber support is literally my only hope

and I feel too bad to launch that shit

I dont even need that much

its dirt cheap to live in SA

just not for the people earning money in SA


what about

and for the rewards? :/

like I already have ideas

theres $1, $5 and $20

as of rn

i will

but then rewards are issue here

inbox nig

@Clitzkrieg good idea

2018-07-03 16:22:43 UTC [Keque's Cabin in the Woods #feels]  

coot tbh


;;play The Breaker's Encounter

;;play 1


;;play Something Wicked

;;play 2

this is scurry check it out

i love it


its my fav

need more like it

royalty free ofc

the man in the open space

;;play home resonance

;;play 1

its fucking groovy

its my feelgoodman song when I'm stoned

I blast it through my GX Gaming Junceus Headsets


63% rendered




;;play white is right

;;play 2



too high? lol







I dont want emojis

get ready

father francis

here we go



;;play meme machine

;;play 1

who has some free spoopy music

am getting tired of the ones I have

luka.. that was danke

45% uploaded


I had some skunk #1 today

yesterday master kush

;;play song 2

;;play 1


2,612 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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