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2018-04-22 13:52:22 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

I've been checking out that new radio station on GTA V that dropped with the criminal pack

2018-04-22 13:52:27 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

some decent bits and bobs in there

2018-04-22 17:54:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

I love PUTS

2018-04-22 17:54:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

these two are legendary hip hop imo

2018-04-22 17:54:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

wholesome stuff too, none of the brap brap bling chain pimping etc etc

2018-04-22 18:03:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

man I just found my old Eve online photography archives

2018-04-22 18:03:33 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

some good shit

2018-04-22 18:03:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

man I just found my old Eve online photography archives
some good shit

2018-04-22 18:05:19 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:05:58 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:14:05 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:14:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:14:42 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:18:37 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:19:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I'd be trash in that game as well

2018-04-22 18:19:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I try watching cow play sometimes and it's all too fucking fast

2018-04-22 18:19:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

idk what's going on 90% of the time

2018-04-22 18:25:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-22 18:25:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

that was a lucky shot

2018-04-22 18:25:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

just outside of jita during the burn last year

2018-04-22 18:26:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

years of screenshots from 2012 onwards lol

2018-04-22 18:28:41 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

sandbox, it's whatever you want to be really

2018-04-22 18:29:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

elite dangerous is great too

2018-04-22 18:29:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

eve's free to play so you'd be fine

2018-04-22 18:30:26 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

you pay extra for a subscription account with the game, but it's optional

2018-04-22 18:30:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

free account can play all the way up to battleships now

2018-04-22 18:31:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

it was when I tried it last too, but that was a long ass time ago and I was bored

2018-04-22 18:31:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

supposedly better now, but if I were you, I'd just go explore and do shit you feel like doing

2018-04-22 18:31:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

it's a learning experience

2018-04-22 18:31:39 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I'll watch for a bit while I'm doing stuff

2018-04-24 16:35:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

@Cow he rips up Taylor Swift and makes it baller lol, same dude you were playing at beginning of stream

2018-04-25 13:00:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  
2018-04-25 17:51:37 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

goddamnit mittens

2018-04-25 17:52:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

ESI/API issues it seems with Eve atm, they lost my API data it seems

2018-04-25 18:39:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

@MidshipGary OK I just snorted cider through my nose because of you, ye cunt ❀

2018-04-26 16:45:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

CCL are good guys

2018-04-26 16:45:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

used to use them all the time for work

2018-04-26 16:45:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

if it's prebuilt by them then it should already have everything installed already

2018-04-26 16:47:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

lol you'd better start doing some research then haha

2018-04-26 16:47:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

you should have a driver CD with the package

2018-04-26 16:47:48 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

clarify runnin like a cunt

2018-04-26 16:48:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

bit more specific would be ideal bud

2018-04-26 16:48:52 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

sounds like you might be running graphics off your onboard display

2018-04-26 16:48:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

not off the dedicated GPU

2018-04-26 16:49:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

might want to check that

2018-04-26 16:49:26 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

what OS are you using

2018-04-26 16:49:50 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-26 16:50:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

is R7 onboard?

2018-04-26 16:50:52 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I don't do ati cards these days,

2018-04-26 16:52:10 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

you're plugging the HDMI or whatever into the back of the motherboard instead of through the graphics card itself>

2018-04-26 16:52:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-26 16:53:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

if you don't see any I/O ports at the bottom of the case where the GPU usually is, and you're plugged into the mobo, it's a case of buy a decent graphics card

2018-04-26 16:53:19 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

for 300 quid you were never going to get a beast, my dude

2018-04-26 16:53:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

but spend an extra ton or 150 and you'd be aight with that I guess

2018-04-26 16:54:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

aye just looked it up

2018-04-26 16:55:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

or check the Mobo itself

2018-04-26 16:56:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

usually model/manufactuer info

2018-04-26 16:57:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-26 16:58:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

wew I hate gigabyte 😦

2018-04-26 16:58:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

bad experiences with their high end mobos

2018-04-26 17:16:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

really cool

2018-04-27 12:27:39 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

"you will be my personal personnel, kid"

2018-04-27 15:25:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

@Ninjaplusplus this better than kanye

2018-04-27 15:40:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-04-27 15:40:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

nearly went to work for those dudes

2018-04-27 15:40:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

fuck can't remember the devs either

2018-04-27 15:41:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

splash damage, that's the one

2018-04-27 15:53:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #content-promotion]  

who the fuck is cog

2018-04-27 16:25:03 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

heavy hitters

2018-04-27 16:25:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

back then jay z was still nowhere near Big L's level l.ol

2018-04-27 16:29:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

the greatest

2018-04-27 16:29:23 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  


2018-04-27 16:29:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  


2018-04-27 16:29:25 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  


2018-04-28 16:24:48 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

https://youtu.be/tSFw53pDnk4 this guy is legit legendary, rolling out all of his old amiga/atari 1040/80 produced breakbeat shit from the 90's

2018-04-28 16:30:30 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  


2018-04-28 16:37:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

sucker for Doom, though more for the Madlib lol

2018-04-28 16:50:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

hip hop history right there

2018-04-29 17:37:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

debating whether to uninstall world of warships

2018-04-29 17:37:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

fucking piece of sh it

2018-04-30 10:30:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

great minds lol

2018-05-02 00:22:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

would've liked yakuza6

2018-05-03 13:41:50 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

no optics? πŸ˜ƒ

2018-05-03 13:41:58 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

ironsights will be fun

2018-05-03 13:42:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

what size mags are they using, 20 or 30

2018-05-03 13:42:37 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

we had 30 mags in falklands

2018-05-03 13:42:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I would hope it's a 30

2018-05-03 13:45:03 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

crap, oh well

2018-05-03 13:45:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

but at least the extended is legit 20 rd

2018-05-03 13:45:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

suppose it's reasonable considering the 30 round mags were pretty limited during falklands

2018-05-03 13:46:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

mainly due to the springs funnily enough

2018-05-03 13:46:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

magazine design is some serious shit

2018-05-03 13:47:31 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

nice they put it into the weapons list though

2018-05-03 13:47:37 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

not complaining at all

2018-05-05 07:31:37 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

replayed this a couple months ago, it's still fantastic

2018-05-05 07:31:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

basically ghostbusters 3

2018-05-05 08:22:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

interesting audiobook

2018-05-05 08:22:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

not so much alien but more corporate conspiracy shit

2018-05-05 11:06:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

I'm on an 80's vibe

2018-05-05 11:28:35 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

wow lol

2018-05-05 11:32:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

naw I don't usually do youtube playlists, nobody cares about my channel haha

2018-05-05 11:36:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

I''ll do you one.

2018-05-05 11:36:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

seeing as you're not a cunt

2018-05-05 12:15:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  


2018-05-05 15:23:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

he's not wrong

2018-05-07 16:03:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

man bassment jaxx were fucking good

2018-05-07 16:04:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  
2018-05-07 16:08:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  
2018-05-07 19:43:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

yeah gary

2018-05-07 19:43:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

that is a really top notch song too

2018-05-07 19:44:05 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

though that video is seriously hard to watch at times

2018-05-08 12:13:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-08 12:13:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-08 12:14:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I too smoke at my desk

2018-05-09 13:05:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

I did some barwork for one of their events back in the day

2018-05-09 13:05:44 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

good money with tips lol

2018-05-09 13:06:23 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

pull 200 quid in a night if you were on form, ecstacy was one helluva thing back then

2018-05-09 13:06:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

punters would always be high af lol

2018-05-09 13:07:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

no scams, just tips, loved up generation for the times, I guess

2018-05-09 13:07:19 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

much like the LSD lot in the 60's/70's

2018-05-09 13:07:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

still dodgy af though

2018-05-12 12:12:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

absolutely superb demonstration of 90's oldskool breakbeat

2018-05-13 10:40:23 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 10:41:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 10:41:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 12:19:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 12:20:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 12:20:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-13 12:23:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

always liked the mwd fit with missiles

2018-05-13 12:23:27 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

get a great point range buff with it too

2018-05-13 13:16:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

badman stuff

2018-05-14 10:13:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I too love the oldskool star wars shit

2018-05-14 12:21:18 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

rage 2 on the cards, mixed feelings about the first

2018-05-14 12:21:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

the megatexture pop in was abominable in the PC version

2018-05-14 12:21:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

beautiful animation though

2018-05-14 12:22:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

enemies were fun to blap but aye

2018-05-14 12:22:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-14 12:23:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I was thinking about another oldskool game earlier, singularity

2018-05-14 12:23:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

fucking awesome

2018-05-14 12:23:27 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

raven software's last proper standalone project

2018-05-14 19:03:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

lol no

2018-05-15 10:39:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

forza horizon 3 on pc is so broken

2018-05-15 10:39:40 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

it's not even funny

2018-05-15 10:39:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

have to download a random windows store app just to get the game to run after a restart

2018-05-15 13:41:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-15 13:42:30 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-15 13:43:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-15 13:43:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  


2018-05-15 13:44:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

kickass reward, does authentic predator thermal vision and gives you the sound echo effects as well


2018-05-16 10:55:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

ED is a better value proposition too

2018-05-16 10:56:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

it's got all that space to do mad things in,

2018-05-16 10:56:51 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

it'd be great if they started spinning up some content teams working on secret shit

2018-05-16 10:57:23 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

just start sewing mad shit like alien encounters into the fabric of the game

2018-05-16 10:57:48 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

the cool thing with ED is they can do it lol

2018-05-16 10:57:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

yeah, just thargoids

2018-05-16 10:58:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

but I'm thinking other stuff, if there's one race out there, then there are a million races out there somewhere lol

2018-05-16 10:59:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

I just think Braben and frontier have a better playground/sandbox for this stuff

2018-05-16 10:59:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

SC is so up in the air it's not even funny

2018-05-16 10:59:22 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

guardians aye

2018-05-16 10:59:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #vidya-games-n-hardware]  

though who knows if they're entirely dead when their tech keeps pinging off

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