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Cause Gary resgined

Literally right after that story broke they were all over /pol/

That's just one election though

2018-03-07 02:32:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]

2018-03-07 02:32:38 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  


2018-03-07 02:32:45 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

And so it begins gentlemen

2018-03-07 02:34:19 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

Mostly just memeing, but Sessions is coming to Sacramento

2018-03-07 02:34:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

I'd be down

2018-03-07 02:34:43 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

Democrats have ruined this state, it's so sad.

2018-03-07 02:44:58 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

Would be great.

2018-03-07 02:45:10 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

but Reagan screwed our state with that Amnesty Act...

2018-03-07 02:46:11 UTC [Red Storm Official #california]  

We'd never be able to get something like that passed.

Why is PA going to Cuck itself

Well great... Just what we need is to lose another pro trump district to energize democrats even more..

I got a terrible feeling were going to get clobbered in the midterms

Maybe that's a good idea thouh

Cause the DNC is broke right now

Ughhh... I dunno man

Oh cool!

Haha yes, trump rally xD

No other way to energize those blue collar industrial workers without him there

I've been in panic mode since Virginia

Can't be optimistic living here though :(

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ why? GOP only lost 6 seats and the average swing is 23.

>Not taking Ohio

What the fuck is going on

I'm more hopeful for that PA-18 race also.

Trump's going there on Saturday, and the tariffs are just what they need.

Rust belt blue collar workers

Care less about issues like abortion and shit

I hope so too, Trump going to have to drag another Republican across the finish line like he did in Georgia

I don't understand the RNC sometimes period.

Lol seriously...

I think there's a huge disconnect between political Republicans, and like actual everyday republicans.

I find that they're trying to play the left's game, with appealing to emotions and stuff, but with right wing values.

And it doesn't work

Center and Center right people care much less about issues like abortion, or sacred marriage, than they do about the economy, crime, and immigration.

It seems to me when Republican candidates stick to those categories more, and compromise a bit on the formers, they do better.

Would be my idea.

Yeah, I could understand that

I honestly think you're right, but I think Republicans are just too scared

See that's the thing I've noticed too!

I truly feelt he age of gentlemen poltics is over/

But the GOP continues to act like it is.

The Democrats do anything to get elected, they'll lie, smear, and cheat.

You know it here in CA

They did that gas tax hike

And then wrote a law that you couldn't recall Senators

And used their supermajority to pass it

Republicans just get kicked around, it's so irritating to me.


this man speaks my language lol


Like McConnell with not using the nuclear option

You and both know

The day Democrats regain control of the Senate that's going to be the first thing to go.

"lower the filibuster to simple majority"



That would've been such an easy seat...

Except we run look warm spineless candidates

But if he's so bad Nuke

Why is he ahead

in the polls?

Cause he's generic?

He voted against their Tax Cuts like wtf.


I feel like these midterms are going to either go really well, or be a complete disaster.

Our biggest areas we win on are immigration, economy, and crime,

So yeah you're right.

I could care less about abortion anymore

Let them have on demand abortions, and let them have gay marriage lol

Wait really>?


Pro tariffs

He's lying lol

I just would go by his voting record

Manchin was screwed the first time he voted against Trump IMO

His entire state

Not a single county went blue

Not one county

Even the urban centers went for Trump

And then when he went against the Tax Cuts

Pretty much done

I'm liking those Michigan numbers though man

Not even a named candidate

And already pretty high for such a blue state

This is what I'm talking about is just going back to straight free markets and some protectionist policies

I would like to see PA get flipped too... that Senator is a total cunt.

Watch him on the floor and I wanted to hurl lol

man I havnen't even been looking at the governor races either.

I don't need more worry lol...

That is one thing about the majority republicans

They're pretty quiet, they don't protest or make noise.

But they will show up at the polls when they're unhappy.

t. Obama 2010

67 seats swing

Wasn't that like the 2nd biggest in history or something?

That is true.

Biggest swing since (((FDR)))

And than Bohenor did nothing with it

Guy was a terrible Speaker

Ahh if only we had Americas like that in Congress...

I grew up a total cuckservative, but I have a huge distaste for them after learning about history lol

Yeah... Unfortunately

How about he repeal every piece of government legislation from the 1900s to now, and restart from there :D

Why'd you stop caring about the economy?

Holy crap.

Yeah I think Affirmative Action needs to go.

Pretty much

About the black and white lol

But I think the government can ruin the economy

They did in the Great Depression and recession

Too much Government intervention in the economy usually leads to huge problems.

I gotta shower right now though brb

That makes total sense.

I can see why they did that.

Ryan listen and Trump and follows his direction, at least more than McConnell. We shouldn't be splitting our party votes by starting an internal civil war lol

Democrats are doing that right now in California here.

The Progressives and the "moderates"

Everything in CA is going to be a bitch to hold and take.

Best case scenario the California Democratic Party eats itself alive by running extremely progressive candidates which their most obnoxious base wants.

Which it seems to be doing, by not endorsing Feinstein because she's "too conservative"

They're tough SOB's

At least down here in Southern California

They're like mini Trumps lol

They don't take shit

Nunes is awesome

Issa is one of my favorites

He was the one that got Holder to resgin basically

over fast and furious

2018-03-10 21:49:44 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]

2018-03-10 21:49:48 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

Hold tight PA.

2018-03-10 22:54:42 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

I hope the line is very long :D

2018-03-10 23:00:24 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

Is she any good?

2018-03-10 23:00:36 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

I can't watch, I'm too nervous >.>

2018-03-10 23:05:43 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  


2018-03-10 23:12:57 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

C'mon Republicans

2018-03-10 23:13:05 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

Make Nacy's Little Lamb burn

2018-03-10 23:23:51 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

Yep xD

2018-03-10 23:25:39 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  


2018-03-11 01:30:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

that was great lol

2018-03-11 01:30:36 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

THe part when he pretended to act presidential

2018-03-11 01:30:39 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  


2018-03-12 17:23:25 UTC [Red Storm Official #pennsylvania]  

PA why

How do you lose a district Trump won by 20 points lol

The GOP, our genius Titan of politics

We're fucking doomed...

I guess the Red Storm is more of a meme than the blue wave lol.

Yeah but button mash you're a defeatist lol

Who could buy into the "centrist democrat" meme

Like really what the fuck

Autocorrect is activating my almonds rn lol

Bad news NYC lol

I honestly don't trust polls at all anymore. Virginia said dem would win by 3, (won by 11). Alabama said Moore would win, (except Fox said he'd lose by 10), and also the entire 2016 election.

I think this is the media just trying to energize left wing voters.

They told us Texas Primary would be a blow up for democrats because of muh early voting, and it wasn't.

I'll check it

In class


HOLY SHIT, that's what I was saying


I feel like the RNC doesn't even know Republicans' strongest positions, it's immigration, economy, and crime, (plus constitutional protection if you consider that)

Instead they run around talking about anti gay marriage and abortion

Like no blue collar worker cares about that shit

Jones got less votes than Clinton lol

And he's more moderate

Y'all should've listened to Trump, Strange was supporting him all the aay

Didn't vote against him once

Yeah cause Bannon fucking got involved

Wait button mash

Are you not concern shilling now,

"Just a warning in case you believe lamb is going to win."

You think he's gunna lose?

Swing voters are retarded

Like the most look warm and shallow people ever

I don't know what's happening now >.>

Are suppose to be panicking or fighting

xD your blackpill folder

It's hard not too when you've grown up here.

With "Progressives"

And seeing how they unironically want to destroy America, and how they're gaining power

t. Californian

Well Gentlemen, I'm off to bed, best of luck to the saviors of America over in PA-18, let's crush the leftists scum.

Bummer, I liked Tillerson x) but oh well

I don't think he enjoyed his job anyway, he seems more of a business man than s politician

mfw The Blue Wave isn't just a meme...

Why can't Republicans abandon gentlemen politics yet >.>

Nacy gunna be Speaker of the House in 2018, y'all watch

Or Republicans lose enough seats that the RINOs in NY, and NJ can tank Trump's agenda...

Try living here and being optimistic

We literally have to get a FBI background check to by a bullet now

Orange County used to be so Republican, and now it's full of spics and Berniefags...

You can't, were le42%

How can I save my state ever? The blue pilled whites that voted the Democratic supermajority in, and opened our borders, is now leaving and moving too Texas and ruining that too, while leaving my sTate with a ton of fucking Beaners which don't pay taxes, 70% of them use some type of social welfare program, use our emergency rooms off of our tax dollars etc.

It's like 4 hour wait for the ER now because illegal aliens use it as their healthcare

I used to be a conservative

And then I saw what Reagan actually did to the US, with the Firearm Owners Protection Act, and his Amnesty Act.

By July it'll be illegal to machine 80% lower receivers, I feel like no one cares anymore.

At least here

But the trend isn't reversing

Orange Count used to be solid Republican and for the first time in decades it went blue, For Clinton of all people!

I don't think Ima survive the midterms if every election is going to be this stressful >.<

Yeah but we got Trump's reelection

Another midterm

And then I can rest a little

Friendly reminder guys

Silent majority, and Trump shy voter effect are real

2018-03-13 23:32:13 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-jersey]

oh fuck I can't watch this.

Ima be sick >.>

GOP blunder 3x

Why the Republican Party gotta fail me again...

Botched 2012

Botched Virginia

Botched Alabama

Now Pennsylvania...

I ain't giving up hope yet

I can't look anymore >.<

They turned off the needle

What does this mean concered shill?

I think the Democrats are too mental to do something that smart as a whole.

At least the heart of their party here in CA

They're running the most progressive candidates they can.

But my point is they're not collected enough to run that on their platform.

I agree.

The moderate demcocrat is their best plan but I don't think they can keep hard leftwingers to follow that.

They're going to go blame Lamb losing for not being left enough.

"PA is traditionally a blue state, he should've been a more democratic candidate!"

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