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@Conscious Caracal I was not paying attention to the whole Muller shitshow, the short version is that they're trying to get to Trumpicus by claiming the hush money was from his campaign?

Can anyone pinpoint what kind of person this Caleb Hull is?

Well, if that's not definitive proof Trump is a white supremacist, I don't know what is.

It's kind of sickly ironic, but also completely predictable that this tweet was followed by an army of people seeking to politicize the tragedy for both sides, without a hint of self-awareness:

I have been enjoying the Orange Man's rule a lot since he took office, but I don't think Trump's fanbase thinks about him as much as the Resistance folks do:

Trump lives rent free, 24/7 in their heads!


@Arkator7 And how is Zambia's economy doing?

Oh my!

He also retweeted my post!


Hipocrisy of the finest breed!

@Shawn But are they looking at it with a sensible mind or with "progressive" eyes?

17 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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