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Woo fucking hoo, discord account got deactivated


If you think that’s bad, I just had to read *The Color Purple*

Barely comprehensible book of “reee men are bad,” “reeeee imperialism is bad,” and “reeeee women should rise up”

*Brave New World* was great, honestly

Was an optional book for me, but I decided to read it. Also did *1984* and *Fahrenheit 451*, as well as *Animal Farm* when I was in 6th grade (I chose that one though)

When normies describe Sargon as a vlogger

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Dr. Strange was really good tbh

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Oh yeah, from KAA. Mhm

This discord is better tbh, less of a shitshow

The alt-right is actually dangerous, honestly. They’re very good at converting normies who don’t base themselves in principle

They’re lesbians ofc

Other way around. It’s the feminist movement that created the fetish

Oh god, nowhere is safe from it

Asians are basically whites in terms of class in the west

2018-10-16 02:53:27 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


Fur suits are just fucking creepy

On the stuff in <#372508286529961996> (can’t post in there since I haven’t removed my greyfaggotry yet, fuck you discord):
Discord has been banning a whole lot of people recently. I got whacked last week, a friend of mine (he is alt right but still) got banned twice (and lost multiple servers as a result of them), and a whole load of other people I know have been banned

Discord’s system of banning is retarded, honestly

No warnings, no temporary bans like twitter

They don’t even show you what you were banned for specifically

@Black Mage Fellow Californian, don’t bother voting. Just leave this shithole while you can

Lol, northwest. I plan on doing just that, gonna go to Texas next year hopefully

Christmas Eve helicopter rides with daddy 😍

El Niño normally results in a lot of rain

But that’s for California

We had it a couple years ago, but got no rain

You sure you got the quotes on the right word there?

Can’t be oppressed if you don’t exist <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

Drama BS never results in a point being made tbh

Banning bags? What the fuck? “Here, have all these massive books that you have to haul around. No, you aren’t allowed to put them on your backs, that would cause them to be too much of a burden.”

Not always

My high school only has lockers for athletes and the locker room isn’t always open, and my middle school used to have lockers (big metal ones) and they were removed because they were deemed a *fire hazard*


Most people at my school just use their cars as lockers, but that’s not really an option in the UK

Or many other American schools

I agree that lockers are better, but holy shit, that doesn’t mean banning the alternative

Really? Wow

I got whacked and was given the stock answer of inciting harassment of individuals or communities or threatening to release people’s info and stuff

To be fair, I was in a server full of alt right retards and they got pissed at me for winning debates but idk that they reported me

Looked like someone went into the server and reported a load of people. The owner got banned three times, as did some others

Oh jeez

They’d probably be killed for being too light skinned and imperialists

Blacks in America are a lot lighter than in Africa

That’s insane

What’s the thing called when you talk about something so much that it actually starts to happen?

There’s gotta be a word for it

Reds are either really hot or really not

More not than hot though

Says the actor is Cuban/Colombian

She’s too white for a proper red Indian, or even a 50/50

Well, the Cherokee get pretty light

Okay what the fuck

Not even that weird compared to many things in the news tbh

Wow, discord’s breaking again

I saw 1/8 that Republicans keep the House, and now 4/9? Yeah, they got it

86% in Florida and it’s red

Ofc the house will be red

Only people doubting that are dems

I think the republicans will barely control the house tbh

100-85 in the house

Yeah, California is so fucked I’m moving to Texas

I swear, if Cruz loses I’m actually going to laugh at him

Oh he’s called? Yeet

Newsom is worse than brown

No, Cali will have some red

We always send a few red reps

Cali isn’t even that gerrymandered, it’s just incredibly blue

2 years of jack shit yeet

Unless trump takes a ton of power, then be fun

Republicans suck at running campaigns tbh

Yeah, this is not good going into 2020

Trump is either going to take a lot of executive power or do nothing for the next two years, both of which suck for getting elected again

It might just be time to get the militias together lol

And criminals voting in Florida basically seals the deal on any more republican victories

If the dems get power in 2020, it’ll be real bad

How is it going to be 219R?!

You know when a pebble hits your windshield and it gets a little chip taken out, then you go through cold/hot weather and that chip turns into a massive crap? This election is that chip.

Yup, a blue Texas is a fucked USA

It’s true though if it keeps going the way it is

Then we’re going to have a very big and radical right wing and that’s gonna suck

I saw that earlier

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2018-11-09 14:37:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Be both tbh

2018-11-11 20:09:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Wow, y’all got new scat since I was last here

Working and paying taxes or military service to vote sounds good (or having worked for a normal amount of time before retiring)

The reason the senate went one way and the house the other is because the senators are elected every 6 years, the reps every 2. All 435 reps were up for re-election, only 33 senators were

Of those 33 senators, most were blue, so with more to lose and less to gain, some flipped red and as such they lost seats

The last time they were elected, Obama’s name was on the ballot, too, which helped them

Yes, but the same is true in reverse for Texas

Mhm. It also doesn’t help republicans that in the states where they have the majority, they have it by a lot less than when the dems have a majority

That too

Neither green nor peaceful lmao

Uh, wasn’t it the Greenpeace ship that was bombed?

Or was that a separate incident


2018-11-21 22:03:21 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent



I think I’m actually going to see it this weekend on Netflix just to cringe

Yeah, no way am I paying directly to watch it

I got almost exactly 50, -50 (right wing libertarian)

There was a snowball earth about 650+ mya when the whole planet was frozen (hypothesis)

There’s been a lot of ice ages similar to the one that ended 10,000 years ago, but not much that was massive

Only 28, wow

I could be 32 cause I think I might have some form of autism (and been told by multiple people, not just jokingly) but whatever


I would’ve been a 40+ about 5 months ago

Algae might be workable in the future

Pepes are the lights

Amerindians are basically white

At least the good tribes

The Cherokee are basically whites

It’s a meme thing

Honestly that’s thinking way too much into it

The person in red is still correct though in that it’s irony mocking everything

Well hello there

Peak autism


2019-04-15 18:11:54 UTC [Sparta #general]  

At least California’s ban on high capacity magazines got found unconstitutional

2019-04-15 18:12:04 UTC [Sparta #general]  

That was the other server

2019-04-15 18:12:28 UTC [Sparta #general]  

The other one’s the official one and the wild one

2019-04-15 20:32:42 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I’ve got a feeling it was a yellow vest or migrant that started it

2019-04-15 20:32:49 UTC [Sparta #general]  

But that’s just a suspicion

2019-04-15 20:45:47 UTC [Sparta #general]  

This is just going to incite more ethnats, though.

2019-04-15 20:52:31 UTC [Sparta #general]  

When kitchen milk!.?

2019-04-15 20:54:37 UTC [Sparta #general]  

why kitchen milk

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