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Why not latin

It's tough but useful

It's got roots everywhere

Can't wait for our troops to practice their skills on hunting down illegals

US military has a large latino minority

Took me a minute there

Better idea

We let California leave

Then we rent helicopters

And purge and pillage California

Then come back home

That's what the helicopters are for

And we wear Viking costumes while we pillage

It will be great

We get ourselves new stuff and expensive stuff for free

I can assure you, Michigan would be part of dumfuckistan

@Marini I was born in 02 as well. This election really threw me into politics. It really openned my eye to reality and how it is truly was. Being a blue pilled sheep was comfortable, but now that I have been red pilled I feel a lot more free, and determined to better myself and my family. I like the red pill because of the truth I have learned from it. But looking at all the people who are still blue pilled sheep is kinda annoying.

Yea it sucks

And if you try to convince them they call you crazy or never talk to you again

We need some more red in this country

They aren't people. But we will love them anyhow because that is what God would want.

We need to convince them that our conservative way of life is far more enjoyable than their hateful godless lives.

@Rhodesiaboo why did they, my history teachers were always very vague on it.

This is the true black pill

Canada wouldn't invade us

Trudeau would just ask British for help

Or Australians


I would love to see Russia, US, and China unite and take over the world

And get our people in to space

Sick of this dump

India is getting there

China is awful

Anyone living there is a slave

I believe China and India are duking it out for some mountains in the south west

Kinda like France and Germany alsacce Lorraine

Ohio πŸ˜‘

Hopefully this doesn't progress to going back to sticks and stones

Have they hit yet?

I need to start investing in bunkers and guns

Shall I start cranking out propaganda

We keep fighting for Kings of sandcastles in a giant sand box

That makes no sense

Why did they say missiles were coming from the Mediterranean

Or am I not seeing something here

We are still in hot water

Breaking News North Korean submarine launched the strike on Syria

Clinton ascended from bitchy housewife to bitchy divorced housewife

Jewish UFO launches heat seeking menorahs at syria

I wonder what the operation would be called

Operation Marxist Manorah

Operation Sandcastles

Operation Checkmate

Operation Assad's Asshole

Operation Mediterranean Madness

Operation Dustbowl

Operation Sandy Vagina

Operation Hawaiian Snackbar Land

Breaking News: America has annexed Canada and Mexico for oil
Furthermore, Chinese submarine spotted outside of Boston

Why invade when you can *C R U S A D E*

I was friends with an Albanian

We use to make fun of him

Pelosi will get torn to pieces by the public if she ever tried

She is lying two faced rotten bitch corpse

She will probably get rushed by protestors

Or maybe a conveniently close uhaul decided to give a meth addict a vehicle.

How the fuck did the Chinese get over there that fast

Holy shiiieeeet

This is going to be a hell of a fight


Only god can save us now from this evil

They are getting their


Fuck Germany

I wonder if poland will get in on the action

And slaughter some germans

Man shit is getting wild

I wonder where the Russian's submarines are

What about the Kirov cruiser



That doesn't seem accurate

Druggies are weak

Just makes it easier for the government to take advantage of you

If your stoned you make terrible decisions

And allows for weakness to thrive

Pelosi is a crooked bitch and deserves the rope

Traitors hang

Wall or we fall

Civilians need to take it into their own hands

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