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2017-04-12 08:01:16 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

best mech show.

2017-04-16 16:48:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

curb stomp communist faggots.

2017-04-16 16:58:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm not white irish

2017-04-16 17:04:45 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-16 17:09:56 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Oi beggorah tis like another reconstruction.

2017-04-16 18:37:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

lol a shield made from skateboards

2017-04-16 18:37:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

din't notice it was so cheaply made

2017-04-16 18:37:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

looks cool though

2017-04-16 18:38:01 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

why did he use skateboards then?

2017-04-16 18:38:02 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-16 21:31:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 00:58:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

tfw convulution is slightly fit but still lets himself get bullied to death.

2017-04-17 00:58:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 00:59:15 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 01:00:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo eat the poo poo

2017-04-17 01:02:24 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 01:04:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm sorry.

2017-04-17 01:06:59 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Bero unleashed the hounds on @Convo

2017-04-17 01:09:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo I'm sorry.

2017-04-17 01:09:53 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Please be patient I have autism.

2017-04-17 01:10:48 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-17 01:11:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 01:11:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo I'm sorry

2017-04-17 01:11:52 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo eat the poo poo

2017-04-17 01:13:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

if it really is that powerful

2017-04-17 01:13:53 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

we must burn it as fuel for our journey.

2017-04-17 01:15:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

well if you don't want to have glorious shit posting hours.

2017-04-17 01:15:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 01:19:04 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

what's the origin of that wojak you use anyways?

2017-04-17 01:20:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

nah this is torque

2017-04-17 01:22:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

don't say that word.

2017-04-17 01:24:54 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo eat the poo poo

2017-04-17 01:33:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-17 01:33:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

didn't know this was a thing

2017-04-17 01:33:51 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

explaination is bellow it

2017-04-17 01:38:02 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@badtanman Thanks lad

2017-04-17 01:38:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I've been posting like a mad man the past few days compared to how much I usually post

2017-04-17 01:38:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

the event in berkley gave me a lot of memes to post.

2017-04-17 02:03:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

is that who interviewed spencer?

2017-04-17 02:03:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 02:07:29 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo explain the origin of your wojak

2017-04-17 02:07:42 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I like it

2017-04-17 02:07:53 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

>I say I like your oc

2017-04-17 02:08:00 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 02:20:15 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo explain ur meme

2017-04-17 02:59:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Convo explain ur maymay, son.

2017-04-17 02:59:15 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 03:44:15 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-17 03:44:34 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I really like this meme

2017-04-17 03:44:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

really really realy like this meme

2017-04-17 04:11:28 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@wyatt are you winning, son?

2017-04-17 07:36:24 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-17 07:36:29 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-17 07:51:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-18 08:13:16 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-18 08:17:56 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-18 08:58:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-18 10:42:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

press f 42k like page is banned.

2017-04-18 22:11:06 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-19 03:16:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

6 hundred thousand Yankees
Is stiff in southern dust.
We got 6 hundred thousand
Before they conquered us
They died of Southern Fever
And southern steel and shot
I wish there were 6 million
Instead of what we got.

2017-04-19 08:35:06 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-19 08:47:01 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-19 09:04:04 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-19 15:09:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-19 15:31:00 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

its back up

2017-04-20 04:28:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  
2017-04-20 04:39:00 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SledgeHammer standards are a meany stop.

2017-04-20 04:39:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

hey hey

2017-04-20 04:39:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

we don't dont' call it that

2017-04-20 04:39:40 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

its grids

2017-04-20 05:50:54 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I denounce @Bero for crimes against the ymca swimming pool.

2017-04-20 11:08:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Brad Small activate it.

2017-04-20 11:25:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I publicly denounce @Bero for his crimes against legumes.

2017-04-20 11:35:59 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-20 12:19:59 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@wyatt activate it.

2017-04-20 12:42:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

lol at the pyramid pilot role

2017-04-20 12:42:24 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-20 13:18:57 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-20 13:19:04 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

didn't know you played weeab sh it

2017-04-20 13:24:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

you can change name new game plus?

2017-04-20 13:24:12 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-20 13:30:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm going to be depressed after I'm done with p5

2017-04-20 13:30:34 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

last good game this year

2017-04-20 13:30:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

e3 is going to be another massive shit show and disapointement like it is every eyar.

2017-04-20 13:33:47 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  
2017-04-20 13:33:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'll probably play it if I can pirate it

2017-04-20 13:35:18 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

meh I don't care to get into an mmo

2017-04-20 13:35:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

heard ff14 is solid though

2017-04-20 13:38:17 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I wish you could reorder persona team

2017-04-20 13:38:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

you can do it but its a pain in the ass and resets.

2017-04-20 13:39:25 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm probably not even going to bother doing a new game plus

2017-04-20 13:39:29 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

only playing of the story.

2017-04-20 13:39:39 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

playing on max difficulty though.

2017-04-20 13:43:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

psp emulation is pretty solid

2017-04-20 13:43:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

a few graphical errors

2017-04-20 14:25:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@badtanman I don't bother with emulation at all at this point

2017-04-20 14:26:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

not even the easy to run stuff like NES or SNES feels genuine at all in terms of quality

2017-04-20 14:51:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-20 14:51:45 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I disagree

2017-04-20 14:52:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

you can tell the music and game audio is fucked.

2017-04-20 14:53:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I disavow @Bero for his defilement of the YMCA natatorium .

2017-04-20 15:56:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-21 02:28:42 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-21 04:45:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I publicly denounce @☦ Slouch ☦ for his crimes against chicken tenders

2017-04-21 13:23:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger.
How dare you speak, you swarthy jungle monkey. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?
You are human trash, Diego Tyrone LeShawn de Maradona. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your nationality and skin tone offers no hope to the world that South America can ever prosper. Crawl back into the Brazilian jungle you came out of, you literal orangutan.
I hope you decide to sail your grandfathers skip to the Falklands and rape some sheep, as is in the negroes nature. It would still be the whitest pussy you ever had. Give Nigel and Robert a chance for some target practice, your sole use to the world. Argentinians obsession with a few windswept islands in the Atlantic is hilarious but sad. Coincidentally its the only worthwhile contribution Argentina has made to the medical field. The MUH LAS MALVINAS sentiment in the average negro Argentinian is both an early warning sign of autism in children, and early on set Alzheimer's in adults.
Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of olive oil and wheat flour slabbed on your face every morning will make you white. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of European heritage.
You nigger.
You make Bolivia look like a beacon of civilisation.
You are the Baltimore of South America.
Go fertilise the pampas with you and your families corpses, its the best you can hope for in life. For the first time in your life, nigger, you have a job making food for beings vastly superior to yourself. Uruguayan cattle. Coincidentally, it would be the first time an Argentinian "man" provided for a family.
Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.

2017-04-22 05:46:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I publicly denounce and disavow @Bero for dying in his basement and not on the battlefield.

2017-04-22 18:32:23 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-22 18:32:25 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

fucking stealing my memes

2017-04-23 09:16:01 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Samurai "Jim" Pact.

2017-04-23 13:25:34 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

or spanish

2017-04-23 17:04:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I honestly don't even care.

2017-04-24 10:57:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-24 17:20:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm fucking done with trump

2017-04-24 17:20:37 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

there is no defense of this

2017-04-28 05:58:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-28 05:58:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I forgot where I found this meme

2017-04-28 06:06:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

any good highlights?

2017-04-28 06:06:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

didn't feel like watching it today

2017-04-29 18:26:08 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-29 18:26:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

"far left and far right

2017-04-29 18:26:19 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

they are trying to be neutral

2017-04-29 18:26:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-29 18:26:47 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-29 18:27:17 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

people on the antifa side look like fucking subhumans

2017-04-29 18:27:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

fucking losers and degenerates

2017-04-29 18:28:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

that coal burning jew

2017-04-29 18:28:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

who's larping as a nigger

2017-04-29 18:28:16 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-04-29 18:29:44 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-04-29 19:55:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

pretty good event

2017-04-29 19:55:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

was boring at first till TWP actually showed up

2017-04-29 20:06:40 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@wyatt activate it.

2017-04-30 01:20:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

at this point the american empire is done.

2017-04-30 01:20:44 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I dont' like this feel or realization.

2017-04-30 01:20:57 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

it can not be reformed like heimbach said.

2017-05-03 01:36:28 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

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