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<:Cross:578819340309102593> This is a quaint little discussion discord For chatting about certain topics such as Redpills, Religion, Christanity, Music, Art, Memes, Politics. Etc <:Cross:578819340309102593>

<:Church:578816227158523905> Rules <:Church:578816227158523905>

-No porn or nsfw content at all, No degeneracy

-We should all act as we are all pals! dont be rude to people

-No discussing and posting illegal things

-Dont spam images messages etc

-No thots or E-Girls

-Dont use Gods name in vain (No Blasphemy)

-You must have a PFP

-No raiding or inciting raids its against the Tos

Feel free to be edgy but stray from violence or shooter jokes,
I have no problem with that kind of humor, its just that you can get into trouble nowadays with big brother watching all the time,
They are always watching keyword searching with bots, Be careful brothers.

Excellent youtuber with great content!

Iv posted a few things in here but im not sure what to add

Yes this feels like its gonna be epic

Yep i guess il burn in hell forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Il check him out

Yeah We can get one of those

Any sort of exercise is good for your mental and physical health!

Wash your face with cold water Also start having cold showers instead of hot ones

Hot water dries out your skin

Absolutely drinking lots of water will help with many functions in your body as well as keep you cool and hydrated.

Well it doesnt have to be completly cold just not hot

can be just lukewarm water

I have freezing cold showers even if its cold

you just gotta do lots of running and push ups

Do jumping jacks inside your house to get warm i guess

then take a cold shower in winter

big lad absolute unit

I just get whatever from ebay and stores like kmart target

We dont really need a fashion channel

But those trousers i really want

Whats this whole irs thots thing thats been going around?

What are they getting into trouble for?

ahh yes i think i now get it

sex workers need to pay taxes and dont

and people are reporting them

Fatherless creatures

Yeah its a great look

Yeah i know i basicly wear the same thing everyday

i usaully wear jeans or cargo trousers

Post as much as you like, just dont spam

he looks like a very sad man

Wife left and took the kids

Looks like some Razor blades to me!

This is great thanks for posting mate! @group voltage

Iv been reading the wealth of nation by adam smith

Just got through the starter notes now im unto the actual book

where is your profile picture m8

nah its all good Feel free to contribute and talk!

Welcome feel free to post and chat or you can just lurk! @Faye#6998

2,982 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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