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btw is a registered trademark a product, while a trademark is the company that owns the product?

im trying to make an musician alias but it's confusing

that's actually a neat look too

just i don't like baggy pants like that

i usually wear jogging pants and jeans

also is there a limit on how much music i can post in <#518648849158373407>?

paul hardcastle looks like his wife left him, but she didn't

he doesn't have kids either

my bad yes he does lol

brian culbertson looks like a failed edgy anime project

i saw it posted in snuffy's server

hey guys
i got a question and i need help
i need to find this game i used to play when i was little
it was a 3d multiplayer game from the mid to late 2000s
i do remember it being a browser game
it might've also been low-poly
and the mainland was an island iirc
with different worlds and places and rooms you can go to (arctic/ice, arcade room, etc.)
it might've shockwave or flash
most likely shockwave
i used to play it around 08 or 07

also it's not runescape

it's most likely under the rador

it's not mist, but it is adventure

childhood song of mine

if i actually found it

once again, it's probably under the radar and/or lost currently

"lol" and "imo" can soften or prevent any argument lol

also that game probably ran on nvidia

and was less likely, but still likely a nickelodeon game

still trying to recover my memory so i dont remember if that's true

i vaguely remember my custom character having like goku hair or some shit lol

nah someone already said that

the game was small and the background of the site was orange

the game was on the top-center

you are the disease of discord, you know that

well could he stop being a weirdo? I'm really not in the mood for his annoying shit

can you go missing

I don't celebrate Christmas

I hope you fall down a flight of stairs

and become paralyzed

for the rest of your life

shouldn't have to but ok

I hope you get a stroke

85 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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