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The no thots rules is a golden rule

Well here in the states we realized that camwhores, snapchat hoes, panty dealers, and all walks of degeneracy on the web weren't paying what is known as the Internal Revenue Service the taxes they were due. It all started when one ethot made a facebook post wondering why she was being audited

Never 4 get what started it all


I fucking hate the term sex workers

Your typical private snapchat ethot


Ehrm.... Runesape? lol

You on dat east coast time huh?

South coast area near where they filmed that poo poo show of long island loser guidos pretending to be from here 🙃

I knew a large backyard wrestling group

I didn't play sports I was a poor east TR kid

@group voltage Hoshi wants to be your dad clearly

Tell him "don't stop" more

DAD NO! <:charlsYell:476074714570293288>

@group voltage If you don't wanna be @'d just put on do not disturb

You won't get any notifications lel

Get them membys borg <÷

35 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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