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[email protected]
also a skype username

Shitskins and cuck YouTubers RAID BBC NEWS STUDIOS!!!!

Please raid the comments section and red pill the users about the JQ! STRIKE WHILE THE FIRE IS HOT!

@Wall Buildionaire long story short, Google banned the daily stormer domain, but it is accessible via tor because they got the onion domain name

cheers @YUGE

I've basically edited the HOSTS file to gain access to the DS so I don't have to use Tor.

but cloudflare blocks access directly from the IP address, but you have to edit the HOSTS file, only the BBS works

but it won't make much of a difference as I read articles via the BBS

@andrewanglin We will prevail! No surrender!

@Mundilfury I already seen it. I suggest they should do a Judicial Review on Obama's signing off the internet to ICANN which is high treason! I'm trying to find ways to contact them about the suggestion

@Mundilfury thanks a million

@White_Ryno congratulations

15 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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