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To say that "Christianity is not European" only achieves one thing: negating the meaning of "European". Christianity is in *no sense whatsoever* a Semitic faith. In fact, it is categorically anti-Semitic:

I already have a digital and printed library of Western/White man works and prepper studies

I also have an 88 MB memefolder

So yeah conserve and prepare. Faggots and kikes are pushing overtime

This is featured on Jewtube and manipulated to the max

I'm doing my part goys now dislike and troll them if you can

Most are prasing it and saying "Its normal to be gay and your're all haters

Christ alive....

Been arguing that its either not natural and as such you are indoctrinating children or it is natural and by their logic pedophilia is normal

Some dumb woman said "Dur Kids can't consent" and I sent her a link to the salon pro-pedo article

The some faggot bitched about straight propaganda and I replied that thats the **natural biology** of the human species at work.

Christ alive the stupidity of people gets me reeeeeing

Faggot asked that To which I replied that A. its the natural majority so its not promotion/propaganda B. The homos are 3% of population and dont represent a siginifcant portion of usa


A whitepill in a sea of black

Get it? Its a pun!

@here anyone in the Atlanta area?

Just trying to get more guys for the Atlanta server for /ourguys/

most are from the BC forum on DS

We do two weekly scheduled voice chats and need more guys


I was on discord for the latter portion of the night

Might be TRS pool party or ATL-Right guys

@Phoenix- GA I may have met you at a smoke lounge hosted by Fascist Fitness damn roosh's crew is starting to get redpilled on the jq

Its only going to get harder folks

Shits going to hit the fan hard soon.

Look hes trying to play centrist/middle ground but hes failing

He pointed out the erasure of history and censorship via statues and places

Not if sessions is still in charge

We're too far gone and most know that

That is true

I mean a bunch of the older niggerfolk actually miss segregation because they realize they were taken for a ride

Sad really

Whoops my bad

Charlottesville was our bleeding kansas

Possibly....may have no other choice regardless

The marxists have a big brother state and hordes of idiots and apathetics on its side:

Bleeding kansas is probably the best analogy

@here ((kessler)) reciting an antichristian/white poem he made:

Man lured us into a trap

I dont know you ever heard of (((Frank Collins)))

Kek DS is back without a tor needed

Fuck it let em gotta love niggers for being this blatantly arrogant

Why are you even bothering to go to Europestan

I mean but why there? Seriously crawling with cucks, towelheads, and niggers


I mean Leon is pretty decent I've heard

Yeah they'll probably try and pull a false flag or something

@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia pretty darn stupid

Lim yo da reel MVP

@Hector christ these people just wont shut up


Bannon: *“Ethno-nationalism—it's losers. It's a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more.”*

*"These guys are a collection of clowns,” he added.*

Of course

SSynagogue perfect name change

Whats the name of the violin song?

Well she was just a mascot really

Sloths girlfriend?

Let the Cucks get Fucked

So apperantly American Horror Story's main character is supposed to be a Hillary Voting Dyke

And the bad guy is of course...fucking white guy with a Cult

Used to be annoyed at media, then pissed, now just annoyed again

No Im not its just blatant


Have a sister that is a binge watcher and another show had a psycho student doing trump quotes

As I said not shocked but annoyed as hell

I dont even watch tv myself. Sisters a millenial binge watcher

I know still annoying though

I used to but now its just sad.

I do but most dont give a shit

Bunch of fence sitters or idiots.

Preaching to choir

No shit. Was red-pilled even before Trump

Then when Trump came I realized I was right on a lot of things.

But seriously hadnt set foot in a theater since 2012 and hadnt purchased a film since...2014/15?

Yeah I get you and I pointed that out to most but they do the whole Bush was an idiot etc etc thing

Did a fuck ton of pirating while in college

Started doing it with Vidya Games after Gamergate.

Like hell am I giving a cent to these shitlibs

Huh how bout that

@Rafal Ganowicz Cucking is a fate worse than death in my eyes

Nah they go first and quick.Also keke that Anonymous goes after us but not Soros

Or Antifa


Or fucking Isis


Thank you based Asians and may Hapas be our vanguard

@Billy Ray Jenkins I think its because there still is a bit of a evangelical vibe in some parts of the south

Also kek

You know the Lugenpresse is getting worse when even Faux News is Cucking hard

Watch as they oust Tucker for a Trans-black Pansexual Attack Helicopter


O'reilly was a douche but at least on point and entertaining

Knew Faux was going to cave after the Megan Kelley spat and when Reilly was ousted.

Only a matter of time....(((Liberalism))) truely is a cancer

Sure I guess


Also keke

What site?

May be part jew

Must be a liberal 😑

Yeah thats why I'm pretty much solo for now.

Most women are either crazy, stupid, or entitled as fuck. Not worth the trouble.

Dated a girl in Univ who used to make anti-ISIS and Islam jokes

Dude I am a millenial so FML when it comes to that.

Its all Netflix and Chill and sheeeit


Ironically dated a 1488 girl for a few months but she was even crazier than Liberal Women

Hot but was even more PC than liberals...

Eh for me its flirting and word play with groping but nothing much else.

Its like if I want sex with a crazy women for a night I'd buy a hooker

Which I wouldnt for multiple reasons.

But the point remains.

Rural America is best america at the end of the day

Nothing like a cup of coffee watching a deer sleep under your shed in the morning

Best memories

*Rrrriiiiggghht* women want aggro douchebags thats a fact

@Zorost you are correct. Otherwise they wouldnt flood Euro with aggro shitskins or date nignogs in US

However they always want what they cant have.

Which is the one thing Freud got right: *penis envy*

Kek. Aggro men have the ability to get what they want for themselves which makes them desirable to women who want what they cannot get

And the natural apathy of the D-bag, Alpha, whatever only enforces it.

Which only makes women want them more because the man isnt subservient to her own interests and women loathe being **both** first and last when it comes to men

Truth to power.

Actually nice guys get saddled with ugly or bitchy women. And then undesirable men are left to the cold.

**Not neccesarily a bad thing; just natural selection**

Which was pushed by feminism which **inverts the process**


Problem is **Feminism leads to R-selective vs K-selective**

I.E The opening to Idiocracy in a nutshell:

Which is quanitity over quality. Hence a ton of sluts/crazies with a ton of weak or idiotic/corrupt men.

Ironically watching Idiocracy as a Teen led me to Eugenics and then Race Realism


Which is how its always been.

Think Kings and Mistresses and Sheiks and Harems

However for an intellectual/1st world nation to flourish it needs to be monogamous and quality focused

Because Whites work more than any other in US except asian

Whites and Asians are K-selective vs Negroids and Semites:

Bingo which is the **Marxist** goal

Sadly like many millenials I am intellectually acute but socio/psychologically screwed up.

It Is

**Marxism is Globalism**

Which to me is **Satanism Encarnate** the overturning of the natural order and reality for corrupt purposes.

*In Heaven there is a Kingdom; in Hell there is Democracy*

Demon: *Demo*cracy

Demon also had the meaning as a name: Strength of the Masses

@negronaut poor bastard...I tried dating a women from seattle...was hell

Essentially Leftism and all its kin are rooted in **denial and destruction** of tenaments that better a society; morals, ethics, caste, mating selection, cultural standards

Which is why the Jews push for it.

And the untermensch follow it

Yeah: untermensch.

It is the Fallen Angels attempting to Usurp God

In essence. The immorality, envy, greed, pride and incontinence

The Fallen Angels wanted what they could not have and could not control...metaphorically speaking

Libertarians are a part of it. Just lack the hivemind neccesary for it

Lolbertarians are Left-Lite

Oligarchs are part of the left because **ethically and morally** they act like the left in their corruption and based desires

Hence the Love Affair of Corps and Liberals despite Corps causing the financial decay

*The rich are evil except for Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Valve, NFL, etc etc*

@☇Unlimited Power☇ you summarized what I said about them lacking a hivemind.

Libertarians are Anarchists who lack balls


Well its like niggers rioting while blaming cops or Fat chicks hating thin women

All about projection and power-grabbing: Pride, Greed, & Envy

Which is individualism vs collectivism. With Collectivism winning 90% of the time

Shocking I know 🙄

It was due to survivalism out of neccesity.

The traits of the individual who execels breeds better kids than those who have less and breed more

As I said before K selection vs R selection when it comes to individuals and races/civilization

Problem is the stupid **will & have** outnumbered the wise


Which is why Eugenics is a thing. Hell spartans had it, Romans had it, Egyptians, even the Hebrews

Precisely my point

It is.

You cannot have **White Civilization Standards Without White Majority or White Supremacy**

Also *decapitated the black family*? @Spencelarian Neo-Maxi that was mostly Jews and the niggers own tendencies

Yeah figures

It is wrong but it is kind of right as we *allowed/enabled* it with Gibs

Which is partly why they hate us even though they caused it themselves through their own **incontinence**

But they instinctively cannot act on that

Which leads to African style families and societies *cough detroit cough*

Individualism is Animalism/Primalism

As a societal/cultural ideology.

Morally the Churches/Temples call that Sin 😂

Because if Women wont give sex which is their main function then men go to fornication. @Belligerent Ship

Porn has increased alongside Feminism for obvious reasons.

As well as Eunuch behaviours: IE neckbears & MGTOW

It is no suprise that Atheists or Anti-theists *(there is a fine line difference)* tend to be Leftist

I myself am Agnostic but that is from a moralist/Scientific Standpoint

I am actually part of the sedivanicst server Cristeros League

And the remenants of the DS group Warriors of Christ.

I look at christianity from a civilization and moral standpoint.

Paganism is the white version of Nigger voodoo sad to say. But that does not mean that it should be entirely removed.

Really. My jewdar went off when I saw him

@Zorost and whoever feel free to send a friend invite


Murica fuck yea

Enough said sadly. The idiotic and apathetic education focusing on tests and feelz.

Though I am fortunate enough to be an autodidtact

😑 its a word meaning self-taught

😑 you either need a dictionary or have a sardonic sense of humor


@Spencelarian Neo-Maxi reminds me of this rich nigger in Univ. Acted all pompous and uppity but still prone to chimpouts and "where da white women at" tendencies

Notorious for having threesomes with his white feminist GF

Male and Female. Mostly white of course

Oh yeah typical limosine liberal. *I think we should ban guns. Hold on while I buy this fuctioning model MP40*

Seriously pissed me off. Always had to affirm his status with everyone. Hell even sieg heiled random people for kicks because he could get away with it.

Uppity rich niggers are worse than Hoodniggers in my opinion.

He didnt buy into SJW mentality because as he put it: *thats for the idiots who cant manipulate the system*

Essentially: Im rich why should I give a shit.

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