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@Deathsinger terrible form indeed

@Deathsinger you can't just blame @jorick2u for this, for all we know you're stitching him up! You could have shopped that!

"maybe maybe maybe"

"actually maybe"

but unfortunate

@ChΓ©pakoi nope, I thought that was a saying

wait are we now saying he raped them?

@PrincipledLiberal I don't think he had consent but if he didn't lay a finger on them, if he didn't verbally abuse them, who was wronged?

It's time for the sacrifice

!play the coconut song

the camps are just full of women at this stage, no men can get a partner and the men revolt - congratulations you've practically punched your own movement in the face

I think I just became a lesbian

hang on, so should women not be whores? or have you fucked lots of women? @Webber

"we've never experienced degeneracy" - said by the men who spent weeks carving perfect dicks into marble

fuck lancaster

they evidently did

nobody has permission to speak in here so we can't answer you

>old man yells at cloud.jpg

anyone have a link to the debate server?

it's not the race, it's what you do with it

yes but explain

they're both farm animals though

if you'd said from pizza to ironing board I would have understood.

forgive me for thinking you had some originality

if you've not stolen a shopping trolley on a night out, what were you even doing?

pot kettle black

I don't hear you saying I'm wrong though

it's a shortened version of 'the pot calling the kettle black' which means both parties are the same, so you calling the Irish subhuman made me laugh because you're Quebecois.

they have Scottish pounds too

but it is monopoly money

dare you to try and spend it in a Londis in Luton

then see how legitimate it is

Corona tastes like antifreeze


Legally you can drink in the UK from the age of 5 at home, 16 if you have a small ale with a meal, 18 for drinking anything.

I mean, what do you even do at university if not drinking?

can I still make fun of LP for being Quebecois? @Hellstorme

yes LP, imagiNATION

You're thinking of the welsh @BitofSizzle

"oh yes, bugger me with that cheese"

@ChΓ©pakoi snails are a bit like the remnants of a snot that they tried to cover up by soaking it in sweat

@Fogmind I don't hear any monogolian throat singing, can we either add that or bring it out a little more?

excellent πŸ˜ƒ

@Fogmind can you put Mr Brightside in it?

@Fogmind technically finnish? I think it would mix well with the Mongolian

god dammit I really thought we were going to go for freestyle jazz this time

the online version of cards against humanity was fun in the early days too

I've heard more thought-provoking conversation at a convention for the dumb

It's not letting me unmute?

I'll log back in


In Brazil both sexes are Klingon

One word: carnival

I like no. 5, not for your comic but just because that is the best "you're shitting me" face I've seen in a long time

@1000 you're going to draw titanic hentai?

Wasn't an iceberg that sunk the ship... it was tentacles

@Cookies in my notes it says he is a lizard

@Cookies if the answer is not Johnny 5 we have to end the conversation here

@Liberty's Boot we have only just got taco bell

one has opened two junctions down the M1

my illusions of the state of American food establishments have been shattered

@Cookies does it have a soft play area though? those were the shit

@Cookies don't worry, I promise I tell the truth or my name isn't Gulda Prune Clywns

@Hellstorme @Deathsinger you have to have a lovechild

@Shironian that was rude hang your head in shame

I feel like we are so close to breaking out into Elvis

pigs will eat anything

pigs will eat everything

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