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There we go

How goes it?\

Cool deal.

For those that do not know me, I am from the Atomwaffen Division.

well I have to get going for now, gotta work


Great idea!

It depends on who you're trying to reach.

and the overall objective.

I have been filled in briefly about the event regarding the eclipse. From what I understood it is held mostly with a more esoteric undertone? Or is there more to it?

You're description sounds more like banner drop than a flag waiving event as I have been told

So whereabouts will it be dropped?

And how are the banners going to be made?

Stencil or print?

Well you definitely have to choose wisely with your locations

Get the locations that will gibe the most publicity


This is to be held in corvallis, yes?

Also: would you be looking at potential recruitment or just spreading the general message?

Is who would be your target audience?

Yes but who of the motorists? Just the general public? Potential "on the fence" typea?


I suppose I can ask more about some of this stuff later.

I gotta get to bed, as I have to work tonight

Ill ask more about it later

So where did you have your flags made?

I wouldn't bother with them at all.

The best way I would seem, is recruiting their members.

Hell, one of my guys in my chapter of AWD is a former member.

do without the swastikas? nonsense!

That's what gets the point accross.

Well I have been looking for decently priced flag printers so I can make more AWD flags for later

Well and to be honest: you have to be uncompromising in your message.

That is how we have been successful.

For example: when we fliered on UW campus in Seattle. We were not the only ones to flier, but also Indentity Evropa and American Vanguard but it was only our stuff that got attention.

why? because the message of our propaganda is clear and uncompromising.

also, no matter what you say or how you conduct your group: they will always continue to call you a nazi.

whether you're an identitarian with a weak reactionary message such as "we have a right to exist" or something more blunt such as"GTKRWN!"

for you said it was 40 for one flag

what are the prices for multiple flags?

the usual rates I mean

decent rates it seems.

oh yeah I've noticed that myself.

sems this is the site


it wasn't that hard to find

I just put in the email to google lol


nah, it has to always be Total Aryan Victory

even publicly

nope. it wasn't god.

it was me.

"if any of y'all said filth like "blacks are inherently violent" to my black face, I'd knock your rotten teeth out."\


That's just like when you say to a woman that she is irrational and she shouts back at you "IM NOT IRRATIONAL!"

wrong camo, bro


They will call you nazis no matter what you do. Might as well own it.

digital camo, I gotta say I have never understood the purpose of digital camo

it doesn't seem like it can really hide anything very well.

it just seems like the US military does it because it "looks cool"

Flecktarn seems the best to me

not just because of the obvious reasons


They will not dox you if you don't give them info.

Never been a huge fan of the NRM

in my personal opinion they are generally too soft.

Nordic Resistance Movement

from Sweden.

Well if they were more like NA then I'd like them more.

well to be fair: the NSM is shit for MANY reasons

Really? THAT is your biggest problem with the NSM?

not the trailer trash-tier dysgenic (often racially heterogeneous) people in their membership? Not the race mixers, druggies and other degenerate misfits among them? Their Jewish leader that married a Half Syrian woman who has two half black lesbian daughters?

Well that is not even that particular model

it is just a result of white nationalism rather than uncompromising National Socialism.

well the xtians just have to choose one now dont they?

Identity Evropa is gay.

Anything that is NOT Fascist is far lesser.

there is no appealing to the masses.

Only to those that are "on the fence" so to speak.

not really.

Not on the fence of Fascism.

maybe on being what is considered "far right" but not Fascism.

Honestly: I found that former Stalinists have made better National Socialists, for one.

trust me, the majority of people are not on the fence of Fascism. As the masses are lemmings.

That's not the point.

I'm saying FORMER stalinists/communists.

blackpilling? nonsense.

It's Siegepilling


and even so: the masses cannot and will not be swayed.

you are only wasting your time doing so.

Well they already have authority by the system we have now.

most people cannot think for themselves and WILL not think for themselves. This is the lemming principle.

ONe often referred to by not only James Mason but by Dr. Pierce as well.


basically they will essentially go with whatever power holds the highest standard of living and survival.

It is a sociological fact. It was only in a state of societal and economic instability that Hitler's NSDAP came to power when it did.

Many people hate the same things that we do, it doesn't mean they are near the same category as you or I as fascists.

No, I have been a Fascist long before this Alt-right nonsense was a thing.

People have tried that using a "conventional method" but if it were to work: it would have already.

Part of why I said what I said about FORMER stalinists/Communists making good (perhaps better NS/FAscists) is at least they realize that NS is more than just Racialism alone and the means by obtaining that goal is not as simple (not even close) as getting everybody on board through conventional means.


If that was the case: we would have won by now, don't you think?

You are stuck in the line of thinking that most in the "mainstream movement" are.

as in?

that is very vague.

No. we aren't.

times have changed.

I never said we would.

I have been saying quite the opposite, really.

I always found those robes interesting.

Very occult in nature, despite what they are.


The only way you're going to effectively recruit is by getting those on the (TRULY) on the fence. They must be your target audience, never back down on your message or compromise: they will respect that.

We can try being like NRM or we could be more like National Action.

No, we aren'tr british nazis.

BUT they had a good platform.

or atleast something to use as a springboard.


That is the point!

raising white children means NOTHING if you are doing it within the confines of the system.

no, smashing the system should be number 1

If you're raising children within the confines of the system: you can expect to lose your family.

or more likely, I might say.

ultimately it is autonomy that is the most effective, here in the US especially.

I can agree with that sentiment at least.

build that community, but don't waste time trying to get normies to join along (at least don't make it such an outreach)

well no, it is only those social programs that work in an authoritarian setting.

but you're partially there.

and if they are too weak and scared then they deserve to go down with the ship.

well, not counting women and children of course.

"If we can't get the Whites off their asses to retake control of their destiny then we can at least put them in a position where they will have to fight for their miserable lives!" - James Mason , Siege, Removing all Options

Siegepills > Blackpills bro

well not all whites are quality people.

Quality before quantity.

and many of these people will not be swayed either way and deserve nothing more than to go down with the ship when it goes down.

if they won't turn around when shit hits the fan: the will never turn around.

well unfortunately in the grand scheme of things: it is not.

Action is what is important.

no, Hitler rose to power because of support bred from societal instability.

and yes, people DID take up arms for the cause

and they DID cull their ranks

what do you think the night of long knives was?

and the only way they will be swayed is when the system comes to a point of instability to where their basic way of living and survival is compromised.

for example, in Weimar Germany when currency was used as firewood

and their ranks WERE of their race.

of course they would


if they want to survive that is.


Collapse IS inevitable.

the question is only: when/

honestly: I am all for it.

well, I am for them doing everything they do to ruin society.

Hell, that is partially why I wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election.

but of course!

Anything that is bad for the system is good for us.

of course it is!

no, it would be bad for the system.

think about it for a moment.

and how many more white people will turn over to our side as a result?

Why do you think Fascism is on the rise in Europe today?

because they end up experiencing the tensions for themselves.

collapse is most definitely inevitable.

it is already happening in Europe as we speak

and America will be behind it.

and all we can do is perpetuate it to it's end.

The west must fall, so that we can rebuild something upon its ashes.

the collapse MUST happen, as it is the best chance we have.

There is no fixing the system.

on the contrary.

and that is how the system will fall, essentially.

and when it cannibalizes itself and falls: it's gone.

American Futurism is the way.

plan for the collapse, and hope for it.


Perhaps everything has it's purpose.

I am all for building more autonomous community settings

however where I am coming from is don't expend so much energy to try and get people who simply don't get it.

yes because they BUILT that system.


the black sun

well no

it's Schwarze sonne

you had it backwards

I prefer "black sun" to "sunwheel"

more ominous sounding.

but of course it is

it presents the greater esoteric significance

it is far more than that.

black representing the metaphysical.

the basic summary.

very similar to what is described by "the black light"

almost a paradox but in the chaotic metaphysical: it transcends material laws.

then what are you waiting for?

Well of course you won't gain metaphysical insight if you do not devote time to it.

the question is: how far are you willing to go?

LOL good one

jesus fuuuukk


Gas the bikes, race car now!

head gear? LOL

It's not straight to the point!

how about something along the lines of "We stand with you white man! When the world is against you"

also guys: we made a backup youtube page for AWD

Be sure to subscribe!

well that character is a picture of an SS soldier that is vectored.

I personally wouldn't suggest that route

as that is what almost everyone does except they just slap their flag on their.

however there are indeed many ways you can go about it

what is good about this particular wording is it is not reactionary.

instead of "We have a right to exist, pls don't let our race go extinct" (though it may not always be worded that way: it comes off that way). What is good about it is it is firm.

and with propaganda one of the important things is being firm in your message.

Yeah I'd like to see some more of your work.

and I'll present some ideas to you if I come up with any.

though I'm not a fan of Generation Identity or their symbol: I like that design

then again, my main issue is just generation identity

their symbol is not that bad now that i think about it

I just think they could have used a little more in their flag

OH we've been using that joke for quite a while. 😉

and our chapter postered the S H I T out of sieg hall

that's one thing we have been trying to get the to do

to be honest.

just so it becomes a dialogue.

and it would have been Atomwaffen Division who made them do it! XD


Funny thing is we found a tweet at one point from one of the professors that works in that building

she said something to the effect about how nazis fliered all over UW and that one of the buildings "unfortunately" hit was her building... of sieg hall

No shit?

wait, you're in UW?

Well shit now we HAVE to recruit you

Actually none of our members are students


on another note

what classes are you taking at Sieg Hall?

sounds shitty man

Cascadia uber alles?

I hear you

its annoying.

I actually have two strikes now on the Atomwaffen youtube page.

hopefully one of them expires before getting another one.

luckily though we made a backup youtube account.


unfortunately I cannot upload anything to the main yt account.

as I'm bnanend from uploading for two weeks

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