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fuck you all

fuck your uncles

fuck your cattle

fuck your bitch made ass bitchery

stop having bots invite people

fucking gaylords

cricket is good

shut up n word

cheap = good

hey smoothbrains

i got another bot invite to your server

fuck you gays


this is the 2nd time a bot account has invited me

y'all trying to snake members from the politics discord

very unepic

@Probably Tim weren't u an owner there

@Country HTFDGPS I thought you were gonna say you cut off pp


aw lawd he comin

liberty hang out is good channel

what the frick i didnt do anything!!!

im innocent!!!

innocent i tell you

this is heresy

someone ban this madman

i plead temporary insanity

woah bro



America is best country bro

ca CAWWWWW of freedom

who warned me. . .

@Wicked shut up

minnie i greatly dislike you

Shane wants to know your location

can't keep my peen in my pants



when he does it on your floor

when he scratches at the door

then he doesn't shit


deal with it

who else here jacks off their dogs

alert i feel like ik u

my cat decapitates bunnies


try not to immediately cum

very funny

also I am now very eRECT


tulsi is not attractive

i didn't say i was under 16 :[

they already have human monkey hybrids

they're called

jayoglass is 13

why is she here



what libtard mod warned me for saying n word


cringe moment

penis enlargement

<:feelsbadman:602624846563901441> <:dunce:602624846697988104> <:feelsgoodman:602624989224763402> <:fbipepe:603062812729802762> <:AmusedPepe:606559108694278158> <:hmm:602624108483837959> <:monkaF:602629839169781766> <:peepoangry:602623120955932673> <:peepoawesomepng:602623106086993968> <:peepochrist:602623282457477130> <:peepolove:602623255559405574> <:peepohappypng:602623085228589067> <:peepogiggle:602623209958932684> <:peepoez:602623837376479243> <:peepocry:602623173401509888> <:peepocomfy:602623893529821195> <:pepedevil:602624844173148173> <:pepobed:602624366005583894> <:pepohug:602624069267095582> <:pepobra:602624366089338918> <:pepoglasses:602624366169030676> <:pepohype:602624988939550731> <:pepopaperhat:602624366911422478> <:pepopanti:603024003451453490> <:pepointerest:602624846437810216> <:pepojudgmental:602624844189663233> <:peporope:602623916527321118> <:peposad:602624844206440449>

will i need to be in a vc to play poker


brainlet moment

i am going to use epic poker skills to slay foes 😎

prepare to be outplayed weebs

<:smink:602818171442823178> <:smink:602818171442823178> <:smink:602818171442823178>

we playing texas holdem right

that is truly big brain

bet all your money on the turn


i actually play poker competitively, so


time to game me some nitro


is that u

you look like ben shaprios less successful cousin


is that u jordan


except me

not 21


i had rum once because i flirt with danger


thanks obama

. . .

gay is not ok

i don't like your nihilism there pardner

im gonna have to give you a fine

@Country HTFDGPS do i need to be in vc to play

happy birthday pimp daddy

looks fancy


we're playing texas holdem right

cause if we're not playing texas holdem im finna get spanked


why is my cock so fucking huge

god must be pretty damn gay then

no string bet for u

<:pepointerest:602624846437810216> <:pepointerest:602624846437810216> <:pepointerest:602624846437810216>

are we starting

bromance makes pp extend

i stayed up an hour to play poker and dumb phone wont let me

feels bad man

pepe sad cry

gn gamers

that was fun

pimp who gets free nitro


i have chick fil a and u dont

92% of left wing extremists live with their parents


who spam

how do i run for political party leader


is he gnot a gnelf

really tho whos gnome

whos gnooooome

whos gnome

@Wicked who do i speaketh with to run for political party leader

ok mr wicked

when is voting

and where can i epicly campaign


who owns this server


@pimp jesus

Tim are u actually gay

what a casual

jayo why are you cringe

ur an edgy 1 dimensional quirky owo discord larper

theres not that much to accept


thats pretty edgy

i bet u watch sad simpsons edits

so when is vote for leader of political parties

pls explain

elon musk should make a cologne called musks musk

i hate women & minorities



dont be l8 to my gr8 m8 hangout where we dont h8 or discrimin8

jk gays are bad

`i know what the ladies like`

quantum arent u a dude


fake news

fake news



i dont know if i want to live without pimp. . .

erectile torsion


u didnt open your mouth

you typed with fingers

if that makes u feel better

much welcome

its not all its cracked up to be

thats not how it works for me :(

my parents pick all the subjects i do and what curriculums


not really lol

i go to a homeschool co op every thursday

and thats what everyones parents does

so i mean



im going into the army

and then using it for free college

and then maybe once im 23 ill get out and join the fbi

epic gamer moment


my family is very pro military and so am i

im very proud of america and i really want to join up


i used to be famous on roblox

true story

minorities? h8 em

gays? i b8 em

women? i d8 em

jk, i h8 them too


generation z is best

im too based for this dimension

millenials are worse than gen z

ha ha

what generation comes after z

im not gonna say anything, but the 10-11 year olds ive met recently have been retarded out the wazoo

like 80% more retarded than gen z's were back then

@Flake shut up milleniuseless



that doesnt even work

who owns this server

fake news

has ur husband granted you permission to speak here


i dont drink chocolate milk

this is libel

and i prefer to be called birb

wtf is soylent

for all i know it could be soylent green

smh smh

shake my smh

saying male femenist makes my pp shrink

bravo six

going dark


wicked sir who owns this here saloon

fake news

who own

s s


then why is his role lower than rs


that emoji chain just crashed my discord

how to apply spoilers on image pls

what is this witchery

|| be invis pls ||



im on moble


|| ||





whom ping

ew u gay





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