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2018-01-10 01:29:46 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

2018-01-10 01:30:21 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Sup. Where my /lefty/polfags at

2018-01-12 03:42:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Are you guys all right wing

2018-01-12 03:44:01 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'm a leftist. I still think you guys are going to win both the Senate and the House. At the very least the whole midterm will be a wash

2018-01-12 03:44:28 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Nelson, Donnelly, Heitkamp are all very vulnerable moderate Democrats in Trump-winning states

2018-01-12 03:45:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But then again, Trump was running up against Hillary, so it might not be a good indicator

2018-01-12 03:46:08 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

@Red Storm (in NYC) that's like saying Texas is going to vote in Beto. Not happening most likely

2018-01-12 03:46:36 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Does anyone have the chart where it shows which Senators are up for grabs

2018-01-12 03:47:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Are you both New Yorkers

2018-01-12 03:48:27 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Who cares about California though; It's a blue state for the most part (fortunately for me)

2018-01-12 03:48:44 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But the only two states Republicans have to worry about are Arizona and Nevada

2018-01-12 03:48:55 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

The rest is on the Democrats

2018-01-12 03:49:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

At least that's what I think

2018-01-12 03:50:06 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

What makes you say that

2018-01-12 03:50:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Idk that much about the House races

2018-01-12 03:50:46 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Is one of the Darrel Issa

2018-01-12 03:55:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Is Joe Arpaio running for Senate in Arizona? Will Arizona become blue or stay red?

2018-01-12 03:55:58 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

That's only if the majority of the people are evangelicals in Minnesota. I don't see how any liberal or maybe any moderate conservative would vote Bachmann

2018-01-12 03:57:51 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But in general, the midterms are probably going to be a Red Wave or just a stalemate. IDK how a Blue Wave might happen

2018-01-12 03:58:32 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-12 04:00:31 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

"Soccer moms" are prevalent in the Midwest though, so I doubt its about who the people are more than the party they are currently in

2018-01-12 04:01:56 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Well, there was a resurgence of Tea Partiers at that time. Idk if there is going to be a progressive/populist resurgence this year

2018-01-12 04:02:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Maybe there is, IDK

2018-01-12 04:03:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Not if the Democrats are moderate Democrats though. Donnelly for instance is probably a more right-wing Democrat. Same with Manchin and Heitkamp

2018-01-12 04:04:47 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I don't understand why Democrats think that just because Alabama nearly went to Jones that somehow this is a referendum against Trump. Jones nearly won against a Pedo

2018-01-12 04:05:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Barely won***

2018-01-12 04:05:21 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

My bad

2018-01-12 04:06:07 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Actually, the problem with Beto's campaign is that it isn't as funded as much as Ted Cruz's campaign. Many people don't know O Rourke, but a lot of them know Ted Cruz.

2018-01-12 04:06:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Democrats know very well that Texas is a goner and are not aiding them as much as the Reps are with Cruz

2018-01-12 04:07:27 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

As a leftist, I know it's not true. Ted Cruz isn't as hated by Texas as Roy Moore was in Alabama

2018-01-12 04:08:22 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I mean, two of the governorships went towards Democrats this year (although they are neoliberal corporatists)

2018-01-12 04:08:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Just a regular progressive

2018-01-12 04:09:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'm both fiscally and socially liberal.

2018-01-12 04:09:53 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Not a Keynesian.

2018-01-12 04:10:26 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Didn't Warren vote for like 80 million dollars in aid towards some War?

2018-01-12 04:14:12 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Yeah. I think Warren isn't really a progressive. Maybe on some issues but others not so much

2018-01-12 04:15:32 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But I wouldn't trust the media on whether or not hter will be a blue or red sweep. CNN, Fox, MSMBC are all biased in their own ways

2018-01-12 04:16:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

And most of them dont report on the grassroots campaign (Progressives and Social Democrats from CNN and MSNBC/Austrians and Libertarians from Fox)

2018-01-12 04:17:51 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Polls are retarded, but most people look at the polls and no the candidate's voting history anyways so thats what the media goes for

2018-01-12 04:21:21 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But yeah, Indiana looks like its going red definitely, Florida and North Dakota are probably going to go red, and IDK about the rest of the states (in terms of the Senate)

2018-01-12 04:25:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'd honestly laugh if Senator Menendez is still in the Senate even after the corruption trial and being faced with al those charges

2018-01-12 05:50:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ IDK about West Virginia. Manchin won by a pretty significant margin last senate election, even though West Virginia is a mostly red state.

2018-01-12 21:40:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

What is a pseudo liberal

2018-01-12 21:41:19 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also, are there any more political discord groups I can join

2018-01-12 22:10:04 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So a neoliberal?

2018-01-12 22:18:56 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So a Progressive?

2018-01-13 01:13:39 UTC [Red Storm #data]  

So based on that, it looks like there might be a blue wave?

2018-01-13 02:51:45 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

What makes you think that

2018-01-13 02:53:00 UTC [Red Storm #data]  

What makes the midterms flip to the opposite party of the President that was elected before it?

2018-01-14 22:02:27 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Rick Scott is running? Didn't know that

2018-01-14 22:22:02 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Thoughts on Austin Petersen running for MO Senate?

2018-01-14 22:22:46 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

And John James for MI Senate?

2018-01-14 22:42:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I mean, its Virginia, one of the more blue states.

2018-01-14 22:47:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

You have to ask though, did people vote for Trump because they actually like his policies, or did people vote for Trump because they were against Clinton

2018-01-14 22:49:47 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Yeah, so methinks people just didn't like Hillary and didn't vote, but its different with the midterms, since there is essentially no democrat that is more loathed than Hillary

2018-01-14 22:49:52 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I think

2018-01-14 22:51:11 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

IDK I'm not really looking for a red storm since i'm a lefty but its pretty interesting to see what you guys think

2018-01-14 22:54:22 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Media coverage helped a lot with that though @FLanon . Media shilled for Hillary 24/7 and was biased for her.

2018-01-14 23:03:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Probably "for the lols" since its Trump

2018-01-14 23:04:08 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-14 23:06:57 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lmao just wondering do you guys think Nehlen is going to beat Ryan during the primaries

2018-01-14 23:07:32 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Didn't he lose quite a lot to Ryan last midterm?

2018-01-14 23:10:03 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lmao I was thinking that as well. Nehlen doesn't talk like a radical right-winger or seems like one

2018-01-14 23:10:12 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Looking at some of the interviews

2018-01-14 23:12:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh yeah. Macron is nowhere near left wing. He's more neoliberal, sort of like the Clintons

2018-01-14 23:19:24 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Why do McCain and Flake both have low approval ratings in AZ? Will it turn blue or at least purple?

2018-01-14 23:21:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I thought they had low approval ratings because AZ is shifting more liberal idk

2018-01-14 23:21:40 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also, Ted Cruz is hated with both the Republicans and Democrats, but he's really popular here in TX

2018-01-14 23:21:46 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Senate Republicans and Democrats*

2018-01-15 01:38:09 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-15 01:38:56 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

He's a former libertarians going Republican so he's pretty popular among the Libertarian crowd

2018-01-15 01:57:06 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ Yeah definitely.

2018-01-15 01:57:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So in that way Hillary Clinton would've been way better for Republicans because they would be in the House and Senate

2018-01-15 01:58:41 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Do /pol/fags actually believe in shit like white nationalism, the Jewish Question, etc. or is it just a meme

2018-01-15 02:02:05 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Right, but are most of them legitimately pushing for a white ethnostate, questioning how Jews run everything, etc. or are they just LARPing for whatever reason

2018-01-15 02:05:05 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I wouldn't trust polls since they can be very ambiguous.

2018-01-15 02:07:08 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

tbh the Media should just tell what each politicians' voting record is instead of shoving polls saying who is in the lead, so people can make decisiosn based on policy not advancing whatever politician is ahead

2018-01-15 23:27:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

>tfw I don't think that Chelsea Manning isn't necessarily a bad choice for the US Senate

2018-01-15 23:28:19 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I think* whelp

2018-01-15 23:29:30 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Yeah. Most of the Democratic establishment is shilling against her hard.

2018-01-15 23:30:11 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Even if she wins or loses, as long as she exposes the corrupt elite agenda of the surveillance state, the war crimes committed by the US, etc. I'd say its a win

2018-01-15 23:32:43 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But realistically speaking, she's going to probably lose to Cardin anyways

2018-01-20 03:38:49 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I mean, they are 3 of the most vulnerable Democratic Senators in red states, so its no wonder they are trying to save face by preventing a shutdown

2018-01-20 05:48:09 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-21 20:52:08 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Even though its likely that Cruz will win Texas, It's a bit too early. There might be some controversies from now until November that might cost him

2018-01-21 20:53:11 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-21 20:53:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-21 20:54:04 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But one question, are both the Republican challengers to NY and Massachusetts relatively popular or relatively unknown

2018-01-21 20:55:48 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also, how is the situation coming along with Ohio and Sherrod Brown? Is there another Republican challenger that can possibly unseat him? I know Mandel dropped out and the other dude didn't want to join

2018-01-21 20:59:58 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Ok, because another factor to consider with TX is that Beto is relatlvely unknown, while Ted is very well known in TX which could aid him.

2018-01-21 21:04:42 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Does anyone have the link to who is racing against who in the House and Senate?

2018-01-21 21:15:59 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-21 21:17:04 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Right, but I want the link where it showed who all the possible candidates were running against each state so far. I believe it was one of the links on the midterms thread

2018-01-21 22:49:41 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-21 22:49:52 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I believe it the homepage was green

2018-01-21 22:50:36 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

found it

2018-01-22 01:31:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh yeah, going back to the race in Maryland, do you know who the Republican candidate is? A former CIA agent

2018-01-22 01:31:54 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Sam Faddis

2018-01-22 01:32:41 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Meaning, if Manning gets elected in the primaries, she would be up against a CIA agent. So Manning would probably have the upper hand rofl

2018-01-22 01:34:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh yeah definitely. Cardin is a shill to Israel and expanding NSA surveillance

2018-01-22 02:27:14 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I said earlier I was socially and fiscally liberal

2018-01-22 02:28:19 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

a lot or more programs but less taxes and more government spending

2018-01-22 02:28:28 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

taxes don't fund government spending

2018-01-22 02:28:55 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

whats wrong with the debt? what's wrong with the deficit for that matter

2018-01-22 02:32:42 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

When interest rates go up, the government pays more into the debt by increasing the deficit. And because the federal deficit is private sector savings, it will stimulate the economy depending on who is holding the bonds

2018-01-22 02:34:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also with regard to the interest rates, we don't really know whether or not it will speed up or slow down the economy

2018-01-22 02:35:41 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I guess I would fall more towards Keynes, but I guess I would be a post-Keynesian, more specifically someone who follows MMT

2018-01-22 02:38:06 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also with regard to whether or not a debt level is sustainable or not, just know that we can never go bankrupt with our own money, since we the US gov is the currency issuer, not the user.

2018-01-22 02:39:24 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

That's why we have taxes

2018-01-22 02:39:52 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

One main function of taxes is to regulate our spending power

2018-01-22 02:41:31 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But regardless, if you mean "devaluing" as in inflation, then I think its a bit exaggerated

2018-01-22 02:43:16 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

It's poorly understood is what I meant to say. Inflation isn't always caused by government spending

2018-01-22 02:43:44 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I would say unemployment is a way bigger problem tbh

2018-01-22 02:44:14 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-01-22 02:45:30 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I would agree with that; It would certainly cause an inflationary crises if we all just went and funded free college, medicaid, etc. in one night

2018-01-22 02:47:33 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

In general the government should be held responsible to avoid any price inflation when competing for scarce resources, but at the same time make sure we have decent living standards and full employment

2018-01-22 02:50:28 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

There are constraints that we should be worried about; inflation and resources are two of them. But whether or not we can pay for it is not one of them

2018-01-22 02:51:34 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

IE the problem with social security isn't whether or not we will run out of money, but it is if there are enough labor output and resources for everyone on social security to buy what they want without any scarcity. This is why full employment is essential

2018-01-22 02:59:11 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Not as well versed on social issues as I am on other issues, but I'm socially liberal.

2018-01-22 02:59:47 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

progressive kind of liberal i guess

2018-01-22 03:01:28 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I don't mind people taking pride of their country, but when it just outright distracts people from issues facing the country then I would have to be against that.

2018-01-22 03:02:05 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

What do you mean globalism

2018-01-22 03:04:13 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh yeah.

2018-01-22 03:04:25 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I think I know what you mean by globalism. I think of it as neoliberalism

2018-01-22 03:04:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Yeah, neoliberalism is disastrous

2018-01-22 03:06:12 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh that's not what I was thinking of. I was thinking more along the lines of putting the elite's interest over that of the people

2018-01-22 03:08:42 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I don't know much about it, but I guess I'm fine? Don't really have an opinion on it other than as long as you respect others I respect you

2018-01-22 03:14:52 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Again, with regard to welfare, just know that your tax money is not going towards government spending. We don't have a scarce amount of money, so it doesn't really matter if that latino immigrant takes more welfare money than an another person

2018-01-24 23:34:47 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Jesus I missed a lot apparently

2018-01-24 23:36:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Oh yeah I was going to say that Manchin looks like he won't be running for Senate again this year

2018-01-24 23:37:03 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Ehh I'm ambivalent

2018-01-24 23:38:04 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Manchin isn't progressive by any means and he might have not voted blue all the time, but he still leaned quite Democratic. The only reason Manchin won was because he ran on coal

2018-01-24 23:39:58 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

And to be honest, Manchin is probably the only WV Democrat who could beat WV Republican. IDK about the progressive alternative, Paula Swearengin

2018-01-24 23:41:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

And it doesn't look like Swearengin isn't running on coal, since it is quite anti-progressive

2018-02-02 17:05:49 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

tbh the best way to avoid the press if you were an elected official is to be a typical Republican or a Democrat who always votes party line, preferably in a state that few people care about.

2018-02-02 17:05:54 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

but where's the fun in that

2018-02-05 04:32:19 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

Jesus this discord grew quickly

2018-02-05 22:11:23 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  


2018-02-05 22:13:32 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

Thoughts on Bachmann not running for Senate?

2018-02-05 22:17:34 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

whoops wrong channel

2018-02-05 22:17:43 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Thoughts on Bachmann opting out of running for the Senate?

2018-02-05 22:19:30 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Is Minnesota going to be a safe blue, or is there a really good Republican

2018-02-05 22:20:05 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also is Ohio going to be a safe blue, since Mandel dropped out and that filmmaker isn't running?

2018-02-05 22:27:06 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

When I mean safe I mean safe in terms of the Senate just in case you got confused

2018-02-05 22:27:13 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I don't really follow the House

2018-02-07 03:25:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Daily reminder that Clinton is literally the worst candidate that the Democrats had to offer

2018-02-07 03:27:22 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So it would probably make sense why a district that dramatically voted for Trump in the 201 election went for a moderate Dem to represent their district this year

2018-02-09 06:10:15 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

What's going on? Why isn't Rick Scott running as senator for Florida yet?

2018-02-09 06:10:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

just curious

2018-02-10 03:13:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

is AZ going to become blue since Flake isn't running again and McCain's probably going to die from brain cancer

2018-02-10 03:38:59 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-11 03:05:25 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

how do you guys feel about leftists like me just curious

2018-02-11 03:07:22 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

or just left wingers in general

2018-02-11 03:09:29 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

So as long as they have a moderate-right stance on immigration (they can have a hardcore left stance on every other stance), you're fine with that?

2018-02-11 03:12:25 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  


2018-02-11 03:13:55 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

well I'm not too educated on immigration beyond making sure that both immigrants and citizens are protected. Pretty sure most of the Mexicans are fleeing Mexico from the War on Drugs but I could be wrong

2018-02-11 03:16:05 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

tbh the only reason im in this discord is because im interested in what you guys have to say about the midterm elections coming up.

2018-02-11 03:30:06 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ Nah. IDK what to do with all the info in the midterms thread.

2018-02-11 03:32:52 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

TBH I think it's the actions abroad that destabilize their cities is what makes people migrate to other countries. The most glaring example being the wars going on in the Middle East

2018-02-11 03:33:11 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism are both cancer

2018-02-14 03:17:29 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lol are you talking about Paul Nehlen?

2018-02-14 03:35:09 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

what does each pic represent

2018-02-14 03:43:46 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I assume the bottom picture is what it looks like if Maryland was redistricted?

2018-02-15 05:29:04 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Probably going to get shat on for this, but running a federal surplus is going to be very harmful to our economy

2018-02-15 05:34:39 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Clinton helped set up the stage for the financial crisis by running up huge surpluses, leaving the private sector to run a deficit. Bush brought that back down when his deficit helped us grow like around 5% of the GDP, but the private sector moved back to taking on deficits due to lender fraud.

2018-02-15 15:24:43 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Politically, having large public debt isn't the problem. Having large private debt is. If you want single-income families or double-income families to be viable, then you want them to save and invest more. I agree that tax cuts on the lower and middle income class is great but so is increasing government spending.

2018-02-15 15:47:00 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Waste on what

2018-02-15 15:47:51 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

No like what does the government waste money on

2018-02-15 15:50:16 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Either way, my point is that government spending into the economy is what helps drive the private sector savings, and it is up the congress to appropriate the budget so that the money is used for the public good rather than just a few people

2018-02-15 15:56:23 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

It's not a theory really

2018-02-15 15:56:47 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

But if you're interested in it, search up Modern Monetary Theory

2018-02-15 16:04:07 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Inflation is a problem and that's what we should be focused on, not deficits or balancing the budget. However, inflation usually isn't a problem if the money being spent out in the government is used to reinvigorate idle capacity like human resources, goods, services, etc.

2018-02-15 16:05:16 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

That's a quite simple explanation but if you want to read up on what MMT thinks of inflation, just read this article (unfortunately its kind of long)

2018-02-15 16:12:02 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

I'll talk to you more about this later since I am busy atm

2018-02-16 03:26:34 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Who is the GOP candidate for Maryland

2018-02-16 03:27:12 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So a whistleblower vs a CIA officer. classic

2018-02-16 03:28:01 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

If Manning wins the primaries somehow, she does have a shot against the CIA boi if she exposes what our government is doing

2018-02-16 03:28:43 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:29:09 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I mean, it's pretty much a given if I was in Maryland I would vote Manning, but if I was someone who voted for Trump I would not vote for a neocon

2018-02-16 03:29:22 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Neocons like McCain, Cotton, Graham and Rubio need to gtfo

2018-02-16 03:30:21 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

The dude is very hawkish when it comes to Iran

2018-02-16 03:32:06 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Ok so for you guys your main focus is on immigration. Are there any other issues you are focused on or is it just immigration

2018-02-16 03:33:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So economy and immigration?

2018-02-16 03:36:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

tfw no lefties

2018-02-16 03:36:56 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I need to find a leftypol discord since I can't really connect with you guys

2018-02-16 03:37:07 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Other than just talking about midterms

2018-02-16 03:37:35 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:38:00 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'm not as heavily invested in the midterms as you guys are, just interesting to have a discussion

2018-02-16 03:38:11 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:38:22 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I don't even have reddit

2018-02-16 03:38:39 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

And I've even stated that I was a lefty several times now lol

2018-02-16 03:40:13 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lmao I mean it doesn't really matter. I was hoping to talk about midterms and politics really.

2018-02-16 03:40:54 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

All I'm going to do that is remotely "blue wave" is just vote for Dems in the midterm elections

2018-02-16 03:41:45 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'm not really a Democrat as I find most democrats to be corporatist neoliberals, but it there is a candidate that I think is worth voting for I'm voting for him or her

2018-02-16 03:42:19 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also Texas District 07

2018-02-16 03:42:25 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

So Houston Area

2018-02-16 03:43:17 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:43:18 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:44:32 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

can't tell if you're being serious or not, Culberson isn't unpopular and served in the district for quite some time now

2018-02-16 03:44:50 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But again, I follow the Senate more than the House so

2018-02-16 03:46:07 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Depends who the D is in the district.

2018-02-16 03:46:53 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lmao you guys are acting like Im some kind of a special person and can't hear you guys. "He can be persuaded" "He can become one of us"

2018-02-16 03:49:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

How is it a battleground district? Most of the people in the district are rich urbanites living in the River Oaks areas. Most of them are apathetic or vote Republican

2018-02-16 03:50:21 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I see. But there are special districts where Trump won by a huge margin and the Dems won this year

2018-02-16 03:50:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also according to ballotpedia it's not even considered a battleground

2018-02-16 03:51:45 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

endgame lmao

2018-02-16 03:51:54 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

globalism and open borders and mutliculturalism obviously

2018-02-16 03:51:58 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:52:08 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 03:53:16 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Really its just what progressives want. No more wars abroad, stronger economy, healthy society where people actually have access to free college, medicare, etc.

2018-02-16 03:53:39 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

lmao a police state is the last thing I want or any progressive wants for that matter

2018-02-16 05:25:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

How is free college, expanded medicaid, better infrastructure, etc. going to make society poorer?

2018-02-16 05:25:39 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

>inb4 tax money

2018-02-16 05:26:37 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

fine. how is free college and expanded medicare going to make society poorer?

2018-02-16 05:28:09 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I knew you would say that

2018-02-16 05:28:34 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Believe it or not, tax dollars aren't used for government expenditures, especially for the United States since we are monetary sovereign

2018-02-16 05:29:01 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Taxes are used for other reasons such as regulating aggregate demand, but not for investing in public goods and services

2018-02-16 05:30:20 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

We can essentially have "free college" since the federal government is going to check the college, and that money will be used to invest in the college infrastructure, college professors, etc. etc.

2018-02-16 05:31:10 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

But our politicians keep on peddling the neoliberal bullshit that we are somehow limited on the amount of money we can have and we will somehow go bankrupt even though that hasn't been the case ever since we got off the gold standard.

2018-02-16 05:34:23 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

Also, I never understood why conservatives aren't behind free college. The reason why most millenials have to delay major life decisions like getting married, buying a house, starting a nuclear family, etc. is because of the private debt they have to pay back from college, even those who are in STEM and business majors

2018-02-16 05:38:27 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

You're right, but these are for people who actually worked their ass off to get into the college they want, only to either not go to college or have to go to a shittier one because they can't pay off the massive tuition fee that comes with it.

2018-02-16 05:38:49 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  

I'm for more opportunities when it comes to trade school though

2018-02-16 05:39:24 UTC [Red Storm #midterms-discussions]  


2018-02-16 05:43:09 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  


2018-03-10 21:07:00 UTC [Vanguard of Patriotism #general]  

I don't know any on here lmao. I legitimately am just by myself

I barely use discord

But probably am start going to use it more often during the summer and midterm season

2018-05-12 06:07:12 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Realistically, I see O'Rourke losing

2018-05-12 06:09:47 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

The anti-gun talk and pro-choice, as politically incorrect it is in Texas, is a huge turnoff

2018-05-12 06:10:23 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

End the drug war if you want less Mexicans in Texas

2018-05-12 06:11:09 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Most of them are probably fleeing because Mexico is absolute shit anyway

2018-05-12 06:13:21 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Decriminalizing drug usage would be a good start if only the Texas legislators got off their high horse

2018-05-12 06:13:37 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Goldwater Conservatives are the worst

2018-05-12 06:14:31 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

anyways im tired. I'll see you guys later

2018-05-12 23:00:51 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

I think Dems will lose the Senate but win the house

2018-05-12 23:01:06 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

There's too many vulnerable Dems in Red States and Trump's favorability ratings are going up

2018-05-12 23:06:03 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

How vulnerable do you guys think the Red State Dem Senators are against the Repubs this season

2018-05-12 23:09:39 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

I don't see West Virginia losing. Manchin is pretty popular there, and he won the senate race with 60% of the vote.

2018-05-12 23:09:53 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Florida is going to be highly contested, so I honestly consider that a tossup

2018-05-12 23:10:15 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Actually, I think Nevada will still be going to the Republicans, its just that Dean Heller won't be the Senator

2018-05-12 23:10:56 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Who, Nelson?

2018-05-12 23:11:29 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Danny Tarkanian seems to resonate more with the Republicans than Heller is

2018-05-12 23:11:53 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Oh shit you're right. Forgot about that lol

2018-05-12 23:11:57 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

Yeah Heller is going to lose

2018-05-12 23:12:34 UTC [Elections #predictions-and-insights]  

What are the demographics for NV

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