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oh boy

@youssef we are the Alt Right Ark

sup you sexy ass niggas

Fash the Nation – with McFeels and Halberstram

its back online :D

it got me

hey its me

where you get that


its very accurate

ut oh guys just fired shots at greg Johnson

Hope this doesnt last long

i like both

Greg does bitch alot lmao but i mean what ever

he makes good shit

so i give it a pass

hes bashed you guys

that article actually degends you guys

ya he has

hes attacked twp


the thing is though

the alt roght has different idealogys

like i dont understand how the talkong heads dont even get this yet

that is litteraly the whole point

a big tent united right

yet they still bicker

like dude savebit when we win

i was told to show you this by apostate lol





Alright guys play nice

the greg put sout work like this

and itd like wtf

whu yoi trippin nigga



but hes like one of them classic faggots from rome

which is like

still fuck women for white babies but dominate male warriors on the side to teach them a lesson



still a fag but its sorta different


although It seems Donovan isnt a WN because we are full of fucking weirdos

which we are

and that hurts coming from a fag




tom woods books all signed appeared on my door step today

pretty dope

@I'm Not Sam Hyde is this same Rockwell as the one on the forums?


i was like thst at first to

the forums have good content to leqrn from though

i probably dont post as much as most people but the topics are great

good share on alt right . com discord

interesting lol

@youssef risky is irregular

is anti antifa

anti communist action

or that its own group to

hello @Privantua who you with


so we can sort you into your respective role


lmao you fly with us bitch

oh shit

so its about a 9hr drive

from me to you

so if i do some good long term planning

i may be able to attend our event thea goy

could you plan a flight here

for that time

why not

yoi fucking asshole

its for our group event

when's the next podcast

-. -


im trying to pull away from the kike stuff a little bit so


we need to bring the whole crew back

we need to do the shoe again

it was a good show

this time we can clean it up nice

we are all mich more refined now

lmao thats good to have on a panel though



i am seriously considering attending the unite the right event

I will start saving money now planning days off

so hopefully i will meet alot of you

hold on goys

let me find the event posting


ill be deah

ya i didn't post in here i was going yet

sorry guys

should see this ya

neh its for the Ubited Right FB contributers

not really functional anymore

any particular reason you love that chat so much lmao

128 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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