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2018-03-20 17:10:33 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

2018-03-20 17:11:11 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Hello friends. I love diversity and race is a social construct.

2018-03-20 17:14:30 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Everyone's favorite person.

2018-03-20 17:15:21 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

You wanna fight?

2018-03-20 17:34:47 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Your profile pic looks better on me.

2018-03-20 19:40:08 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Fevs stole my profile pic.

2018-03-20 19:41:07 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

He's always wanted to be me. I knew it the first time I talked to him.

2018-03-20 19:42:07 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-20 19:43:09 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Black/gray ftw

2018-03-21 11:44:00 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I was just thinking about that guy this morning when I got the kids up for school. Meant to Google and see if anything had happened

2018-03-21 11:47:54 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Yeah, I just read that the bomb blew a cop backwards and cops fired. But it's unclear whether the bomb or gunfire killed him. If it blew a cop backwards, my money is on the bomb.

2018-03-21 11:49:35 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

MSM was talking about it all day yesterday, ofc. The patient I was taking care of watched it all day. Some bomb specialist says they were pretty sophisticated bombs. So.... please don't be a white guy.

2018-03-21 11:54:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Yeah, the whole tripwire thing makes it seem like he didn't really care who he got, but I believe the trip wire got the "Salsa maker" and the bomb that detonated and hurt a white person wasn't meant to detonate when it did, I heard.

2018-03-21 11:54:37 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

But still, as soon as I heard it was a sophisticated bomb, I knew. Tis a White man.

2018-03-21 11:55:56 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

But good grief. To go to a FedEx store and ship the crap yourself?!

2018-03-21 11:56:14 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

He did ship the one that didn't detonate, didn't he?

2018-03-21 11:57:03 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Great, he's a hobo.

2018-03-21 11:58:12 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Did they say what color his hair was?

2018-03-21 11:59:44 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

There we have it.

2018-03-21 12:00:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Fox news called the suspect an anarchist all day yesterday.

2018-03-21 12:01:39 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Build a sophisticated bombs, but doesn't dawn on him that shipping a package fully covered might raise a few redflags

2018-03-21 12:02:55 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Got my eye on you, @Commander Johnson

2018-03-21 12:09:28 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Me too

2018-03-21 12:09:51 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I had wondered about that, tbh

2018-03-21 12:11:16 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Please be Islam

2018-03-21 12:12:06 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

He's probably just a crazy that wanted to kill some people

2018-03-21 12:12:47 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

They were still trying to play the racial card some yesterday. But generally speaking the reports were like "No."

2018-03-21 12:12:58 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 12:13:30 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

If it were he wouldn't have risked hurting white people, imo

2018-03-21 12:14:38 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

4 were killed I'd heard.

2018-03-21 12:17:11 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I'd heard that the ones killed by trip wire were "latino"

2018-03-21 12:17:43 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Idk, just latino.

2018-03-21 12:19:03 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

The only white I heard about getting hurt was from the bomb that detonated too soon. But, the MSM was also reporting about another package to begin with too that they had to retract later on in the day. So I take it all with a grain of salt.

2018-03-21 12:19:41 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Oh yeah, forgot the cop

2018-03-21 12:20:45 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I'm not going to count the cop as a planned target either though since he detonated to an hero

2018-03-21 12:21:43 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Yeah, I don't believe the racial angle. A White man that's smart enough to build a bombs like those isn't going to risk white people if it's racially motivated.

2018-03-21 12:22:06 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Ugh, autocorrect today

2018-03-21 12:23:06 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Well yeah, that's true. But he's have to have been a complete genius to detonate in the facility when the white person that just so happened to be a coal burner was close.

2018-03-21 12:23:10 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Same with cop.

2018-03-21 12:23:52 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Wasn't the blonde columbine shooter the Jew?

2018-03-21 12:24:11 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I keep meaning to look him up and look at his forehead and earlobes.

2018-03-21 12:25:33 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Did she have a small forehead and attached earlobes? Not remembering such minor details is inexcusable!!

2018-03-21 12:27:29 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I was in a thread a few weeks back that pointed out that when the typical Jew signs aren't there, like the nose ofc, or the rat eyes and toothy smiles that you can check the forehead and earlobes. The pics they supplied were pretty convincing.

2018-03-21 12:28:03 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

The jew that plays wonder woman has almost no forehead at all.

2018-03-21 12:28:17 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Earlobes are attached too. Coincidence? NO!!!!

2018-03-21 12:29:09 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

So I've spent the last few weeks staring at foreheads and earlobes the few times I watch TV

2018-03-21 12:29:56 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I wonder what people would say if they knew why I was really so intensely interested in watching TV at work?

2018-03-21 12:31:09 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I hadn't seen an update since the ideas posted last night @motorolla

2018-03-21 12:33:20 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Now that my son has finally rolled over in the bed and removed his foot from my ear, I'm going to go back to sleep for a little while. Cause I'm lazy.

2018-03-21 17:28:16 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

In protest I'm using bacon for every reacc

2018-03-21 18:01:41 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

If y'all start a contact server, I'll write down emails of everyone and keep em put up for when the server goes down again.

2018-03-21 18:02:08 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I mean channel. Not server

2018-03-21 18:03:23 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Does everyone here have a fb? We can just add each other.

2018-03-21 18:05:07 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I'll have to make another gab. I think I have 3

2018-03-21 18:05:11 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 18:06:28 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Well I made the one, then forgot the info. Made another...forgotten info..then made one the other day, but it's specifically for doxing. Idk why I needed it, but the guy I was doxing with said I did.

2018-03-21 18:06:56 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

But the first 2 I don't need to use anyway, cause it's using the handle that Luke and Shia stalk.

2018-03-21 18:08:42 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 18:08:47 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 18:09:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I put that bacon there. Created it.

2018-03-21 18:10:25 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I have so many.

2018-03-21 18:11:02 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I get paranoid and change account info every 2 months or so. I don't know why cause I'm doxed anyway. It just makes me feel better.

2018-03-21 18:12:02 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Oh, and here's a fun fact. I realized the other day that my work email had my name listed as a highly antisemitic name, and I don't remember when I changed it, lol

2018-03-21 18:12:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 19:58:27 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Normies become fanatics. I was a normie 3 years ago.

2018-03-21 20:16:46 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I'm not either.

2018-03-21 20:16:50 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Never heard of it

2018-03-21 20:16:55 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  


2018-03-21 21:55:13 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Invited? Am I invited?

2018-03-21 21:55:23 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I wanna be invited!!

2018-03-21 22:02:30 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I think he's on my fb. I'll creep on his TL

2018-03-21 22:15:19 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Nvm, wrong paddy

2018-03-21 22:52:33 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

No, doxing is pretty easy when you have the face.

2018-03-21 22:52:44 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Well, when it's antifa you're doxing.

2018-03-21 22:52:51 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

It's just tedious is all.

2018-03-21 22:53:48 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Yeah, that's why I said with antifa. But even then, you just mass spread the face and someone will ID them eventually.

2018-03-21 22:54:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

That's how alot of our guys at Cville got doxed.

2018-03-21 22:55:11 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Yeah, they don't check. But that's why our side is better at doxing imo

2018-03-21 22:55:17 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

We check.

2018-03-22 00:48:57 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I'd rather semi dox to one person than risk having everyone in the server doxed by some leftist infiltrators.

2018-03-22 03:21:58 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

It did happen pretty suddenly the other night.

2018-03-22 03:22:18 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Me too

2018-03-22 03:22:33 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

It had to have been the shill that had been taking screens.

2018-03-22 03:23:05 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

It was Nashville ARA that posted the screens about my sock account first.

2018-03-22 15:35:17 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

His head is so big

2018-03-22 15:35:31 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

Like a bobblehead

2018-03-22 15:36:01 UTC [Nationalist Initiative #general]  

I bet he wears fuzzy socks at home

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