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Seems like this isn't the best name to avoid the discord ban hammer

Sure thing.

We're going to have to go back to Team Speak or something.

Mailing list nationalism



I'm sure this was because all the people in the anti chat posting screenshots in here.

>not making a steam group

Every huffpo article tells me its a hotbed of dank racism We should really all be on gab too

Young people only communicate through youtube comments and steam messenger. Social media is for boomer cucks

Discord gassed all our accounts

Do it.

Just use the browser version.

Apparently if you host a show on TRS, then have it taken down and it causes a shit storm, then your co-host and party chairman publicly shits the bed in the most retarded way possible it makes people want to add you on your racist social media account.

>he doesn't discord while driving


G.I. Go home

Ever picking to be an American negro imperialist over being a proud VC fish head.


Who's side am I supposed to be on in this picture.

We'll probably decide on the name tonight.

Not into it. I want it to be instantly appealing and understandable without explanation. Let me find the examples I posted before our discord got Zucc'd.

@JohanC yeah they were vague examples. I didn't want that exact thing. I'm not opposed to using colors that people are familiar with or symbols. We can do something unique I just want a person to be able to look at it and understand what it is. If your propaganda takes a lot of explanation then it isn't doing what you need it to do.

@Fevs how isn't it?

The main example I had was this. Obviously I don't want the Reich eagle on it. Something familiar but fashy. I'm into sheilds specifically.

The swastika was already a European symbol

The golden dawn symbol is thousands of years old and means justice.

There are colors that they recognize so they're already drawn to it. Having a sheilds implies that you're protecting or defending something. It can have other symbols to show more specifically what we are as well.

Yeah I said it's an example that needs worked on

No Reich eagle obviously.

I don't mind fascist symbols because they aren't even specially tied to anything. But they aren't a must.

A sheild with an acronym is pretty easy to paint.

Painting whatever our logo is is going to be the least likely we we'll be spreading it. I'm more worried about what will look good on a flyer, flag, and banners.

Yeah I want a symbol too.

I've got a couple graphics guys working on it at the moment too. I'll see what they come up with.

I don't think it makes a lot of sense to be reworking the platform to not be explicitly NS to then have a flag that is essentially this:

The original didn't have 14 points. We lifted the German one after a bit.

Nobody even noticed that it had 14 until after the fact haha

That's a petty manly bicep. Shaun is working on something but it won't be done til tonight. I'll readd him to this when he gets home.

I still have people working on the flag. I'm not trying to rush that. We'll get the name out today.

Yeah absolutely. I just want to have everything done by the time we do. I'm honestly not in a huge rush. People will join when we're proving that we offer them something. So if people want to jump to dead or dying groups at first that's OK.

This isn't a zero sum game.

The silver shirts were pretty 🅱️ased. I've got a couple people working on something pretty cool at the moment. I'll have something to show you guys later tonight.

Don't know why it wasn't sending.

Still need a vetting channel



Big brains put you on blast real quick

@Fevs make a vetting channel fam.

@Fevs just make ask them what their old name was. Or they can message me on gab or something.

If somebody knows what their extremely specific name was that isn't bad lol

How would they know somebody's specific and bizarre racist name?

We aren't even discussing anything big.

Sounds good.

I'll ask if he wants in. He distanced himself because of Matt not because the party.

They went back a really long way. There were lots of personal issues.

@Jones Malone78 were you ever put in touch with William Flowers?

Nice. I'll put you guys in touch.

Spam @Fevs until he makes an unvetted chat.


@Justin Burger (Major-GA) The white shirt idea? I don't hate it. I think we would need to have a formal, summer, and winter uniform. We'll get the uniform figured out after we release the platform and name.

As long as Ricky Vaughn is posting we'll still be called larpers.

Just a couple of the guys sittin' around talkin' clothes. RIGHT WING FASHION SQUAD

Black pants, skull mask, and button up dragon shirt from walmart.

Dont forget the fingerless gloves, chain wallet, and knee high boots with belts.

Bring down all the pizza places in town. Piece by delicious piece.

@Fast Dragon are you over your PSTD from the compound incident yet?

I'll give dillion a call tomorrow about it. We're going to need them to join the server so I can get them the info they need about the lawsuit.

>implying pop punk isn't dead.

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