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Richard Spencer is the bomber

Dylann roofs sister is finally stepping up to the plate

I hope so

Started as only minorities

Now 2 whites

Someone to design a propaganda poster to release with our new platform tomorrow and the new flag

Imagery or logo ideas/suggestions while it's still on the table?

I hate fevs

Niggers do that

What about color schemes

No one post any more red white and blue gay shit

That's out

I don't hate a few of those

Imagery tho

Is what's got me

Show ideas @PunishedHadrian

That's the one

Gawd dayum

Fuck no

We are still going hard anyway

The platform literally doesn't say America once

It's explicitly white

Explicitly nationalist

And explicitly promotes eco con and the youth

We were

Sure was

We burning down sea world niggas

It is

I think red black or red black and white probably, maybe black green

Gold and black is nice too

We need legitimate imagery suggestions

Something original that incorporated more than one would be cool

All crosses put us in a bit tho




Although an animal might not be out of the question

@Fevs yeah if there's a dick going into it also

I like Charlemagnes lion. The SS used it as a division symbol too

But it's too bland

I want to incorporate oak leaves too

@Fevs the oak leaves accent almost every 3rd Reich medal worth mentioning

You niggas mom's GGHHHEYYYYYYYYY

Ok so no one wants to be actually helpful


Color scheme and shit like that can be compared and contrasted

After we firmly establish symbolism/logo



Maybe incorporate more than one together to make something new

This is what I was sent

Nigga needs to improve those handwriting skills

The second one says runes

And the other hard to read one is Dugan

Larp I believ

Just not the double eagle

Or american

The double eagle is used by like 15 groups right now

I wouldn't be opposed to griffons

Me too

No red white and blue bullshit tho

I might have a fucking aneurysm

What does it even mean

Turn it right @PunishedHadrian

No we lost our discord server

ButT Colton we lost

Cuz he wants to be the fuhrer

Which if you actually knew him you would know


Well we need to get this logo and flag finalized asap

We need to have something to put out there by tomorrow


We have Leagues support as well as pf, va, shieldwall and others. We just need to get this solidified

What is this symbol tho

What does it mean

I like the overall aesthetic

Let's see what Tony says


Can we spice it up a bit maybe

I don't like the blue

What about some gold

Not there but somewhere

Yeah @Tony H but they had gay America flags and a German eagle

Tony has a point about it


We can always adjust things

That's why we have these convos

It was. The swastika is literally hypnotising

But it looks too much like a gender symbol or yeah

An on off button

I like the idea of a unique simplistic symbol

Just not that exactly

I'm working on stuff too

Just keep at it boys

Crosses put us in a box

No the colors don't even need to be discussed immediately

It's all about logo and symbolism

We can mix and match colors all day

I would say no Christian symbols bc crowns and lions and all types of shit are Christian symbols

But crosses are to explicit

I think so too

Red huwyte and blue aka America and a German eagle aka natze

And fascists axes

I like shields as well

And the oak leaves

Symbol for me

Maybe no circle wait and see what else he churns out

Maybe a diamond instead? Like Hitler junge flag

Diamond doesn't look bad if we are looking for something so simple

Dump the blue tho

Something similar

Maybe something different than lion

Centered but we are just throwing ideas around

I like it centered

Something different than the lion tho

Idk that shield looks funny

It's not tho we are just fucking around with different ideas

A nice symbol or logo could go on a single color flag and be awesome

@Tony H what are your dudes coming up with

I agree

We have an imposter

Damn you smart niggers

What about Dee tho


Vet them

Got eeeeem

Yeah but we going live tonight

Name, platform all dat

I won't. We will have an actual party chat ect

Website in a week

@Tony H @Fevs @Justin Burger (Major-GA) @PunishedHadrian call it 11pm in secure VC to finalize?

Everyone good with that?

Need to get Nick in too

You are


@Tony H reach out to Nick and get him in too

Hey how goes it

Tonight at 11pm those of you that were invited


Don't be late

Being late is for niggers Jimmy

Yeah but it'll be secure and people will be moved to the channel it won't be open

@Mai your husband is here to proxy you guys lol.

Lots of guys not in the discord are still with us

Axon, Cory and others will be here tonight when we do the thing

I'm not sure about paddy tho

I talked to him a few days ago. He still likes me

I'm triggering the city already and I just got here

Bang bang

Out out out

It is a bar

A commie one

I took my date there

It didn't go well

For them

Where are the mods at?

I need invites for our officers attending the conference call tonight

@Fevs I need invites for the officers for the VC later

I like nigger killer better

@Fevs create a VC and lock it and we will pull in the people we want

Hate group of diversity and friendship


An hour

Ohio thing?

@WeIrDGuy Ohio is a go

I'll be there too

Refereed by ya boi


As fast as I can transfer files and type negro

@Axon join general to get pulled in

@Fevs wya


I have Goebbels

We are now

The Nationalist Initiative


Fevs look into TS

We need to get it running or something safe

Do it whore face


Everyone beat the bushed

Get our guys back

We need our niggas all on board

@Fevs after you look into that lmk. Imma start the website thing tonight

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