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God damn

Teamspeak also was a good idea, it cost next to nothing

But its not as good for getting out messages

You cant @ everyone in it

Gotta love it

Tfw Justin is abandoning georgia 😦

Yeah lmao

I live in a weird part of the state

My city is like 60% black

So we moving to gab now or what? I havent been keeping up with this discord the past few days

Shit. Whos funded

I need some rubles yesterday

Oh i see. This is animal farm where the big pigs get it all

Pay my tuition and I will go to school for any subject you want me to go for

Am I invited? Lmao

Paddy tarleton? Didnt he basically disown us?

Ahh id seen a status of his saying something along the lines of distancing himself from us

If hes still with it then god bless

Georgia has been such a dead region for TWP i never know the internals of whats going on

Im a simple man. I see rally, I try to attend


Yeah. My local friend and justin outside of two others i wont name fag on here are my only georgia contacts

I am my local friends officially join with you guys after c'ville and have tried to stay in touch things as best we can

Voice to text is a cancer

The RNC would rather lose to a dem than elect a natttziii. Says alot

Its way easier to read messagss than listen to audio thoigh

Fez is a qt

Well its like he said. Op sec is big but we're in a transitional time right now. Our whole discord and every user got purged lkke two days ago

Its very easy to shit all oversomeone in text

Ive always felt the doxxing threat is more of an issue from our own side

No clue. I somehow didnt

There were cameras everywhere


Thankfully i had a local friend who i crashed with

I have social media and I even openly said I was going to utr on my Facebook and somehow I feel avoided it

Thats also how the wrong people get doxxed lmao

I did that at Shelbyville because I was scared of getting dogs after hearing about everything that you

Voice to text is a cancer let me repeat

Good hopefully we can get all our boys free

Do we know who all is gonna be on the voice chat tonight? Should i be around this evening?

What is there to leak from here?

I mean we know for a fact there is an audio recording of our last servers voice discussions

Ans there was vetting there

I know theres only so much you can do for vetting on discord but I also kmow all I had to do get vetted on the last server was tell fevs who I was

Granted hw may have recognized my discord but regarfless

Send a poc of your id lmao


To some degree so can your face with dated paper

I think we can trust fevs


Why would he keep the photos on hand?

You goys need gab

Most twp knows my name. Ive never used a fake one

Sending a picture of your face with the date is not doxing. I can admit the license wasnt a smart idea but the former is not doxxing yourself

You may as well say asking people to attend public rallies is asking people to dox themselves


WIth pentagram arm bands

loose tanktops and sweat pants

fevs is a qt

They can form their own group. Nty at gays

The thing is homosexuality wasnt viewed as a life style in these times

It was a kink or something you did while you were wild and young

The greek soldier example came up lmao

Greek soldiers treated homosexuality the way a college student treats getting drunk in florida on spring break

Just some crazy shit you did when you were young

Well the problem began when we started treating homosexuality like a fully alternative life style

At best its a fetish like any other


Why do most fags act like fwgs

Because theyre told thats how fags act

They act like whats shown

I dont beleive there are actually that many. Id be willing to wager at least half are confused

Ive met dudes who think theyre gay because they have zero luck with women. But you can easily tell they arent gay

Well its happening alot especially to younger guys. Gen z guys mainly

Where theyre just awkward around females which is normal but because of jude media they think it means theyre gay

The confused usually dont actually do anything gay

They just identify as it

I have a co worker like that

His wife divorced him. And he swore off women and now thinks he likes men. But he doesnt act like a fag. Has never even looked for a male

Yeah and pc work culture prevents me from being like dude youre not fucking gay lmao

Hes a sensitive guy so i feel like he'd be the type to go to HR

No u


We got to that point a long time ago

Now the only masculine culture promoted in anyway is gangsta nigg shit

Of course theres the bugmen flannel masculinity


White nationalism 2.0 is telling every nog customer you have to call into the company for the time their service is out, to get credited because you know youre still money even if its very little, from le Jew


Post it up anyway. Make the left think its still around

At least youre not in derricks shoes lol


I think i broke my mamas heart when i told her about that. And shes gen x

Most literally just dont know

Those kids are a psy op imo

Thwyre trying to counter the gen z is right wing trend with some totally cool rebellious ones

One has a shaved head! Look how edgy she is kids

Has anybody seen the video where they basically admit the bullying him

The shooter i mean

That's the thing they don't realize is that by then pushing these kids the way they are it just makes kids hate them

The fact they take the ugliest female they could a person possibly found not only that but it's pretty evident she would have protested against anything

The amount of grooming theyperform on them is pretty obvious too

Especially hogg

Id love to bully him

Those are the arms of a male whos never done anything physical in his life

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