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2017-12-15 15:56:19 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I've given up on women for a while

2017-12-15 15:56:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Its better to focus on school and improving myself

2017-12-15 16:00:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@AltCelt(IL) I'm only 16, I still have a lot of time left

2017-12-15 16:03:35 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@AltCelt(IL) ok ouch

2017-12-15 16:04:26 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@AltCelt(IL) don't worry I'm well versed in the Fascist Agenda

2017-12-15 16:33:53 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Keltec is terrible, I own a ksg and I regret the 600$ I lost

2017-12-15 16:35:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I'm thinking about getting a Type 56 SKS

2017-12-15 16:37:25 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Ive heard good about them

2017-12-15 16:37:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Ive never seen one in person before though

2017-12-20 22:53:48 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Is there a Recruitment Officer for San Antonio?

2017-12-20 23:06:03 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@ghostofthevolk Are you still here?

2017-12-20 23:07:06 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I wouldn't doubt moving away

2017-12-20 23:08:23 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Good. Its terrible here.

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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